Can Cats Eat Lasagna?

Can Cats Eat Lasagna?

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I know you must have seen jolly ol' Garfield enjoy his plate of lasagna, scene after scene and now you have got the wild notion of treating your kitty to a piece of lasagna now and then because why not, right? Actually, you may want to pause and consider the fact that Garfield was nothing but a cartoon. On the other hand, your fur baby is living and has certain nutritional needs that must not be compromised.

Lasagna is a sumptuous meal that we enjoy. It is carb heavy but it also has its fair share of protein and nutrients that we can benefit from. But what about cats? Can cats eat lasagna? Is it safe for them? There is really no straightforward way to answer this as this will depend on the ingredients used to make the lasagna.

To find out more about whether your cat can eat lasagna or not, keep reading this post.

Can Cats Eat Lasagna?

Cats should not eat lasagna because of the heavy carb content and the spices used in making it. The pasta in itself is not toxic to cats but neither is it healthy for them. Also, spices such as garlic and onions are toxic to cats and should not be given to them. However, if your cat eats a tiny piece of lasagna, they should be just fine but you still need to monitor them for the next few days to be sure they are doing alright.


Will Lasagna Hurt My Cat?

Lasagna is not considered toxic to cats but when put together, the ingredients can do a lot of harm to your cat. Lasagna is made up mostly of pasta, meat (lots of it), and a generous amount of melted cheese. It also contains spices. So, how do these ingredients affect your cat? Continue reading.


The sheet type of pasta used in making lasagna is full of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is not toxic to cats but it is not healthy for them either. Cats are obligate carnivores that need animal protein to thrive. Feeding them excessive carbohydrates can cause health issues for them. Also, lasagna is full of fats and this can cause your cat to become obese.


You might be content eating your cheesy lasagna without any thought in the world but the same cannot be said of cats. Most cats that have been weaned off their mothers end up lactose intolerant. This means eating dairy products can cause a lot of gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache, etc for your cat.

Considering that lasagna is packed with cheese, it may not be a good idea to feed it to your kitty as you may be risking setting off lactose intolerant issues for your cat.


If you are here wondering if lasagna is safe for your cat, you should also know by now that garlic is top on the list of toxic foods for cats. Garlic is toxic to cats and can lead to the death of your kitty if care is not taken. 

Garlic is a most popular ingredient in lasagna and no doubt, it is a powerful antioxidant and full of nutrients. But this doesn't mean these benefits apply to cats. Garlic is in fact harmful to cats and the amount that will be toxic to your cat depends on its size and breed. However, most times, it may only take a single clove to cause garlic poisoning in cats. Since garlic is a regular ingredient in lasagna, it is best to avoid feeding this dish to your cat.


Onion is another toxic ingredient for cats and it is aplenty in lasagna. Although onion boosts health benefits for humans, it can cause great harm to your cat. 

The ingestion of onions results in hemolysis, which is the breaking down of your cat's red blood cells. This leads to fewer red blood cells that circulate throughout the body.  This will cause panting and weakness. 

No matter the form of the onion, it is bad for cats. Although powered onion is considered to have a higher toxic rate than fresh onion. But keep in mind that no matter the form in which your lasagna contains onion, you will  be putting your cat at risk if you choose to feed it to them.

Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce is an essential part of lasagna. I know you may be wondering why tomatoes are bad for cats, too. But the thing is, tomatoes contain solanine which is toxic to cats. Apart from that, the tomato sauce in lasagna is too acidic for cats to eat. Also, the sauce contains salt which may cause harm to your cat.

It will be in your cat's best interest if you avoid feeding lasagna to them regularly to avoid gastrointestinal issues from eating the tomato sauce. 


When Is Lasagna Good for Cats?

Perhaps, the only good part of lasagna for your cat is the meat content. Lasagna contains a generous amount of ground meat which your cat can enjoy. Cats are naturally drawn to protein and it will be no shocker if your cat is coming for your plate of lasagna because of the meat content.

That being said, if the meat is mixed with ingredients like garlic or onions, you had best not be offering any to your kitty. Before you cut off some piece of meat from your lasagna, make sure the meat is free from toxic ingredients.

What Should I Do If My Cat Has Eaten Lasagna?

If your cat has eaten a small piece of lasagna, it should be just fine. They may experience mild stomach issues but this should pass quickly on its own.

However, if your cat has gone behind your back to eat a large quantity of lasagna or if you are not sure about the amount they have eaten, take them to your vet immediately.


Cats should not eat lasagna because of its content such as carbohydrates and spices that are toxic to them. You may discuss with an animal dietician for a recipe for lasagna that is safe for your cat.

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