Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumber?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumber?

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Yes, bearded dragon can eat cucumber. It is 95% highly water dominated, solving the problem of hydration. Dragons are exposed to no choking issues as it dissolves easily in the stomach. Constipation does not occur considering the fiber nutrient in it. Healthy immune system, vision, reproduction and growth is possible due to the vitamin C nutritional value in it.

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This is a widely known vine plant with a fruit cylindrically elongated in shape and classed under the family of Cucurbitaceae. Most plants in the Cucurbitaceae family have their fruit take a cylindrical shape. Most of them are adopted as cooking ingredients or food ingredient which is why they are called culinary vegetables. Cucumber is 62 centimeters long and 10 centimeters in diameter. It has a green smooth skin with the whole fruit feeling a little hard in texture. Cucumbers are cultivated annually and are divided into three main types namely slicing, pickling and seedless. The early farming and cultivation of cucumber is traced to south Asia. Now it has spread all over the world making it a very famous plant which has made a big impact in the farm produce business sector of the global market. Many countries and continents now grow different types of cucumbers. Cucumber trees have very large leaves that secures the fruit underneath it covering it up like a canopy. When it comes to cucumber most people know it as a watery fruit and even eaten to reduce hydration in both humans and animals. The water percentage in it is about 95%, making it one of the easiest fruits to digest fast in the stomach. Cucumbers are mostly eaten raw and are also added to salad preparation alongside other varieties of vegetables. The taste of cucumber is mildly sweet but not bitter. It has a variety of nutrients ranging from vitamins, minerals and other constituents like water and fluoride. It is high in fiber, vitamin C, k, magnesium, potassium and manganese.



This is commonly found in fresh fruits and vegetables. When it comes to maintaining body heath vitamin C is the nutrient that takes charge of that. It can be found in our common daily meals and can also be available as supplements. Cucumber is a good source of vitamin C. Bearded dragon’s immune system, vision, reproduction and growth are secured with the help of vitamin C stored up inside cucumber.


Every nutrient has a major role it plays in the body. Vitamin K aids blood clotting through the production of specific proteins which also enhances healthy bones. Regular consumption of cucumber can aid your dragon’s blood and bone health. The blood is a sensitive liquid in the body that is responsible for circulatory activities like nutrients, oxygen and waste removal around the body system. Being very protective of what goes into the system of your dragon is important as to not expose the blood to contaminations. Consuming cucumber helps dragons with blood clotting regulation as vitamin k handles that effectively.


The kidney is one of the organs in the body that takes after the shape of a bean seed and almost as big as a mango fruit. It is located on each side of the spinal cord underneath the rib cage. Some of its functions are waste removal, balancing body fluids, blood pressure regulation and the likes. The potassium nutrient in cucumber helps the kidney carry out it’s functions effectively. It also helps the muscles in the body function properly.


This is the most important substance to consume during food consumption. Every living thing from human to animals and to plants rely solely on water for survival, food digestion, growth and development, nutrient distribution through blood and the likes. Cucumber is a fruit that is mostly made up of water and can greatly help the body with hydration issues. Bearded dragons are encouraged to feed more on cucumber as the water content in it keeps the dragon’s system on constant supply of water. There would less worries about hydration.


This happens when bowel movements are hindered and excess water excretion from the body known as stool becomes difficult to pass out from the system. This can be a dangerous situation for a bearded dragon but with the help fiber in cucumber this can be prevented.



The water content in cucumber can lead to them getting infected with diarrhea of which the symptoms are frequent watery stool. Some of the causes of diarrhea can be from liquid diet, food intolerance, stress, anxiety or laxatives. Cucumber falls under the liquid diet which is why as a dragon owner cut down on how often you serve cucumbers to your bearded dragon.


More diets with calcium mineral content is adviced for the skeletal health of your dragon. Talking of what should be much more present in your dragon’s diet the answer is calcium. Cucumber is not a great source of calcium to bearded dragons. The phosphorus content in it is higher than that of calcium which in turn causes hindrance to calcium absorption into the system of the bearded dragon.

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Too much of a particular food or diet can have adverse effect in the system of your dragon. Just like drinking excess of fizzy drinks eating too much cucumber can cause bloating due to the liquid content in it.


  • Wash well with clean water in order to make it safe enough for consumption and free of harmful protective chemicals.
  • Serving cucumber to your bearded dragon as a whole is tedious as it has no teeth to bite through the hard skin layer so slice it into parts and remove the seed to avoid impaction and choking.
  • Serve in a flat tray after having the skin peeled off and toss it in the direction of your bearded dragon.
  • Observe it while eating and take note of the way your dragon responds to the diet.


Your pet dragons do not have to endure hydration issues consistently anymore as liquid diets like cucumber would help keep that under control. The health benefits are really going to do your dragon a lot of good. Feed it with cucumber the right way following the safe procedure and be sure to get your desired result.

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