Do Guys Like Needy Girlfriends

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There are many theories about whether guys like needy girlfriends. However, the truth is that there is no definitive answer to this question.

Many people believe that guys like needy girls because they are easy to manipulate and control. But, this is not always true because not all guys are the same and some might actually be turned off by a needy girlfriend because they don't know how to handle her emotions or how to deal with her insecurities.

While many girls may have been told that guys like needy girlfriends, it is important to know that there are some guys who actually do not.

The article talks about the difference between the two types of girls and how to identify them. It also discusses how a woman can be a more attractive partner in relationships because she is confident and independent.

The role of a woman in a relationship is often limited to being the “girlfriend”. Women are expected to be needy, clingy and submissive. This type of behavior is considered attractive by men.

The article discusses whether men like women who act needy or not. The author argues that it's not about whether they like it or not, but rather about how much they want it and what they expect from the woman in return.

It's important that people understand that a man doesn't care if you are needy or not - he just wants to know what he has to do in order for you to stop being needy.

The answer to this question is not straightforward. Some guys might be turned off by a needy girlfriend, but some might actually like it.

Needy Girlfriends:

Some guys might be turned off by a needy girlfriend, but some might actually like it.

Needy girlfriends are seen as a turn off by guys. This is because they feel that the girls are not taking care of their needs. They also find it annoying when they know that the girl is trying to get their attention and affection.


Needy girlfriends are a turn-off for guys. They find it difficult to be in a relationship with women who constantly need their attention and love.

A study by found that the number one trait that men want in a woman is confidence and the second is kindness.

Needy girlfriends are not always the best girlfriends. A guy might be attracted to a girl who is confident, independent, and doesn't need him.

Some people might have a hard time finding the balance between being needy and being a girlfriend that guys like. However, it does not mean that you should stop trying to please your partner in order to be liked by them.

In a study done by, they found that guys like a woman who is confident and not needy.

The study involved asking over 1,000 men what they look for in girls and how they feel when they're dating someone who is needy. Men are more likely to find women attractive if she's confident and not needs their validation.

Needy girlfriends can be a turn off for guys. They might not be able to give the attention that she needs and in some cases, she might just be too clingy.

While most guys would like to date a girl who is confident and independent, they also need someone who is willing to show them affection.

This is a commonly asked question. The answer is not as simple as it may seem. It all depends on what the guy expects from his girlfriend.

Some guys might like their girlfriends to be needy, but others might not like that quality in a partner at all.

While some guys may just need a little bit of attention, others might require more than that to feel fulfilled and happy in their relationship.

Needy girlfriend is an archetype that's been around for centuries. It's a woman who is too clingy and dependent on her partner. However, in the modern era, this archetype has changed to become more positive.

There are many different types of relationships in which each partner needs something different from the other. The difference between needy and independent can be drawn by looking at how they approach sex. Independent women are more likely to have a healthy sex life without any pressure or guilt while needy women need constant reassurance that their partner likes them and wants them sexually as well as emotionally.

If you're a woman who wants to know if your guy likes you, it may be best for you to ask yourself these questions: "Am I needy?" "Do I need constant reassurance?" "Would my guy like me if I wasn't so needy?"

There are many myths about what guys like in women. One of them is that they like needy girls. This might be true for some, but it is not true for all guys.

Needy Girlfriends are more likely to be seen as clingy, which can make them less attractive to the guys they date. They might also be seen as a bit desperate and insecure, which can lead to an angry outburst from the guy she's dating.

This is why it's important for girls to know what guys want in a girl before she starts dating him or pursues him romantically.

This is a very common topic in today’s society. There are mixed opinions on this, but most girls agree that guys like girls who are needy.

Some girls say that they are not needy, but guys just don’t know what to do with them. They think that the guy might be looking for someone who is more independent and less clingy.

To answer this question, I interviewed two guys and asked them if they like needy girlfriends or independent ones.

Some people think that guys don't like needy girlfriends. They think that guys want a girl who is independent and wants to be with them for the right reasons. However, there are some who believe that guys do like needy girlfriends.

My personal opinion is that guys want someone who will love them unconditionally but they also want someone they can trust and rely on. They want someone who will make them feel secure in their relationship and won't break their hearts in the process because they know how much it hurts when someone you love breaks your heart or leaves you for another person.

Do Guys Like Needy Girlfriends is a question that many women ask themselves. A study found that the majority of men like a woman who is confident and independent. In fact, they prefer women who are not clingy or needy.

In this section, we will discuss what kind of men do like needy girls, what are the traits they look for in a woman, and how to be more appealing to these men.

There are many traits that guys like in a girl. First on the list is confidence. Men want their girlfriend or wife to be confident enough to not need them for anything and still have her own life outside of the relationship. They also want her to be intelligent because intelligence shows she can support herself without them - which makes them feel more powerful and less threatened by her. The second trait that guys like is independence - they don't want you to depend on them too much so you have your own life outside of theirs too!

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