Can Bearded Dragon Eat Almonds?

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Almonds?

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Almonds can be consumed by bearded dragons but take note, only ten percent of fruit intake is encouraged for bearded dragons meaning a little can be given to them on occasional intervals. Considering the nutritional value obtainable in an almond fruit, health wise, it is good for the dragons to have some of these nutrients in their system. Since the bearded dragon is a fragile animal, nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber can go a long way in fostering the health of the dragon most especially protein. The high fat content in the almond fruit, which will later be elaborated on in this article, is a good reason to include this fruit in their diet. Are you still curious? want deeper and clearer understanding about this fruit? Quickly, check out the next subheading. 


Generally, almond fruit is known as an oval shaped fruit categorized under the drupe fruits family. According to the oxford dictionary meaning, a drupe is a fleshy fruit with thin skin and a central stone containing the seed. Many confuse the seed of an almond fruit for a nut due to its edibility. The almond tree is common in countries like Iran and its neighboring countries. They do well under moderate Mediterranean climate and cool weathers like winter. The cultivation of an almond fruit entails the use of a lot of water and we are talking in terms of a few gallons of water. Almond is a healthy fruit having vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein content which is good for both man and animals. Well, since the features of this fruit type is not what matters to you as a dragon owner lets talk about its benefits to your dragon. 



  • FAT: Almond fruit is high in fat nutrient and has its own advantages. Fat, from research does a great deal of help with keeping cholesterol in the body and blood pressure under control. Healthy cell growth is enhanced by the presence of fat in the body. The body consists of various organs which is securely protected by fat. From visual observation, bearded dragons, enjoy moving about and climbing, this means they would always be in need of more energy which is produced by fat. Since you might be introducing different varieties of food or fruits to your dragon fat can help your dragon extract the vital nutrients it needs.
  • FIBRE: Bearded dragons are passionate lover of hard shell insects which they crush with their jaw during consumption. Unfortunately, as bearded dragons grow older they find it difficult to crack these exoskeletal insects but with the consumption of high fiber content diet more fiber is present in their system which can help avert indigestion of the insects skeleton as they eat. Fiber also decreases the level of cholesterol stored up in the body of your dragon. Excess sugar consumption is not encouraged for your dragon and to regulate sugar level in your dragon, fiber works effectively. 
  • PROTEIN: This is very effective for healthy and rapid growth in your dragon especially the offspring. They are seriously in need of constant supply of daily body building food under which the almond fruit falls. Proteins are effective for the building of body tissues which serves a strong purpose to the gradual development of your dragons offsprings. 
  • VITAMIN E: to both humans and animals, the heart is the most important part of the body as the blood distributed to various body parts is pumped right there. The supply of vitamin E to your dragon helps keep their heart healthy. The eye and the immune system is greatly improved by this vitamin.
  • MANGANESE: This plays the role in forming strong connective tissues, strong bones, blood clotting and vibrant sexual hormones which enable mating between your male and female dragons. Other roles played by the nutrient is fat and carbohydrate metabolism, calcium absorption and regulation of blood sugar.
  • MAGNESIUM: Proper growth, bone maintenance, proper nerve and muscles functionality likewise various other body parts are taken care of by. Magnesium also neutralizes stomach acid.


  • The high fat content in almond fruit has its side effects if consumed excessively by your dragon for example your dragon might end up having too much body cholesterol and excess body weight.
  • Too much intake of almond fruit can also lead to vitamin E overdose which can lead to coagulation of blood in your dragon meaning when the liquid blood starts to solidify.
  • Excess consumption of almond can encourage excess fiber intake which can affect nutrient absorption process in the blood stream.
  • Bitter almonds, usually the unripe almonds can store up toxins in the body of your dragon causing cyanide poisoning.
  • From too much consumption of almonds digestive problems may occur leading to bloating, constipation and stomach upset due to the rich content of fiber that your dragon might not be used to. 


Considering the high level of fat content obtainable in almond fruit, feeding your dragon consistently with almond should be occasional. After plucking the fruit from its source, rinse in water then break into smaller sizes they can easily pick and swallow. Once or twice a week is fine. Serve it to them small quantities just to infuse a little variety in their diet. 



If wanting your dragon in good health is your priority or you are one of those people that likes to introduce new ideas into the way you frequently do a particular thing or you like to experiment around variety of subjects like the kinds of foods or fruits that appeals to your dragon especially if you haven’t being introducing varieties to them. Try feeding your dreaded dragon with some almond fruit, wait and observe the reaction you get from your dragon. If the result turns out positive, that means your dragon would always want some of it in their meals. In case you have being avoiding the almond fruit, a little of it will not do your dragon any harm considering its nutritional values. Just avoid making it too regular.

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