Can Cats Eat Donuts?

Can Cats Eat Donuts?


Okay, show of hands. Who doesn't like donuts? I bet there's hardly anyone around who doesn't. Donuts are a common breakfast in many homes. Despite not being a healthy snack, some people can almost not stop themselves from grabbing one on their way to work or sitting down with a box of their favorite donuts on a movie night. 

Donuts are a popular snack that a lot of people enjoy. Maybe you're a donut-lover and on certain occasions, you have noticed your kitty getting curious about your box of glazed donuts. You may have wondered if cats can eat donuts. So, can cats eat donuts? Is it safe for them? Keep reading this post to find out all about feeding donuts to your cat.

Can Cats Eat Donuts?

The simple answer is yes, cats can eat donuts. But just because they can doesn't mean they should. Donuts may be safe for cats but it is not healthy for them. Cats should not eat donuts frequently because they can become harmful to their health. Donuts are full of carbs and sugar that your cat does not need hence, it is advisable to feed donuts to your cat on rare occasions or not at all.


Will Donuts Harm My Cat?

Cats are obligate carnivores that require a protein diet to grow. This means that feeding anything outside meat or specially formulated cat food to cats can put them at risk. However, donuts are not outright harmful to cats. Cats can eat small bites of donuts but they can be put at health risk if they consume too much.

Generally, donuts are not safe for cats due to their high sugar content. Donuts are not even considered healthy for humans, not to talk of our feline friends. A cat's body system is not designed to digest high sugar content. Hence, feeding too many donuts to your cat can lead to digestive issues like vomiting, diarrhea, and irritation.

While cats can have small bites of donuts once in a while, there are some types of donuts that you must not feed your cat. Chocolate donuts are an absolute no for your cat. Chocolate is toxic to your cat. Also, donuts that contain macadamia nuts or raisins are equally toxic to your cat. They should not be given to your cat on no occasion.

Another concern is that the heavy carb content in donuts can make your cat obese. This can lead to various health issues like high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat.

Can Cats Eat Glazed Donuts?

Glazed donuts are, by far, the healthiest of the bunch. They generally contain less sugar than plain donuts, powdered donuts, or any other type of donut. But they are still unhealthy for cats. So, they should only be given to cats on rare occasions.

You can be sure that your cat is not vying for a bite of your donut because of its sweetness. This is true because cats lack the receptors to taste "sweetness". They may be drawn to your box of glazed donuts due to the smell or fat content. It has been proven that cats' taste receptors can recognize meat and fats. This is what drives their appetites and desire to eat certain foods such as glazed donuts.

But just because your cat seems to like eating glazed donuts doesn't mean you should indulge them. At all times, you must make the best decisions for your pets.

Can Cats Eat Donut Fillings and Toppings?

We all agree that donuts are so much better with fillings and/or toppings. If you decide to give donuts to your cat, should they eat donuts with fillings too?

Some of the most common fillings are custard, fruit preserves, and cream. Fruit preserves such as marmalades, jams, and jellies are the most common fruit preserves found in donuts, and no shocker, they are rich in sugar which is unfortunately bad for your cat.

You may have doubted it before but some adult cats are indeed lactose intolerant. That means donuts with cream fillings will be a bad idea for them, too. Toppings like cinnamon, sprinkles, powdered sugar, sugar icing, and maple glazing are also not a healthy choice for cats. Your cats can have a few bites of donuts with toppings but you must ensure it doesn't go beyond that. The high carbohydrate content in these toppings is not good for your cat. It makes them fat and offers no beneficial nutrients whatsoever. 


What Happens If Cats Eat Donuts?

Donuts are not exactly toxic to cats. Your cat will not end up in the hospital over a few bites of donuts. When taken in small amounts, this sugary treat won't cause any serious harm to your cat. 

But when consumed in excess, it becomes a threat to your cat's health. The ingredients used in preparing this snack such as dough, sugar, milk, and oil are not healthy for your cat. If your cat consumes donuts in excess, they may likely suffer from digestive issues like diarrhea and vomiting.

Can Kittens Eat Donuts?

Kittens should not be fed donuts. Donuts are not particularly toxic to kittens but they are not healthy for them, either. Kittens are delicate and still growing. They require their specially formulated cat food to get all the necessary nutrients they need. Donuts contain empty calories, which means they do not offer any beneficial nutrients to your cat but only contain calories that can make your cat obese. Although an average adult cat can handle a few bites of donuts occasionally, the same cannot be said of kittens.

If you decide to feed donuts to your kitten, make sure you communicate with your vet to know how to introduce the snack into their diet and how much at a time is okay.

Final Words

Donuts are safe for cats and they can have a little time. However, donuts should not become a regular part of your cat's diet. Excess donut consumption will lead to various health complications for your cat. However, if your cat shows any symptoms of illness after eating donuts, reach out to your vet immediately.

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