Can Cats Eat French Fries?

Can Cats Eat French Fries?

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French Fries

French fries are an easy snack that we either buy from the store or prepare at home. People enjoy french fries for their salty, crunchy taste. Maybe you have caught your cat snooping around your french fries takeout or plate of freshly prepared homemade fries and you are wondering if it is okay for them to have some. 

So, what's it going to be? Yay or nay? Can cats eat french fries? French fries are made from thin strips of potatoes and as you already guessed, it is full of carbohydrates. Cats should only eat cooked french fries. In this article, I talk about the best way to feed french fries to your cat and how often. Read on.

Can Cats Eat French Fries?

Cats can eat cooked french fries. French fries are not harmful to cats but neither are they beneficial. Although cats can eat crispy fries, it offers no nutrient to them. Cats can eat cooked french fries now and then but it shouldn't become a frequent part of their diet. To prevent choking hazards, be sure to cut the fries into small bite-sized pieces that your cat can easily chew.


Can Cats Eat Raw French Fries?

Cats should never eat raw french fries. It is dangerous and can lead to serious health issues. French fries are made from potatoes. Raw potatoes contain an alkaloid called solanine which is toxic to your cat. As such, if your cat sneaks up on a plate of raw fries and steals a bite, you must treat the situation as an emergency and report it to your vet immediately.

French Fries

Is French Fries Good For My Cat?

Although cats can eat French fries, it is not healthy for them. French fries are a heavy-carb diet that is not good for your cat's health. Cats are obligate carnivores that require a diet that is more meat than any plant-based food. Their digestive system is not designed to digest a high carbohydrate content. This can result in gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and indigestion.

Another concern is that french fries are usually salted and this is bad for your cat. Cats require salt in very small amounts, hence eating too many french fries can expose them to sodium poisoning. The best way to feed french fries to your cat is in small quantities. However, you should watch out for any signs that may indicate excess salt in their systems such as excessive thirst or urination, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Apart from salt, french fries are usually prepared with other seasonings that are equally toxic to your cat in high amounts. Onion or garlic spices are especially toxic to cats. One way to fix this is to ensure you only let your cat snack on homemade fries that have only been minimally salted and cooked.

All in all, french fries may be safe for your cat to eat but they are not particularly healthy for them. Your cat can eat french fries from time to time but it shouldn't become a regular in their diet. 

Can Cats Eat Ketchup?

People usually enjoy their fries with ketchup as it makes them tastier. Ketchup is made primarily from tomatoes but it contains a host of other ingredients that are toxic to cats. Ingredients like garlic and onions are extremely toxic to cats and these ingredients are usually found in ketchup. 

Also, remember that ketchup is processed food which means it contains artificial flavorings and colors that are equally harmful to your cat. It is best to keep your kitty away from ketchup. 

However, if your cat had a lick or two of it, it is usually nothing to worry about. The danger is in their continuous consumption of the sauce. 

Can Cats Eat Other Sauces?

Apart from ketchup, there are other sauce options that humans enjoy with their french fries. Some of them are mayonnaise, mustard, gravy, chili sauce, etc The list goes on. It is note-worthy that this variety is only available to humans and not to cats. Most of these dips contain ingredients that may be harmful to your cat. To be on the safe side, it is best to not let your cat have any of these or other options.

Can Cats Eat Frozen French Fries?

Frozen french fries are really french fries that have been cooked and then frozen. So when you buy it, you just "cook" them, which is actually reheating. If your cat gets into a pack of store-bought frozen fries, it shouldn't be much of a concern. This is because cooked potatoes are not toxic to cats.

However, your cat deserves to eat nice, warm meals. So, make sure they don't get into the habit of feeding on frozen fries.

Can Cats Eat Potatoes Chips?

There are different brands of potato chips in the market that people love and enjoy. But what about cats? Should cats eat potato chips?

I'm sure by now, you must have realized that not all human foods are safe and healthy for cats. Potato chips are one of those snacks that should not be fed to cats. They usually come coated in different seasonings that are otherwise toxic to your furball. 

Also, packaged potato chips contain a great deal of salt which is bad for your cat. It is best to avoid feeding potato chips to your cat to prevent any form of health complications.

French Fries

Can Kittens Eat Fries?

Kittens are delicate and still growing. If an average adult cat can manage to digest some french fries, the same cannot be said for kittens. Hence, it is not advisable to feed french fries to kittens. Kittens need their specially formulated cat food to grow and develop as they should. Apart from lacking the necessary nutrition they need, french fries can also cause health issues for them.

Final Words

Cats can eat french fries occasionally. However, only cooked french fries should be given to them because uncooked french fries contain bacteria that can cause food poisoning. If you have any reservations about feeding fries to your cat, you can consult with your vet first.

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