Can Bearded Dragon Eat Bread?

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Bread?

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No, bearded dragons should be excused from eating bread. Considering the texture of bread, bearded dragons would find it easy to swallow than to chew which can lead to choking. The nutritional gains derivable from bread consumption is very low. Hydration and constipation are common issues bearded dragons face after much ingestion of bread. The calcium content is low and the nutritional requirements of bearded dragons are not met through bread consumption.



One of the most popular food that has taken over the world and crossed borders over the years dating back from history cutting across various religious rituals and secular cultures is bread. It is a moldable food that can come in different shapes and sizes depending on how you want it to be presented. It is commonly found in every city of the world as it is one of the highest poverty elevation food business that has and is putting food on most people’s tables and also quenching hunger problems. This a staple food that is common to human diet usually eaten as a lite food in the morning known as breakfast. It is usually consumed as a supplementary meal eaten alongside with a popular liquid mix called tea and the likes. The production ingredients are wheat flour, yeasts, sweetener, liquids, salt, fat, cream, juice butter and eggs. It is a baked food therefore cannot be referred to as a natural food. In the wild where we mostly have forest, bearded dragons mostly feed on fruits, plants, insect and worms not starchy foods like bread. For humans, bread is a good source of food but for bearded dragon bread is a negligible food. Most bearded dragon pet owners would try feeding this to their dragon as it is easy to come by in supermarkets and stores but advice is raised against such actions. Although bread does some benefits to the body when it comes to keeping the digestive system healthy, blood sugar level under control, maintaining good body cholesterol level and eradication of periodic hunger. 



Too much sugar in the system can have adverse effect in the body health as sugar can be stored up in the body either through a natural source or an artificial source. Bread consumption helps promotes healthy teeth and good maintenance of healthy body weight based on the fact that it is low on sugar concentration.


Excessive fat intake should be avoided for your pet dragon. Fatty foods are not in any way alright for the wellbeing of your dragon which is one area that makes bread palatable for your dragon. Bread is low fat food which makes it safe for your dragon to consume. 


Bread is a source of iron and iron is responsible for energy, healthy immune system and blood health. Every human and animal needs this kind of nutrient in their system. Energy is needed in constant supply in the body as every activity taking place in body system uses energy when executing their functions. So also, the immune system has to be secured in good health as it keeps the body immune to disease and infection. Blood health is vital too. Bearded dragon can enjoy some of these advantages from bread.


A healthy digestive system, blood sugar control and cholesterol levels are major functions of fiber. Bread is one source of food that has fiber content. Fiber can also help with relieving or preventing your bearded dragon from constipation and helps with smooth wastes excretion from the body by the shortening the period of time wastes stores up inside the intestine. 


Bearded dragons are bred with calcium constantly in their diet as it helps with giving health to their bones and teeth. The most important nutrient that must not be neglected from their food is calcium. Consistent intake of calcium by your bearded dragon enhances the activeness of your dragon. White bread has some calcium stored up in it making it and helpful meal to your dragon.


When folic acid is taken into the body system it is converted into folate or folacin which is also called vitamin B9. The importance of folic acid in the body is well emphasized in it’s activity during red blood cell formation, cell growth and functionality, reduction of defects to the brain and spine during pregnancy. Bread has this has one of the nutritional benefits a bearded dragon can rely on when considering this for a meal.




Bread is a soft food that can be easily consumed by both adults and children as it does not require intense chewing before it desolves into the body system. This is exactly what makes it dangerous to bearded dragons. Since bearded dragos have no teeth to chew but only strong jaws they will find it easy to just swallow the bread pieces fed to them which will pile up in their stomach and even stuff up their throat there by leading to choking.


Unlike every other food a bearded dragon is used to which can as well provide water at the same time bread absorbs water from the body during consumption. This is not in anyway good for your bearded dragon. Constant supply of water is good for the health of your dragon. Too much bread intake would keep water drained in your dragon’s body system. 


This occurs in the stomach of your dragon. Whenever bread comes in contact with water it swells which immediately causes a swelling in the stomach of your dragon resulting in pain, impaction and digestive discomfort.


  • Don’t always feed bread to your bearded dragons and if you feel you want to try it out let it be in very small amount.
  • Ensure you have enough water placed in your dragon’s cage because your dragon would be needing a lot of it to help with easy digestion of the bread.
  • Cut into tiny pieces before serving it to your dragon so as to make it very easy for your dragon to swallow it since chewing would be a problem.


Bearded dragon should not be fed with bread to avoid unwanted situations. Excessive bread consumption encourages choking which can lead to death if not observed carefully.

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