Can Squirrels Eat Bread?

Can Squirrels Eat Bread?

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From television shows, books, and even wildlife documentaries, Squirrels have been seen eating nuts over and over and this has logically led us to believe that they only eat nuts, but the reality is quite different. They also eat plenty of other things in addition to plants, fungi, greens, insects, and bread of course.


There are many questions people ask about squirrels and bread. Some of those questions are;

  • Do squirrels eat bread? 
  • How can you tell if a squirrel is eating bread? 
  • Is bread healthy for squirrels?

All the above and more are subjects this article will address.


Can Squirrels eat Bread?

Some experts believe that squirrels can eat bread, but there is still much we do not understand about how this species of animal can digest and absorb complex carbohydrates.

Squirrels can eat bread, but it's not as easy as you might think. They need to chew on the bread pieces before they can have it swallowed down. 


Nuts and bread are two of the most common foods that squirrels eat. However, Squirrels like to eat bread because it is high in carbohydrates and with a lot of Vitamin E. Squirrels also like to eat bread because it is low in fat and has a lot of fiber. 


Squirrels are known for their curious behavior and for eating a wide variety of things. Some squirrels like to eat a lot of bread, while others prefer smaller pieces. The squirrels in question are squirrels that live in oak-hickory trees, and their diets consist mostly of acorns. 


But a recent study has shown that squirrels that ate bread had lower levels of the sugar glucomannan in their saliva than those that didn't. Squirrels are known for eating a variety of things, some of the Squirrel's favorite foods include bread, nuts, and seeds, but the most common food for them is nuts. However, they will also eat fruits and grains, as well as plants. 


The Benefits of eating Bread

Bread is the favorite food of many squirrels, but some research papers are proving that they might not be able to stomach it and so it is not so much sought after. However, let's take a look at some of its nutritional value.




Low-and no-carbohydrate diet trends have left a few believing that not all carbohydrates play a role in supplying energy and stamina. Importantly, your body needs an array of carbohydrates to sustain vitality likewise the squirrel. 

Carbohydrates are called macronutrients because they are needed in the body to supply energy. Carbohydrate includes starch, sugar, and fiber, which is necessary for a squirrel's nutritional quotient.      


White bread is fortified with calcium and provides around 30 percent of the regular recommended intake of calcium daily which can help a squirrel maintain strong bones and agility.


Wholemeal bread is a crucial source of dietary fiber that helps keep the squirrel's digestive system healthy, stabilizes its blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and makes it feel fuller for longer.


Bread is rich in protein that's needed for squirrels as it aids renewal, restoration, and growth. Protein reduces the hormone ghrelin, which makes squirrels feel hungrier. That can help them take in less food while filed already, preventing overeating.

Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass and strength. If your squirrel as a pet loses weight or depleted muscles, ensure to increase its protein intake. Protein can nourish their bone structure as they get older, which may prevent fractures and other injuries.


White bread is fortified with iron to improve energy and focus, promote a healthy immune system for squirrels and improve their bone agility.

Vitamins & Other Minerals

Bread comprises many vitamins and minerals, such as thiamine (B1), and niacin (B3), which play an important role in power metabolism and healthy muscle tone for squirrels.


Bread is a low-fat food. A standard medium slice of white bread contains 0.6g of fat, brown bread contains 0.7g and entire-grain bread contains 0.9g. It is not recommended to add spreads and toppings to prevent complications.


Loaves of bread made from cereals or maybe fruits have low sugar content, which is beneficial for a squirrel's body hygiene and healthy body fat.

Does Bread affect squirrels?

Naturally, baked bread isn't part of a squirrel's wild food, and as such their tiny bodies are not designed to easily digest human foods like bread. Like sugary and salted junk foods, bread contains a high level of sugar and sodium. 

Same way junk isn't so much recommended for us as it could lead to health complications and obesity, likewise bread with being fed to squirrels with a reasonable measure.

Squirrels may experience more digestive issues if they are given too much bread. This is because they are not capable of filtering the salt molecules. Many people in neighborhoods often feed discarded bread to their squirrels. 

It seems great to consider that leftover food isn't wasted in this way, but it can be harsh on the local squirrels. Squirrels pounce on the chance to obtain any food available. Old pieces of stale bread might have mold on them and this is hazardous to their health. 

A squirrel consuming such bread may result in mycotoxins getting absorbed into the bread, which may result in a horrible illness in the squirrels. Simply inhaling the toxic spots from the bread could cause damage to the squirrels' health altogether.


The Squirrels' digestive system poorly digests large quantities of cellulose because it is a linear aromatic polymer made up of monomers of glucose. 

Cellulose is thus found in plantable materials like bread. Despite eating mostly a plant-based diet, squirrels are unable to digest the higher-carbohydrate and higher-fiber foods that are low he fiber content. The squirrel s stomach will expand and cause digestive issues.

Therefore, if you have any furry friends in your home, it's essential to give them all the love they need. Not only do squirrels need a lot of food to survive, but they also need space to roam and explore. 

If you keep your squirrels penned up, they may not get enough exercise and may fall ill.


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