Can Chickens Eat Hemp Seeds?

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Can Chickens Eat Hemp Seeds

An abundant source of nutrition is hemp seeds. These seeds, which are technically a nut but are a component of the hemp plant, can be consumed raw or used to make milk, oil, cheese alternatives, or protein powder.

Hemp seeds, though linked to the cannabis plant, contain very little to no THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The seeds have been used for generations to cure and prevent many health problems through oral and topical applications. Many of these assertions are supported by an expanding corpus of current clinical research.

In addition to having a similar amount of protein, vital fatty acids, and other nutritional benefits to meat and dairy items, hemp seeds also have a nutty flavor and are very adaptable. Chickens can eat any and everything, but can chickens eat hemp seeds? Let’s find out

Can Chicken eat Hemp Seeds?

Yes, chickens can eat hemp seeds. The fact that hemp seed is a complete food source makes it incredibly extraordinary. With over 23% plant-based protein, chickens benefit notably from it!

Hemp seeds are rich in natural protein, oil, and fiber. All of the necessary amino acids, as well as the entire amino acid spectrum, are present in hemp. Additionally, they have the healthiest ratio of Omegas 3, 6, and 9 of any form of seed, as well as vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories.

Is Hemp Seeds Good For Chickens?

Our birds require the nourishment that raw hemp seeds naturally contain.

They provide all 21 amino acids, which is a nutritional powerhouse for birds. Amino acids are crucial for the development of feathers and stunning plumage.

Hemp seeds are good for skin and heart health because they have the right ratio of 3:1 of Omega-6 and Omega-3 necessary fatty acids.

A pleasant and wholesome source of vitamin E, zinc, iron, fatty acids, and magnesium is raw hemp seeds. All of these crucial nutrients help maintain vital bodily processes so that your bird feels well.

Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

A great source of plant-based protein is hemp seeds. They contain all nine essential amino acids, and studies show that human bodies readily assimilate the protein in hemp.

Hemp seeds are high in protein, but they also provide the following health advantages:

  • Heart Wellness
  • Magnesium, a mineral that is abundant in hemp seeds and is connected to the prevention of coronary heart disease, helps control your heartbeat. Additionally, they contain linoleic acid, which according to one study decreased participants' cholesterol levels by 15% and may have blood pressure-lowering effects.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), one of the omega-6 fatty acids found in hemp seeds, may have anti-inflammatory properties akin to those of medications like ibuprofen.

  • Skin Disorders
  • Hemp oil can be applied directly to the skin as well as utilized in cooking to provide nutritional value to your food. According to studies, hemp seed oil can help with dry or itchy skin as well as eczema symptoms.

    Acne treatment may potentially benefit from hemp seed oil's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Brain Health
  • Hemp seeds have the ideal balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids for nutritional value. This balance, which is frequently absent in typical diets, benefits both heart and cognitive health.

    Terpenes are a class of plant chemicals found in hemp seeds. Terpenes may aid in protecting the brain and preventing tumor growth, according to studies, albeit more research is needed in this area.

    Bad Effect Of Hemp Seeds To Chickens

    Eat hemp seeds in moderation to fulfill your required daily intake of fat, even though the majority of the fat in them comes from the good essential fatty acids they contain. Intake of high fats might also result in diarrhea or nausea.

    Before including hemp seeds in your diet, keep the following in mind:

  • Cannabis Addiction
  • THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, can be found in tiny concentrations in hemp seed shells.

  • Digestion Problems
  • Hemp seeds contain a high level of fiber, which when consumed in excess can lead to digestive discomfort including bloating, nausea, or constipation. To assist prevent digestive issues, make sure to drink plenty of water when consuming hemp seeds.

    How To Feed Chickens Hemps Seeds

    Raw, roasted, or fried hemp seeds can be feed to chickens in different ways. The hemp seed oil has been eaten or turned into medicine for a very long time in feeds

    Hemp protein, oil, and seeds can be consumed in a variety of ways, including:

    • In chicken fed
    • on cereal or oatmeal
    • Hemp milk is a type of milk.
    • In granola bars or meal bars
    • included in baked pastries

    Note: Proper storage must be used for hemp seeds. Hemp seeds contain beneficial lipids, but prolonged air exposure might cause those fats to break down. High-temperature storage of hemp seeds can provide a comparable result. This method of storing hemp seeds may result in the presence of trans fats, a form of lipid specifically associated with heart disease.

    Any herbal or natural supplement, including hemp, should be taken according to the manufacturer's instructions. Two significant factors to take into account before feeding the chickens are age and health. Never exceed the dosage specified on the product insert.

    Before ingesting hemp or any other herb, consult your vet doctor. The dosage might not be appropriate for you.

    Experts advise beginning with little amounts of hemp seeds if you plan to eat them. This is particularly valid if you experience digestive issues. Start with 1 teaspoon and increase as tolerated.

    Hemp seeds should be added to your chickens' usual, healthy feed. The highly tasty hemp seed will likely be preferred by the animals over their regular food. The best results come from feeding hemp hens every day, so mix the meal in advance of filling their feeder.


    Hemp seeds contain a tonne of natural protein, oil, and fiber. All of the necessary amino acids, as well as the entire amino acid spectrum, are present in hemp. Additionally, the best Omegas ratio, vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antioxidants.

    It helps soothe irritated skin, give chickens feathers a bloom, conquer external parasites and enhance mobility and improve their general health by boosting their immune system.

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