Can Chickens Eat Lavender

Can Chickens Eat Lavender

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The most potent and helpful herb is lavender. Lavender has many advantageous health effects for humans, but may hens also benefit from it? Can chickens eat lavender?

Let’s get to know more about this in this article. Read on

Chickens Eat Lavender?

Yes, chickens can eat Lavender. All parts of the lavender plant are edible to birds. It provides them with wonderful advantages including stress and anxiety relief. You must give the birds in moderation, though, as with everything else in life.

Linalool, a toxin found in lavender, can kill chickens if it is eaten in large quantities. Let's investigate adding lavender to chicken feed and determine whether it is safe for chickens.


Is Lavender Safe For Chickens?

Lavender is okay for chickens in moderation. Unfortunately, it contains trace amounts of linalool, a toxin that can cause problems when consumed in high numbers. We suggest adding 10% lavender to the feed you give your chickens. So, keep in mind to give your chickens occasional little doses of lavender.

Health Benefits Of Lavenders For Chickens

The chickens can gain some nutrition from lavender. The herb is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. They are therefore frequently used to treat wounds and stop them from getting worse.

The following are some advantages lavender has for your chickens' health:

  • Stress can be relieved by lavender. 

Chickens who are cooped up or confined to a tiny area go through stress. You can use lavender to support them by preventing stress and reducing stress. Either by putting lavender around the coop or by giving them some to eat.

  • Lavender stimulates blood flow. 

This plant is good for chickens, especially chickens that lay eggs. The birds are not particularly active because they spend most of their time sitting on eggs. Their blood will circulate slowly throughout their bodies as a result.

It will promote blood circulation to feed the hens some lavender.

Can Chickens Eat Flowers And Sprigs Of Lavender?

Yes, the lavender plant's sprigs and blooms can be consumed by chickens. In actuality, you can eat the entire plant. To make the lavender easier to eat and digest, you can cut the sprigs into smaller pieces. A different option is to remove the flowers off the plant's stalk and throw them to your birds.

It is best to feed them lavender sparingly because of its toxicity. If you use lavender excessively, your birds may grow ill. 

Can Young Chicks Eat Lavender?

Lavender can be fed to young chicks, but you must first dry them. Because of its potent aroma, fresh lavender is not eaten by chicks.

The lavender can be crushed and sprinkled over their food and snacks once it has dried.

Can Chickens Eat Lavender Stems And Leaves?

The answer is that hens can consume lavender plant stems and leaves. You must first dry them out due to their overpowering smell before distributing them to your chickens. If not, they will simply leave it alone because of the potent scent that the lavender emits.

Once it has dried, break it up into little pieces and combine it with their food.

Can I Use Lavender Oil On My Chickens?

You can use lavender oil for the chickens, yes. Open wounds and sores respond well to treatment with this essential oil.

Put a little lavender oil on your finger and gently touch the wounds and sores with it. Until the wounds are healed, repeat the procedure one day.

How to Feed Your Chickens Lavender

There is just one way to give them lavender when it comes to feeding them. One of the strongest-smelling herbs in the world is lavender, which has a potent aroma. Because of this, chickens won't eat them raw. To feed them, you can either work in the garden or cut fresh lavender. The chickens will simply flee in its direction.

You must first dry the lavender before feeding it to the chickens. Some of the herb's aromas will be eliminated if you do this. After then, break them up into smaller pieces. Sprinkle the dried lavender over their treats or food.

How Much Lavender Should You Give Chickens, And How Often?

Practically any quantity of lavender will be consumed by chickens. You are responsible for controlling the quantity because of this. To avoid the negative effects of the toxin in lavender, we advise restricting it to less than 10% of their total diet.

Also, you should only give your chickens lavender twice a week, and you should consider other herb selections. You can add commercial chicken feeds and herbs like basil, sage, and thyme to your chicken's diet.


The Best Way To Feed Lavender To Chickens

You may add lavender to your chicken's diet in different ways. Below, we'll take a closer look at a few of them.

  • Feed Chickens Fresh Lavender

Fresh lavender is better for chickens because it has the maximum concentration of nutrients. Before starting, properly wash the herb to get rid of any bugs or bacteria. After that, you can throw the flowers to the birds and let them feast on them as they like.

If your chickens are picky and won't eat the fresh lavender you toss, try the next technique.

  • Combining lavender with chicken feed

Mixing lavender with the feed for your chickens is a wonderful additional way to include it in their diet. Poultry eats all of the delicious herbs in the increased diet. First, carefully clean the plant to get rid of any pathogens or pests. Keep in mind that you can utilize the entire lavender plant.

Then, finely cut the plant and completely combine it with the feed. Put the enriched feed in the feeders, then let the chicken eat it up.

  • Dried Lavender

If fresh lavender is difficult to come by, you can settle for the dried variety. Obtain some fresh lavender and wash it to get rid of any moisture that could make it go bad.

Then, powder them up and sprinkle them on your chicken's feed. Provide the lavender-infused feed to your chickens after thoroughly blending it to ensure that every component has an equal amount of lavender.


The herb lavender is not only popular in gardens but also works wonders around chicken coops. Insects and other pests will be discouraged from entering the coop thanks to the pungent smell. Lavender also eases the birds' nervousness and anxiety.

Lavender flowers or sprigs can be fed to birds fresh or dried, depending on what works best for you. Don't forget that moderation is crucial; using too much lavender can seriously harm your chicken.

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