Can Cats Eat Almonds?

Can Cats Eat Almonds?

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Cats can eat almonds but they are not beneficial to cats. Almonds are a delicious snack with health benefits for humans. Unfortunately, almonds offer no benefits to cats. One or two almond nuts cannot harm your cat. But almonds should not become a regular treat for your cats as they can suffer from diarrhea from too many almonds. 

Nuts as usually a delicious treat. They are not just nutritious, they are tasty too. Nuts are a healthy snack that provides a lot of benefits to humans. Almonds, like most nuts, contain a healthy amount of the good kind of fat (omega-3 fats) which is good for the heart. Almonds are quite a filling snack and they also contain nutrients like vitamin E and magnesium. They contain dietary fiber that aids digestion. 

Cats can eat almonds. However, you might want to be careful in feeding almonds to your cats. Cats have short digestive tracts. For this reason, they are not able to digest almonds properly. The nutrients that almonds contain are not beneficial for cats. So even though almonds are not harmful to cats, they are neither beneficial to them. 

If your cat snatches up a stray piece of almond nut on the floor, it most likely will have no digestive problems. Feeding almonds in large quantities to your cats, however, is not advisable as they can suffer from indigestion, vomiting, and even diarrhea. 

What quantity of almonds is considered safe and healthy for my cat? Should I feed my cat almonds at all? What are the side effects of feeding too many almonds to my cats? Are these your questions? In this post, I provide detailed answers to these questions and lots more.

Can cats eat almonds?

Cats can only eat sweet almonds and not bitter ones. Sweet almonds are the regular almonds we buy as a treat. It is highly unlikely to purchase bitter almonds in a regular store. Bitter almonds are speculated to be used for health purposes and are only available on special orders. Unlike sweet almonds, bitter almonds contain a high content of cyanide that can be poisonous.

Feeding your cats one or two almond nuts should not pose a problem to them. This applies only to sweet almonds. Cats find it hard to digest almonds due to their short digestive tracts. Hence, feeding them a large quantity will be detrimental to their health, as they can suffer from severe stomach upset. 

What are the side effects of feeding almonds to cats?

Cats are obligate carnivores. This means they need meat to survive and grow properly. Even though we might feed our cats some plant-based produce/product from time to time, we have to remember that their digestive system does not permit them to be vegans. Almonds and other nuts or plant-based food must be kept to a low quantity in their diet.

We have already established that feeding almonds in excess quantity to your cat is not healthy for them. It causes digestive problems and may prove fatal to their health. If this happens, you may need to get a Vet to check up on your cat.

Packaged nuts, like almonds, come with additives and toppings. Almonds may contain additives like salt. This is usually not a problem for humans. But for cats, this may prove very harmful. A small quantity of sodium may cause lead to various side effects. One of which is Sodium-ion toxicosis. Most cats don't keep hydrated or consume enough water. If your cat consumes a high amount of sodium, it may become more dehydrated and subsequently, fall ill.

Almonds may also come with toppings like chocolate. While humans may find this enjoyable, it is very harmful to cats. Chocolates can be toxic to cats, hence should not be fed chocolates.

Another side effect of eating almonds is Pancreatitis. Almonds contain healthy fats in a considerable amount that is very beneficial for humans. But in cats, these fats may accumulate in their body, leading to stomach upset, or even worse, pancreatitis. Cats' digestive system is not equipped to properly digest this fat found in almonds. To avoid medical conditions like this, a very low quantity of almonds is suggested in your cat's diet.

Can I feed my cat almond on a regular basis?

Can eat almonds but it is not advisable to give them almonds often. Out of curiosity, your cats may munch on almonds if it falls to the ground while you're eating. Eating one or two almonds is not harmful to them.

Feeding your cat almonds regularly may result in health conditions that range from vomiting to more serious conditions like diarrhea or pancreatitis.

Do almonds have any benefits for cats?

Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts. They are rich in nutrients that are beneficial to humans. Unfortunately, almonds offer little or no benefits to cats. 

In fact, almonds have more tendency of becoming highly toxic to your cats, especially when consumed in large quantities. Bitter almonds contain glycosides that break into cyanogenic compounds in the body. Bitter almonds are very toxic and should never be fed to your cats.

What Should I Do if my Cat has eaten almonds?

If you ever find your cat munching on an almond nut, there's no need to panic yet. You may, however, need to ensure that that's the only one it's eating. If the cat does not show any sign of sickness, then you can set your mind at ease. Some cats may vomit or suffer from indigestion after eating one or two almonds, but that's not usually any cause for alarm. If the bout of sickness continues after a few days, call your vet to have a look at your cat.

Wrapping Up

Cats may eat almonds but it should be in a very small quantity. Almonds are nutritious but offer no benefits to cats. 

You may choose to feed your cat an almond or two once in a while if it doesn't make the cat sick. But it is advisable to ensure almonds do not become a regular part of their diet.

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