Can Birds Eat Dragon Fruit?

Can Birds Eat Dragon Fruit?

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Dragon fruit

Can Birds eat Dragon fruit? 

Yes, birds can eat dragon fruit. The texture and taste of this fruit makes it great for birds, it also has a great fruity flavor. It doesn't stop there; it is also high in beneficial nutrients. Dragon fruit is safe for birds and hence there is no reason why birds can't have their fill off it. One would wonder why it is called a dragon fruit, well it’s a red fruit, with green-red scales, so yea, it looks like a dragon, and it gives that magnificent proud dragon anime too. It also known as pitaya by the way.   

This unique-looking tropical fruit with its spiky back, red skin also has a seed filled sweet pulp, so what is there not to like. Dragon fruit is one of fruits that is both exotic externally and internally. 

It’s not very common to be honest and that that why most have probably never seen it grow out, although these days due to the industrialized farming, it has become a everyday sight in the grocery stores.

Otherwise, it mostly grows in Mexico. The plant is an epiphytic or a climbing cactus. The green stem is boney/spiny and climbs over supports, including other plants. It is a very nutritious fruit and very well accepted by birds, it contains several healthy nutrients that sustain the birds and give it a healthy life. 

Nevertheless, even as the entrails are safe and nutritious the outer skin is tough and contains chemicals that would pose itself toxic to birds. In that case, it is always advisable to cook this outer skin if you must give it to your bird, that way not only will the fruit be easily malleable, it will also be completely safe and easy to digest.

Now some birds don’t like the dragon fruit so don’t think that since fruits make up most of bird food, then every bird will like the dragon fruit. There are some birds that in fact detest the fruit, it is not to say that you will throw in the towel and leave them to their whims because at the end, the important objective is that your bird receives the required nutrients. So how do you convince them to like it? Well for starters, you can try mixing it with other fruits, or making it into juice or such other ways that would be effective in attractive your feathered friend.


Is there any toxin to watch out for in the dragon fruit? 

Yes, dragon fruit is generally safe for birds to eat. However Dragon fruit skin contains oxalic acid, which some believe to be toxic when consumed in a large quantity even though these has not been entirely proven to be true, it is better to err on the side of caution.

How often should a bird be fed with dragon fruit?

Birds may be fed with dragon fruit everyday if you like, it contains nutrients that are beneficial, so its not something to worry about, however its should be treated as a supplementary meal, this is because of its sweet nature. It’s not a good thing to expose birds to too much of it or you may end up making your feathered friend obese and sick, so regulating how it is been served would be in the best interests of the bird.

How to prepare the dragon fruit for a bird 

To be honest a dragon fruit looks scary on its own and would likely send every bird running for their lives if served as it is, so in order to make it easier to appreciate and less scary, its best to cut it into tiny little pieces before it is served. That way it 

will be easier for them to enjoy picking it up. It is advisable to serve it in small portions at first instance so that if there is any allergen, it is immediately identified and removed from their diet.

Dragon fruit can be served to a bird dried, frozen or canned. Nonetheless for the canned dragon fruit, just ensure that the preservatory syrup is washed off the fruit before serving it to the bird, as it may contain sugary or artificial preservatives that are harmful to your bird.

It can also be made in to a juice but to weary from buying the fruit from the store then, instead make it yourself that way you are sure that it is free from artificial sweeteners, flavorings and color.

Dragon fruit

Health benefits of dragon fruit for your bird

It also boosts the production of anthocyanin, and many other antioxidants that helps the body fight cancer and oxidation of free radicals. The nutrient can also help to improve and maintain the health of the eyes of your bird.

Dragon fruits are highly nutritional and contains bit and more of the nutrients that would keep your bird happy and healthy. See below;


The dragon fruit contains a high amount of fiber that keeps the bird’s digestive system healthy; it also helps birds to ease constipation and diarrhea. You may well know that birds don’t pass wind so a healthy digestive system will serve a great good to a bird.


Blood is the fluid of life; it carries energy around the body and protects the body from diseases. Dragon Fruit is filled with Iron that  ensure that the bird’s cells are healthy and doing its job.


Dragon fruits are filled with Vitamin A,C, which helps it improve the immune system of your bird, skin and eyes.

\Dragon fruit can also boost immune system function. 

Minerals and Micronutrients 

Another great thing about dragon fruit is that it is an excellent micronutrient source such as Magnesium, and Calcium. All of which helps make sure your bird’s body functions are healthy.

It Lowers Blood Sugar 

Another great thing this fruit does is to improve the health of the pancreas, which produces insulin thereby reducing the blood sugar. 


Dragon fruit helps to produce probiotics like bifidobacterial and lactobacilli, which maintain the gut health of the birds.


Dragon is generally a good food for the bird and healthy as well, it would be a great addition to their meals, it is palatable so it is expected your bird will like it, so why not give it a go. 

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