Can Cats Eat Ice?

Can Cats Eat Ice?

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Generally speaking, most people hardly take their drinks without cubes of ice thrown into them. It makes their drink taste better and keeps them cool. Cats are naturally curious. They may get more so when they see their cat owner eating something that attracts their attention.

As a cat owner, have you noticed your cat staring at the cubes of ice in your water or other drinks? Maybe that has got you thinking whether it is okay for cats to eat ice. So, can cats eat ice? Is it safe for them? Do you want to find out all about cats eating ice and if it is safe for them? Then keep reading.

Can Cats Eat Ice?

The simple answer is yes. Cats can eat ice. Cats generally do not drink enough water, so adding ice to their water is an interesting way to keep their attention on their bowl of drink and get them to drink more. However, apart from this reason, cats do not need to eat ice because they may choke from trying to bite it. Ice should not become a regular part of your kitty's diet because ice hardly offers any benefit to your kitty and also, and it may pose a health hazard to them.


Is Ice Good For My Cat?

Ice is considered safe for cats when given in the right way. Some cat owners may want to encourage their cats to drink more water by adding ice to their drinking water. Adding ice on a sunny day will keep them cool and hydrated, as long as they drink the water.

Another thing is that ice is free from fats or calories, which means your cat cannot gain weight by eating ice or drinking cool water. But this does not mean they can have ice all the time.  Some claim that water at that temperature is not good for cats but it is not yet proven if these claims are true. However, to be on the safe side, it is best to only give ice to your cat every so often. 

How Do I Give Ice To My Cat?

You can drop a few ice blocks into your cat's bowl of water. Your cat may settle for licking the ice like a popsicle or they may just enjoy the cool water. As the weather gets warmer, your fur baby may be all the more opposed to drinking their room temperature water. Adding ice may get them interested and fascinated. Once they are drawn to the floating cube in their water, they can linger long enough to get a full drink.

Also, you can crush the ice before adding it to your cat's water. If your cat shows a tendency of trying to bite rather than lick the ice, you may crush the ice to prevent choking hazards.

Can Cats Eat Ice Cubes?

Technically, cats should not try to bite into ice cubes. Ice cubes are too hard for your cat to try and bite into them as humans do. Your cat can chip or break a tooth if they attempt this. So, it is advisable to watch your cat closely after you toss some ice cubes into their drinking bowl. Needless to say, having such a dental problem cannot be good.


Will Ice Harm My Cat?

Ice is safe for cats and can even be a form of entertainment for them. They have been some theories that eating ice may affect your cat's digestion because their gastrointestinal tract runs at a high temperature. This is largely a myth. Just like humans, cats can regulate their own body temperature thus, eating ice will not cause any serious damage to their core temperature.

The real concern is tooth problems. Cats may chip their tooth if they try to chew on hard ice cubes. But this is easily fixed by giving them crushed ice or ice chips.

Also, if your cat tries to swallow the ice cube, which is unlikely, it will encounter choking hazards. To prevent this, you need to pay attention and be alert when giving ice to your cat.

Although there is some news online that because of the cold temperature, ice can affect your cat's body, there is no proof of this.

Finally, the much talked about brain freeze that people experience when they eat ice or take cold stuff can also happen to cats when they eat ice. However, it is nothing much to worry about. The headache that comes with brain freeze disappears soon afterward. You should only get worried if it persists. 

Can Cats Eat Ice Balls?

Ice balls are just water that have been frozen in balloons or other rounded containers. The thing with ice balls is that they take a longer time to melt compared to regular ice cubes and this is because of the spherical shape of the ice. 

Cats will enjoy licking the ice ball as it melts. You can also drop the ice ball in a bowl and let your cat drink the cool water as it melts. 

Can Kittens Have Ice?

Kittens can eat ice occasionally. It is important for kittens to drink enough water but we already know that cats seem to have a problem remembering to keep hydrated. However, adding ice cubes to your kitten's water can get them curious. 

If your kitten is feeling hot during the summer, you can give them cool water rather than stale or tepid water. But first, you need to consult with your vet to know if your kitten can have ice and how often you can give them ice.

Final Words

Ice is one way to keep your cat entertained. You may just find out that your cat prefers cool water to their regular room temperature water. As long as the water used to make the ice is clean and unflavored, ice cubes are totally safe for your cat. Keeping hydrated by drinking water is important for your cat and if giving them water encourages them to drink more water, then why not?

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