Can Bearded Dragon Eat Arugula?

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Arugula?

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 Bearded Dragon

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Arugula?

Vegetables from research and experience is known to be the main source of a large variety of nutrients which is nutritionally and medically helpful to the body of both humans and animals. Arugula is a healthy and nutritious vegetable plant that can serves as good food to your dragon. Giving arugula to your dragon would be a very good decision to take as it will positively yield results that is encouraging. For those of us that have baby dragons just developing, introducing arugula to their diet will help with the development of their bones due to the calcium available in arugula plant. Water stored up in the plant proffers a solution to hydration as your dragon would not run short on constant supply of water in their body.


Arugula is a vegetable plant most people also call rocket, roquette, rucola, rucoli, rugula and colewort plant. It is grouped under the genus brassica and cruciferous family talking about vegetables like broccoli, swede, rape, cabbage and mustard. Arugula is an annual plant commonly found in the Mediterranean environments and countries. In salad preparation it is used as one of the ingredients that makes up the greenish outlook in a salad dish. Unlike some other types of vegetable plants arugula has its own unique flavor which can be described as peppery, spicy and kind of nutty in taste. Arugula is called a very nutritional plant based on these nutrient fat, carbs, sodium, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, C and k, folate, potassium and magnesium. The immature arugula which is also referred to as a baby arugula can be served to your bearded dragon as its leaves are full of flavor. 



  • CALCIUM: The main purpose of calcium is for building and maintaining strong and healthy bones and teeth in the body. Body muscles and nerves rely on calcium for effective functionality.
  • IRON: Growth and development in the body, hemoglobin and myoglobin production in the body and hormone production in the body, is made possible by the mineral called iron
  • SODIUM: The heart, liver and kidney are kept healthy by sodium as it aids the body in regulating blood fluids and likewise prevent low blood pressure. 
  • POTASSIUM: This is needed for normal body cell functioning, regulation of heartbeat, proper functioning of the body muscles and nerves, protein syntheses and for metabolizing carbohydrates.
  • FOLATE: The RNA and DNA that directs your body cells on what to do is formed by folate which is important for basic cell function.
  • VITAMIN A: Vision, immune function, cell recognition and reproduction are protected by vitamin A. so also heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs through vitamin A works effectively.
  • VITAMIN K: Various body proteins needed for various body functions like blood clotting and bone building is made by this essential vitamin.


  • Vegetable consumption by your bearded dragon increases the amount of minerals and vitamins stored up in their body system which can help fight against many diseases and improve their health status.
  • Bearded dragons are just like any other animal. They cannot communicate to humans in plain words like we do. So, difficulty might be encountered in detecting when they are hungry or thirsty but feeding them with arugula will solve both the problem of hunger and thirst as the plant contains water that can help your dragon with hydration issues while they consume the leaves.
  • Considering the role of calcium in the body bearded dragons needs a good amount to experience good growth. With enough calcium diet the offspring can grow faster and healthy as they need it more. 
  • Insects and worms are known to be the favorite food of the bearded dragon but with the introduction of arugula into their diet the vitamin A can help boost their immune system against infections and diseases and also help their heart, lungs and kidney function effectively as it is the most important part of any living body.
  • The potassium in arugula would go a long way in helping your dragon body system function properly as potassium does a lot in the body from heart beat regulation, to the proper functioning of the body nerves and muscles and to normal functioning of body cells. 


  • Sugar is harmful to lizard pets like the bearded dragons, if arugula is too much or too regular in their diet, chances are that you will expose your dragon to harm which can affect their teeth.
  • Bearded dragon might experience liver, kidney and thyroids functional failure due to the presence of goitrogens in arugula.
  • Sulforaphane in arugula can cause flatulence, abdominal cramping and discomfort in your dragon
  • Careless intake of arugula can bring about blood clotting caused by vitamin k when it counter reacts with some certain blood thinners most especially when there is a blood disorder issue.
  • Arugula contains vitamin A, the overdose can cause liver damage, poor vision, nausea, skin irritation, bone thinning, birth defects and might even lead to death.


Immature or baby arugula are best served to your dragons as they are well flavored, soft and highly nutritional. After cutting them from their source, ensure to wash with very clean water in order to let go of sand particles and the likes. To make it easy for your dragon to consume, chop them into small pieces to avoid choking. It can be mixed with other vegetables too for a better diet experience. They can be fed regularly but in small quantities. Then after this process sit back and watch your dragon eat to satisfaction.



Vegetables like arugula should always be considered for your dragons at all times. It doesn’t matter if you mix it with other food components in as much as you include it in their diet. A healthy dragon must not lack in the constant supply of vitamins and minerals. Incase you have being worried about the best way to give your dragon a constant supply of calcium feed them with arugula. 

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