Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

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Dog and apples

Apples are the favorite fruit that keeps the doctor away. It is common to find a bowl of apples on the dining table in some households. This is because the apple is a solid fruit that remains fresh for a long duration and also very elegant to serve. Yes we love apples as humans, but can our dogs have some as well?

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Dogs can eat apples. It is a healthy treat and snack for them. The skin of apples is rich in fiber which is good for digestion. Apples are rich in vitamins such as Vitamin C and A. They also contain good amounts of antioxidants and potassium. So yes, serve you dog some apple chunks in moderation, they are sure to enjoy it. However if your dog suffers from allergies or certain illnesses like diabetes or cancer, you should consult your vet before feeding them any sugar-rich human food.

Bowl of apples

Personal Experience

  • Smokey

Smokey enjoys his fruits. He will gladly eat up the pieces of apples you give it. Smokey is not picky with food. It has great trust when it comes to me. If Smokey sees me eating it, it knows it is safe for consumption. It will generally eat any food I give it. If it is strange to him or a food item he has not come across before, me taking a bite before giving him some, lets him know it is safe to try it. That said, if it is food that is new to him, I tend to give him only small quantities initially to see how his system reacts to it.

  • Skido

Skido is the sassy dog. If you give it some precious pieces of apple. Skido will simply go up to them smell it, look at you, like you must be joking, I know am hungry but I asked for food and not this. Skido has the habit of not eating food items it is not used to. He is a picky eater with an expensive palate. For example, if you give it dog feed without some pieces of fish placed it in, you are sure to have the feed waiting for you the next morning, uneaten.

Dog and apple

Apple For Dogs

Apples are not just delicious treats they are also useful in helping to maintain your dog's weight. They are a relatively low-caloric fruit, however each apple contains about 19 grams of sugar. So one full apple may be too much for your dog, a maximum of half an apple will satisfy their sugar cravings. Apples are also great alternatives to chocolate and candies which are not healthy for your dog. Too much apple servings may lead to diarrhea and stomach aches for your dog, so every thing should be done in moderation.

For puppies and young dogs, gently introduce them to apples by giving them a small piece and see how their digestive system reacts to it. If they develop continuous allergy or digestive problems, refrain from giving it to them and consult a vet doctor.

Avoid apple based pastries or snacks as they tend to contain very high sugar content and other harmful substances such as nutmeg which is toxic to your dog. Give your dog the apple fruit it self raw, frozen or baked up.

Benefits of Apples


Apples help clean up the teeth of your dog. Chewing some apple is good for them but it should not take the place of good oral hygiene practices and veterinary dental checkups.


Apples contain a good amount of calcium which is great for your dog's bones. Calcium also strengthens their muscles allowing them to function properly. It is also particularly important for pregnant and lactating dogs.


Potassium in apples maintains healthy muscle functions, including maintaining the heartbeats, motor skills and fluid balance in the body.


Apples contain Vitamin A which is important in maintaining of good eyesight. Vitamin A also strengthens the immune system and improves cellular function. Apples are particularly good for older dogs who have higher probability of developing reduced vision.

Dog and Apples

The skin of the apple is rich in fiber and this fiber aids digestion. It also reduces the growth of bad bacteria in the alimentary canal. It can help take care of diarrhea and constipation. The weight of dogs can also be controlled by increasing their fiber intake. Fiber makes them feel fuller and help them in eating less calories. 


Apples are reach in Vitamin C and polyphenols which are antioxidants. These antioxidants help to fight free radicals which cause diseases in dogs. Diseases such as heart problems, bone and cancer illnesses. Polyphenol rich foods are essential especially for older dogs.


Allergy reactions to apples by dogs is quite rare. However if you notice signs of allergy such as the inability to breath well, itching with associated swelling or sneezing, then it is important you see a vet. It is best to introduce apples to your dog in very small quantities at first.

Giving Your Dog Apples

Safely feeding your dog apples should be paramount. You should follow the following steps:


Thoroughly wash the apple to ensure all pesticide, bacteria and germs are washed off.


The thick core and stem of the apple can lead to a choking hazard in your dog. So it is best for you to remove it. If you notice your dog has consumed this part of the apple you should observe your dog for any digestive difficulties. 


Remove the seeds of the apple as they contain cyanide and can harm your dog. Also the seeds can end up choking your dog.


You may decide to peel the apple and serve just the inner part of the apple to your dog. Removing the apple skin also reduces the amount of fiber consumed by your dog.


 To aid digestion and prevent choking, cut up the apple into small sizes that can easily be eaten by your dog. Remember that apples have a high sugar content which may disturb your dog's stomach, so just a few pieces will be sufficient for them. 

If your dog suffers from certain health conditions such as cancer or diabetes, you will have to watch the sugar content you give your dog and get approval from your vet.

Dog and Apple

Can dogs eat apples with skin?

Dogs can eat apples with the skin. The skin is rich in fiber and this helps the digestion of the dog and prevents overweight.

Can dogs eat apples without skin?

Dogs can eat apples without their skin. The fiber levels will be rescued as most is found in the removed skin. However make sure the core, stem and seeds of the apple has been removed to ensure there is no chucking hazard.

Final Words

Apples are a good treat for your dog but should be given with care. The apple treats you give should not be more than 10% of your dog's nutritional intake. In moderate quantities apples are great for your dogs teeth, bones, muscles and eyesight.

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