Can Cats Eat Applesauce?

Can Cats Eat Applesauce?

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Cats can eat applesauce but it is not healthy for them because of the high sugar content.  Packaged applesauce is considered toxic to cats because it contains a very high content of sugar, it also contains additives, flavorings, or colorings that can be bad for a cat's digestive system. Even though applesauce is a good source of dietary fiber which can help to treat constipation in cats, its long-term side effects far outweigh its short-term advantages.

If you have noticed that your cat likes to steal a lick at your homemade applesauce, you may be tempted to feed them. In this article, I talk about the benefits of feeding applesauce to your cat, the likely side effects, the recommended quantity, and every other question in between that you may have.

Can Cats Eat Applesauce?

Applesauce simply means pureed apple. Applesauce is made from apples. The apples are cut into sizable chunks, peeled, and mashed. If you are considering feeding applesauce to your cat, homemade applesauce is your best bet. Some homemade applesauce contains honey which is safe for cats.

Cats can eat applesauce. Unsweetened or homemade applesauce that contains no flavoring or sweeteners are not harmful to cats. Our furry friends like to try out new foods and may want to have a lick at a plate of your homemade applesauce. One or two quick licks of applesauce is not bad for your cat. Apples are a great source of dietary fiber which is good for your cat. Dietary fiber helps to relieve constipation in cats. So, this may be one reason why you may choose to occasionally feed applesauce to your cat.

Is homemade applesauce good for cats?

Absolutely. Homemade applesauce is completely safe for your cat, as long as it contains no preservatives or flavorings. Some homemade applesauce contains honey. If you like to add honey to your homemade applesauce and are now worried if it is safe for your cat, the answer is yes. Honey is totally safe for cats.

What are the benefits of applesauce?

Applesauce is a hearty meal. It is very sweet and full of nutritional benefits. For humans, this natural sweetness of apple is considered healthy and even recommended. Remember the good old saying: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". However, for cats, this is not the same. Cats do not process sugar as we do.

Applesauce, however, is equally a great source of dietary fiber which is beneficial to your cat. Dietary fiber helps to treat constipation and indigestion. You can feed a little applesauce to your furry guy if they are having issues with stooling or digestion. 

Is Applesauce harmful to my cats?

Unfortunately, applesauce does more harm than good to your cat in the long run. Cats are obligate carnivores that require a heavy protein diet to grow. Plant-based foods are not a necessary part of a cat's diet and as such, should be fed in small quantities to your feline. While fruits and veggies may serve as a nice treat for your cat, they should not become a regular part of their diet. Cats do not need the carbohydrates that come from applesauce or any other plant-based foods. Cats rather require protein to grow healthy.

Applesauce contains a lot of sugar that is unhealthy for your cat. Applesauce is made from apples that contain natural sugar. This sugar, however, can cause health complications such as diabetes and obesity for your cat if they are fed too much applesauce. 

Applesauce also contains antioxidants such as vitamin C. This antioxidant is very beneficial in humans. The human body cannot synthesize vitamin C, so applesauce is a good way to get the vitamin C we need. In cats, the reverse is the case. Cats can produce their own vitamin C. That means, they have all the vitamin C they need. Therefore feeding cats an excessive amount of applesauce may prove fatal to their health as they do not need the extra vitamin C rush. In little bites, however, applesauce cannot harm your cat.

Even though applesauce provides dietary fiber that is good for your cat, too much of it may cause stomach upset, vomiting and constipation. You can feed your cat one or two spoons of applesauce once or twice a week to aid digestion. But watch it. If your cat shows any negative reaction or allergic signs, you must stop it and consult with your vet.

Can I feed packaged applesauce to my cat?

The answer is no. Packaged applesauce is toxic to your cat. They usually contain a heavy amount of sugar which is bad for your cat. Also, prepackaged applesauce may contain flavorings, additives, preservatives, or cinnamon that is harmful to your cat.

Packaged or store-bought applesauce should not be fed to your cat at all. Apart from the high sugar content, preservatives can cause health complications for your cat.

Can I feed applesauce to my kittens?

Please, don't. Kittens are smaller than mature cats, hence, are still very sensitive. Do not feed applesauce to your kittens even if they seem to like it. Feeding your kittens a plant-based meal may cause malnutrition in the long run.

To confirm at what age it becomes safe to give little bites of applesauce to your cat, you should consult with your vet.


Can cats eat applesauce? The simple answer is Yes. Is applesauce harmful to cats?  There is no simple answer to this. Cats can eat applesauce but in very little quantity. Cats do not require plant-based foods. So, if you are going to feed any plant-based food to your cat, it must be in a small dose and it must not become a regular part of their diet.

Cats can eat a few bites of applesauce once in a while. Applesauce contains dietary fiber that helps in treating constipation. But too much applesauce in your cat's diet can cause obesity and/or diabetes. If you decide to feed applesauce to your cat, it must be in small quantities at a time.

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