Can Chickens Eat Artichoke?

Can Chickens Eat Artichoke?

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Can Chickens Eat Artichoke?

The developing blossom bud of a thistle plant is an artichoke. It's a vegetable that can be roasted, added to dipping sauces, or used in soups. Though artichokes are a safe and healthy food for humans, what if you want to give some to your chickens instead?

Artichokes are indeed edible by chickens. Giving children leftover cooked artichokes is a good idea because they can be a little bit rough when eaten raw. But it's completely safe, and from my experience, chickens loves to eat them a lot.

Do Chickens Benefit from Eating Artichokes?

The artichoke is fascinating. Did you know that these are a specific variety of thistle? Whether they are veggies or not, Artichokes are nutrient-dense and can compete with any vegetables. They are low in fat and high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that chickens (and humans) can use.

How Can I Feed My Chickens Artichokes?

To start, let me state that most people are familiar with sunchokes, often known as Jerusalem artichokes, as well as a few other popular artichoke varieties.

However, there are many different varieties of artichokes. You might need to check out the specific variety you have because I'm not sure exactly how much they differ. But generally speaking, chickens are safe to consume them both raw and cooked, just like we are.

However, because they are fairly tough when raw, I suggest cooking them and cutting them into portions that your hens can easily pick up and consume. Keep in mind that hens lack teeth. When food enters their gizzard after being swallowed, they begin to chew it up with the help of grit.

Can Chickens Eat Artichoke?

Yes, Chickens can eat Artichoke. The chickens need these potent nutrients in order to be healthy, and this vegetable is jam-packed with them. The hens won't be able to easily consume artichokes because they are often rough when they are raw. As a result, it is better to offer them cooked, soft artichokes.

Are artichokes Safe for Chickens to Eat?

While being high in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, artichokes are low in fat. They are therefore a nutritious treat for the chickens.

The following are a few health advantages of giving your chickens artichokes:

  • It aids easy digestion

Artichokes are an excellent source of fiber, which can benefit the chicken's digestive tract. Fiber is crucial because it encourages regular bowel movements. This implies that the chicken's food will pass easily through its digestive system.

In addition, a diet high in fiber will keep the chicken from becoming constipated.

  • Increase Immunity

Vitamin C is abundant in artichokes. This vitamin is crucial for the immune system because it supports immune system health. A healthy diet rich in vitamin C will reduce the risk of illness in chickens. If they do get sick, giving them sufficient of this vitamin will aid in their speedy recovery.

Can Baby Chicken Eat Artichokes?

Artichokes shouldn't be served with baby chicks. Their digestive systems are still too immature to process the vegetable effectively.

In its place, only starting foods should be given to chicks. These diets contain the right nutrients to support their growth and wellness. The feed's texture will also make it simple for the chicks to digest.

You can try feeding the new born chick artichokes once they are about 3 weeks old. Give them a small sample initially to see if they will consume it. Wait for them to eat the veggie on their own by leaving it next to them.

When they begin to eat anything other than the starting feeds, be sure to give them lots of grits. The grits aid in the breakdown of the meal, making it simpler for the chicks to digest.

Can Chickens Eat Artichoke Leaves?

Yes, chickens may safely eat artichoke leaves. The birds can't eat the leaves though because they are too tough. They could decide to leave it alone if you try to give them the leaves.

How to Feed Your Chickens Artichokes

There is really just one good way to feed artichokes to your chickens, and that is to give them cooked artichokes.

The chickens can be offered raw artichokes, but considering how tough they are, they might not eat them. It might get a peck from the chicken, but that's about it. It is preferable to first cook the artichokes. They may consume it more easily because it is soft.

Cut the cooked artichokes into smaller pieces after they have finished cooking. They will be able to eat more readily as a result.

Remember that birds swallow their food whole since they lack teeth.

How Many Artichokes Can I to Give to Chickens?

You should only feed your chickens a modest amount of artichokes. Accordingly, you can serve a tiny piece of artichoke to each chicken. At each meal, refrain from giving them more than that.

Additionally, artichokes shouldn't be given to kids every day. Although the vegetable is toxin-free, it lacks the necessary nutrients to meet the chicken's nutritional needs.

How Often Should You Feed Artichokes to Your Chickens?

Although artichokes are wholesome and nutritious for chickens, it is advised to only feed them occasionally. They don't typically eat artichokes as a staple food.

Only 10% of their diet should be made up of this veggie. The remainder must come from premium feeds. These feeds have been designed with the appropriate level of nutrition to satisfy the dietary needs of the chicken.

As a result, give your hens artichokes once or twice every week.


A nutritious treat to give your chickens is artichokes. They can be fed it either cooked or raw, but cooking it beforehand is much preferable. The birds will be able to consume cooked artichokes more readily. You should only occasionally feed your chickens artichokes because they don't typically eat them.

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