Can Bearded Dragon Eat Aloe?

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Aloe?

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Yes, they can. Aloe vera is a popularly known plant mostly used as a natural remedy to solve various health issues like diseases and infections. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. It has antioxidants which helps in boosting the immune system, polysaccharides and anti-inflammatory qualities. Aloe vera also helps with blood sugar level, skin care like sun burn, heart burn, digestion process and much more. 

Aloe vera


This is a greenish perennial plant with thick looking leaves, smooth and spikey body and succulent texture from the species of genus aloe. When broken, it has a liquid fluid that is referred to as gel. It is commonly found in Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, Southern Europe and canary island due to their tropical climate which suits the growth of the aloe plant. Aloe vera, is widely known for its medicinal purpose, which is why it is classed among one of the most widely distributed plant that has invaded many territories on planet earth. Considering the looks of the plant, it is being adopted for functional purposes like interior and exterior decoration. Some of which you would have come across in homes and companies. One other common function popularly known with the aloe plant is the use of aloe vera gel for sunburn relief and wounds. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. Some of these vitamins are vitamin A, C, E, B12, folic acid and choline. Minerals derived from aloe are calcium, chromium, magnesium, copper and selenium. It also performs other health benefits like heart burn, digestion, regulation of blood sugar level, cancer, ulcers, mouthwash, antiaging and the likes.



Aloe vera is rich in vitamin, of which vitamin b12 is one of it. Having vitamin b12 in the system of your bearded dragon can help the blood in their body stay healthy and free of infections. If you notice some tiredness and weakness in your dragon, it might be due to a blood disease called anemia. Anemia occurs due to lack of red blood cells in the body which results in reduction of oxygen flow to other body organs. vitamin b12 can help prevent this. The good thing about this particular vitamin is that the body only absorbs the quantity it needs and ejects the excesses through the urinary track.


The presence of the antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties is some of the major reasons why aloe vera is able to solve problems of wounds and skin problems. They shield the body against bacteria by destroying them, suppressing their growth, and hindering their ability to reproduce. Bearded dragons are animals prone to sustaining injuries and infections but with the introduction of a little aloe vera into their diet it can help fight against bacteria infections in their system.

Aloe vera


At some point you may have come across this as a supplement. Supplements are taken as either a pill, capsule, tablet, powder or liquid in order to enhance a certain nutrition in your diet. Selenium is naturally present in various foods, aloe happens to be one of it’s source. It is an essential component of various enzyme and proteins which is also referred to as selenoproteins. They protect against cell damages and infection and also help in DNA making process. It boosts the immune system, improves cognition, aids fertility, promotes thyroid health, a powerful antioxidant and the likes. 


Your bearded dragon might experience some pain in the gum at times which might affect is enablement to chew on food. This is as a result of aphthous ulcer or can also be called canker sore which happens inside the mouth at the lower part of the gum. Aloe vera is very effective in taking care of this type of conditions. The gel in the aloe vera helps with speedy healing when in contact with the affected area in the mouth. In case you spot this sign in your dragon aloe vera can bring relief as it can be very painful and also hinder its feeding.


According to oxford dictionary, compound is a thing that is composed of two or more separate elements. Aloe vera plants consists of essential elements that are useful for the healthy existence of a bearded dragon. These are classed as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants all these play vital roles in improving the body health of a bearded dragon.


Since most bearded dragons do not have teeth to chew and they only crack hard substances with their jaw and swallow they need digestive aids. The aloe vera juice plays an active role in supporting easy digestion of food in the stomach of your dragon as the vitamin c nutrient in aloe fluid can contribute to this effect.


No matter the kind of injury your bearded dragon may sustain the aloe vera gel can be applied on it directly. The gel will provide relief to the affected areas considering that it has anti inflammatory properties. Wrinkles on skin surfaces are also cleared through the use of this gel either by application on body surface or ingestion. 


The aloe vera latex is the yellowish liquid revealed after cutting it open. This is not to be consumed by your bearded dragon as it can lead to allergic reactions, internal abdominal irritation, dehydration and diarrhea. 



It is advised to give your bearded dragon a little of aloe vera to consume once per week, considering that it has a yellowish substance in it called latex that might have adverse effect on your dragon. You can cut the aloe vera leaf, rinse with clean water, dice it and serve it to them directly or you can mix it with other meals. Or better still hold the leaf and point it in their direction to control their consumption. Remember, the gel in it can also be applied on their skin or even swallowed that is what makes people refer to aloe vera as medicinal.


Aloe vera is awesome, it is one plant that is trusted and tested allover the world to have a great impact in enhancing the health aspect of life. Incase you were not so familiar with the aloe vera plant and thought it was just for decoration due to the places where you have once come across it, from this article you can see how helpful it can be. Try it out with your dragon.

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