Can Chickens Eat Oregano

Can Chickens Eat Oregano

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Generally speaking, raising healthy chickens is an easy process. 

Most of the time, if you feed them well and provide them access to plenty of clean water, they will take care of themselves.

On rare occasions, chickens will become ill and exhibit symptoms of illness. However, hens are ill once they reach the stage of illness where symptoms start to appear. Most of the time, until things become really bad, you won't even notice that the birds are sick.

Preventing your chickens from becoming sick in the first place is one of the best methods to ensure that they stay healthy. A pound of treatment is worth an ounce of prevention. 

Typically, it is less expensive to prevent illness in your chickens than it is to treat it once they fall sick.

Oregano is one of the best herbs you can give your chickens. Oregano has numerous health advantages for chickens and other fowl.

Chickens can eat Oregano?

Yes, chickens can eat oregano. The majority of herbs are beneficial to chickens' health and well-being and are excellent for them. In your flock, oregano can be used as a natural antibacterial because it is high in antioxidants.


Is Oregano Safe for Chickens to Eat?

Indeed, oregano has a reputation for being beneficial to chicken health. It even offers a long number of incredible health advantages that could significantly enhance their quality of life.

Here are the benefits of feeding chickens Oregano.


The antioxidants in oregano are essential components that will protect your chickens from the harm caused by dangerous free radicals.

Oregano, which is high in antioxidants, thus proves to be highly useful. For chickens, it has been a blessing because oregano has only made them feel healthier since being added to a balanced diet.

The largest concentration of antioxidants among herbs, according to experts, is found in oregano and oregano oil. When compared to other herbs, it is pretty exceptional.

However, there is a drawback because consuming too many antioxidants can harm your health. 

Natural Antibiotic Properties

Your backyard hens will be more protected if you feed them oregano. As an illustration, "oregano is a natural antibiotic" to inhibit harmful germs and promotes respiratory health. 

Of course, every chicken owner is aware of the need of keeping their birds healthy. After all, dangerous bacterial infections are a common occurrence in chickens.

Therefore, oregano's antibacterial qualities aid in the prevention of bacteria-caused poultry diseases. If they get sick from bacteria, oregano will help them heal faster.

Can Chickens Eat Oregano Stems?

Chickens can eat oregano stems, but there are a few things to think about before serving them. To begin with, when poorly prepared, these stems are well-known choking dangers.

Most poultry owners, therefore, chop them up into smaller pieces. It's a simple approach to guarantee that your hens can consume and process them.

But we advise you to boil the stems first and then serve them. It will soften the stems while making sure your chickens won't have any stomach problems as a result.

The stems must still be chopped into little bits for this procedure, though. It's the easiest approach to prevent a choking incident from happening.

How to Feed Chickens Oregano

There are various techniques you can use to feed oregano to hens. Selecting a good one can be difficult for some poultry owners.

But we'll make it simpler for you by going over all the options. So, let's have a look at how to feed the chickens this common herb:

Feed fresh oregano to your chickens

Fresh oregano is the best thing to give the hens, in my opinion. It's my preferred method of supplying poultry with this herb's health and gastronomic advantages.

The procedure is also rather simple. Simply cut or dice the fresh, nutrient-rich herbs into smaller pieces, then scatter them in the coop or add them to the feeder for the chickens.

You can also feed them the stems in addition to the leaves. To keep children from choking on them, though, chop them into small pieces.

Adding oregano to their diet

It's not common for chickens to be particularly choosy. However, we've discovered that certain birds that refuse to eat oregano are placed on their feeders or the ground.

We suggest including oregano in their layer feeds. Use either fresh or dried oregano; both are equally effective when added to feed. But the oregano must first be chopped or shredded. The chicken feed is then combined with the oregano.

Then, fill their feeder with the mixture. You should see it being attacked and eaten by the birds.

It's like getting your chickens to eat it by deceiving them. They won't be able to see the small fragments, after all.

How Much Oregano Should I Give Chickens?

We advise giving oregano to chickens at least three times a week. In essence, it serves as an adequate nutritional supplement or feed additive rather than a replacement for regular feed.

Therefore, even though oregano is nutrient-dense, it lacks some of the nutrients needed to maintain chickens' health. Therefore, it's important to use these aromatic plants in moderation. 

Oregano Tea For Chickens

For your chickens, you can make "tea" if you have fresh oregano. Put oregano in a heat-resistant container or glass jar. The stove is used to boil water. Pour the heated water over the oregano gently after it has reached a rolling boil.

Till the water has cooled, let the water sink over the leaves You can serve it hot to your chickens in the winter or cold in the sweltering summer by adding ice.

A chicken that is ill can benefit greatly from oregano tea. 

When a chicken is ill, it frequently stops eating but keeps drinking.

By warding off what is making them unwell, oregano tea can assist them in recovering from an illness. It has enough vitamins and nutrition to sustain them till they resume eating.

Can Chickens Eat Raw Oregano?

Oregano can be eaten by chickens raw or fresh without any negative effects on their health. To avoid choking hazards, however, be sure to chop the oregano leaves into little pieces.


Can chickens eat oregano? It is unquestionably safe and beneficial to include this beneficial herb in your chicken's diet. It has several practical uses and will aid in the prevention of illnesses. 

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