Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas?

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      Bananas can be fried, boiled, baked, chipped, dried and grinded to make into flour. Either ripe or unripe bananas are consumable depending on what purpose you need it for. The consumable part of the fruit is shielded by a thick flesh layer in form of a shell but in this case the banana shell is soft and the fruit itself is seedless. Unlike every other fruit that comes out as single and whole the banana fruit comes out in a bunch hanging on the tree with many other banana fruits attached to it. when at the unripe stage it is hard and very green but as soon as it approaches the ripe stage it gradually gets soft and changes color from green to yellow but in some cases it still retains the green color.


      Yes, bearded dragons can eat banana. Banana is a soft, sweet and easy to digest fruit that also contains antioxidants. To a large extent it contains essential nutrients that can have positive and protective impact on your dragon’s health. It is a potassium rich fruit with good amount of protein and fiber. Calcium, iron and magnesium are some of the minerals found in banana.


      This is a widely known fruit with very large trees like herbaceous plants and belongs to the genus musa and Musaceae family. Banana trees are very green with wide spread branches tailored with widely spread obvious leaves around it.

      The tree itself is soft in nature unlike the usual wooden tree we are used to and has deep roots that thrust into the ground. They are mostly grown in the tropical areas where they serve as starch. The banana tree consumes a lot of water during it’s growth. The fruit is widely cultivated for it’s sweetness and can be eaten raw or cooked and if you decide to consume it along side any other fruit or food that’s ok.

      Most fruits have seasons favorable for their growth and survival which we wait upon every year before they can be harvested but with banana the case is different as they are available all through the year. The banana fruit is a major source of potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C also minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium. Proteins and fiber are also derived from bananas.



      This is usually represented with the symbol K. It helps the fluids in our body cells maintain a stable level that is normal for it to function effectively just like sodium that performs similar operations but in the opposite direction. Muscle contraction and normal blood pressure are both supported by potassium activities in the body. Potassium can go a long way in making your dragon very active during play time. It is present in most foods and also available as a supplement.

      VITAMIN B6:

      Talking about some of the main nutrients derivable in banana is vitamin B6 which is one of the B vitamins. It is effective for brain development, keeping the nervous system and immune system in healthy condition. Keeping your pet out of the danger of contacting diseases and infections can be very tedious without the help of some food nutrients and vitamins to help fight and protect it internally. Terminating the ones on the inside and preventing the ones on the outside from coming in is vitamin B6 beneficial advantage.

      VITAMIN C:

      Vitamin c is one vitamin your bearded dragon should not miss out on. The functions of this vitamin are numerous making it one of the reasons why it is considered one of the most important nutrients the body of your dragon needs. Growth and development, body tissue repairs, collagen formation, iron absorption, immune system functionality, wound healing, cartilage maintenance, bone and teeth maintenance.  All these are what your bearded dragon stands to gain from eating vitamin C food sources like banana. Vitamin C keeps your dragon’s health secured so far there is a constant supply to the body.


      Mg is the symbolic representation of magnesium with the atomic number 12. Whenever you buy a consumable product to give to your dragon and you see the mg12 symbol on it that means magnesium can be derived from that content. What is magnesium relevant for in the body of your bearded dragon? It is relevant for making sure that the muscles and nerves of your dragon are in proper function. It also aids the increase of energy production within the body, which is very essential for a dragon as they frequently move around and climb tree branches. Remember, climbing requires effort and effort requires energy.


      These two are also obtainable in banana. Iron is known for making hemoglobin which enhances distribution of oxygen to different parts of the body from the lungs. it also helps provide oxygen for the body muscles. Protein is  very popular for body building and healthy growth. This two can be gotten from the same food source of which banana is one. By Feeding banana to your bearded dragon, they stand the chance of getting nourished with both iron and protein at the same time.



      Regular consumption of banana can cause choking for your bearded dragon. Banana, due to the very soft and starchy nature of the fruit, consumption is easy which is prone to encouraging your dragon to eat in excess. It can block the lungs of your dragon causing it to have hiccups which can lead to choking and from choking to death.


      Of all the nutrients derived from banana, potassium is the highest. Which is up to 358mg. If bearded dragons are allowed to ingest too much, it would result into an overdose case. Some of the effects are muscle weakness, paralysis, ceasing heartbeat, sharp pain in the limb, low blood pressure, kidney disease, swollen rear legs and the likes.


      • Banana is not a harmful fruit to your dragon but it is advisable to feed them only twice a month.
      • Bearded dragons can be served bananas with the flesh presenting it to them in a sliced form.
      • You can also serve it to them without the flesh in a sliced form too.
      • Without slicing but peeling it, the bare fruit can be served to them in their cage as a whole, leaving it for them to help themselves.
      • Another way is to peel off the flesh yourself and serve it to them by pointing it in their direction while you hold it and allow them eat it bit by bit.
      • Remember, before trying out these methods, wash the fruit with clean water to free it of all forms of chemicals that might have being used during the process of its growth to protect it from pests for example pesticides. Which can be poisonous to your dragon. 


      Bearded dragons are really going to find banana very easy to consume. Considering all the nutrients it comes with, it is one of the fruits to try out with your dragon today. Introduce this into their meal and study their reaction.


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