Can Chickens Eat Japanese Beetles?

Can Chickens Eat Japanese Beetles?

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Japanese Beetles

Chicken as an omnivore can eat any and everything and so can survive without eating feed. So, can they eat Japanese beetles? We would be looking at the answer to this question in this article.

Can Chickens Eat Japanese Beetles? 

Japanese beetles can indeed be consumed by chickens. Being omnivores, chickens frequently consume insects like Japanese beetles. A substantial portion of a chicken's natural diet consists of bugs and insects, hence it is usual for hens to enjoy munching on Japanese beetles as a snack.

Japanese beetles are a favorite food of chickens! They regard them as a delicacy. In addition to helping you get rid of these bothersome pests from your garden, chickens are an excellent source of nutrition.

Japanese beetles are a great source of protein, which is a crucial factor that chickens require in their diet. Therefore, chickens not only assist defend your plants from harm, but they also help maintain your flock healthy and fed.


Japanese Beetles: What Are They?

The scarab beetle species known as Japanese beetles are indigenous to Japan. 

Late summer or early fall is the traditional time for Japanese beetles to lay their eggs in the ground. The larvae emerge as adults in late May or early June after spending the early spring months eating their way through your garden.

Japanese Beetles: Are They Hazardous To Chickens?

Fortunately, hens are quite safe among Japanese beetles, and don't need to worry about them. There is no need to be concerned because despite having hard exteriors and noticeable antennae, Japanese beetles don't bite or sting poultry.

Furthermore, eating these insects won't harm hens, but it's vital to remember that eating huge numbers of Japanese beetle grubs, also known as grubs, could be problematic. You can comfortably keep your chickens in your garden without worrying about Japanese beetles because it's unlikely that they will eat grubs.

Despite how they appear, you can be sure that these unusual little bugs won't cause any harm to your birds.

Health Benefit Of Feeding Chicken Japanese Beetles

You may have observed if you own hens that they enjoy eating bugs. Beetles from Japan are not an exception. These bothersome critters can be good for your poultry. Here are five justifications for letting your chickens consume Japanese beetles.

Good Protein Source

For your chickens, Japanese beetles are a great source of protein that will give them the essential elements they need to be healthy. Additionally, they are a wonderful source of calcium, which is necessary for healthy bones and eggshells.

Ensure the Immune Systems of Your Chickens Remain Strong

Japanese beetles are a high-protein snack that also has high levels of vitamins and minerals that support the immune systems of your hens. Your chickens can stay healthy and fight off disease by eating these insects.

Help Your Chickens Fertility By Increasing Fertility

Eating Japanese beetles can also help your chickens produce more eggs. These insects contain significant amounts of zinc and other essential minerals for wholesome egg development.

Reduce Stress in Your Chickens

They can benefit from eating Japanese beetles if your chickens are stressed out as a result of crowding or other problems. Tryptophan, an amino acid found in these insects, makes hens feel less stressed.

Help keep the coop where your chickens are clean and pest-free.

Finally, you can maintain your coop clean and pest-free by letting your chickens eat Japanese beetles. Beetles will be destroyed by your chickens before they can lay eggs, preventing the potential for the larvae to hatch.

What to Look Out For When Feeding Chickens Japanese Beetles

Although feeding Japanese beetles to hens is generally harmless, there are a few things to be aware of.

Keep them from eating too much.

First, attempt to limit the number of foods your chickens can consume at once. It's vital to monitor how much they eat because eating too many of these insects can make them unwell.

Keep them from eating grubs.

In addition, by eating significant numbers of the grubs, the larvae of Japanese beetles could be harmful. Therefore, don't allow your chickens to consume any grubs they discover when foraging.

Japanese Beetles

How Frequently Ought Chickens To Consume Japanese Beetles?

Japanese beetles can be a terrific addition to a chicken's diet because they are a great source of protein and other necessary vitamins and minerals.

Since there is little possibility that your chicken will consume too many of these insects, you may usually let them nibble on them whenever they want. However, you should always monitor their behaviour and ensure they eat only a few.

How to Make Japanese Beetles for Chickens to Eat

Before feeding Japanese beetles to hens, there is no need to heat or otherwise prepare them. There are a few things you can do, though, if you want to make them simpler for your birds to eat.

To make the beetles simpler for chickens to eat, smash them or mash them into a paste. Additionally, you can combine them with other foods like mealworms or sunflower seeds.

The easiest approach to feeding Japanese beetles to hens is to let them forage for them and then capture them. This is a fantastic approach to giving kids a healthy, natural snack while still enabling them to exercise.

Do Young Chooks Consume Japanese Beetles?

Yes, young chickens enjoy Japanese beetles just as much as older birds do. They can keep chicks healthy as they are a fantastic source of protein and other necessary elements.

However, it's crucial to keep watch over young chicks as they consume Japanese beetles. It is essential to prevent them from consuming too many at once because they might not be able to do so as rapidly or safely as adult chickens.


Chickens will not only love devouring these yummy little pests, but they will also contribute to limiting the harm they cause to your plants. Try using chickens the next time you have to deal with these bothersome creatures; they are an excellent natural pest control method.

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