Why Do Dogs Always Want To Eat?

Why Do Dogs Always Want To Eat?

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You put as much food in your dog’s bowl as is recommended, but it isn’t enough. What’s going on?

Does your dog seem to have a bottomless stomach? Some of them will gobble down their entire meal and still follow you around the house begging for more food or scraps and snacks, but are they actually hungry? If you are wondering why are dogs always wanting to eat, this article is just for you 


    There’s an old cliché about dogs, they’ll eat everything you put in front of them, whether they’re hungry or not. There may be a grain of truth to it, but not all dogs are voracious eating machines. Some are perfectly content to snack from their bowl when they feel the urge and others will stop when they feel full, not going back for seconds at all.

    But there are certainly plenty of dogs to give some truth to the cliché. No matter how well fed they are, they will never turn down more, and it’s quite easy to imagine them wolfing down food until they explode. It seems like the dog is hungry all the time.


      Smart, my German Shepherd dog, have always been a contented dog from puppy days, every time I give him his usually crunches (Boaster dog dry food) mixed with powdered milk on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; Likewise, on other days, Smart merry in his favourite Can food (Jojo) mixed with boiled rice aside from treats and table to mouths meals, this is Smart’s feeding regime and he loved it. At age 2, Smart appetite suddenly changed to become a voracious and gluttoned eating pet, he never got satisfied with food nor water, he keeps asking for more from his looks and sober expression.

      At first, I thought to myself, it is just maturity or because he’s still growing but then I kept spending more on his food than even mine. For 10 days straight, I was seeing a totally different dog, I goes to the store himself eat the crunches without my concept and keeps drinking a lot of water, I got worried on day 10 of this behaviour and presented him to a vet clinic where he was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and Intestinal Malabsorption which are the leading reasons of his voracious eating behaviour, Smart was taken care of and after his treatments he came back to his normal eating pattern and behaviour.


        There are many reasons that can explain why your dog might act like they are always hungry, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t getting enough food. If you’re feeding your dog correct portions of high-quality dog food each day and they still want more, it could be because of this following;

        • Force of Appetite

        It’s not easy to deny your companion a snack when they give you “the look,” but when you give in, you’re reinforcing their behaviour and teaching them that the hungrier they act, the better their chances are to get a taste of food, snacks, treat or any good stuff. In a sense, our dogs are forcing the act of they are hungry which will in turns make them eat more and discontented and unsatisfied with the usual daily diets. They want to eat everything you are eating and also want to eat a larger bulk of their meal.

        • Mentality 

        Some cases of overeating and obesity in domesticated dogs are related to the feeding practices of their owner. Many dogs have an “eat when food is available” mentality, so they tend to eat food simply because it’s offered and not because they are actually hungry. One reason why dogs always seem hungry might be this, as they might not be feeding adequately so once they see the chances to eat as much as possible, they don’t take it for granted i.e., wedding parties or birthdays leftover.

        • Your dog is hungry

        The cause could be that your dog is hungry itself. This usually happen mostly in convalescence dogs that is just recovering from a disease condition that has deteriorate a dog’s appetite so in response to this, dogs might appear as if they are eating more but it’s just that they are back to how it used to be.

        • Unhealthy meals

        This could also be a potential cause of your dog always wanting to eat every now and then, feeding them malnourished meals that offers no daily nutrient requirements makes dogs eat more and unsatisfied. Feeding them nutritious food means that they can get more of the things they need, more easily and without feeling the need to overeat.

        • Your dog favourite meal

        Dogs tend to love a specific meal over other so generally their appetite might be boasted in such scenarios, it is not necessary a problem if this happens, it is just because they love that particular food. Thus, making them food motivated and tends to eat much more than usual.

        • Health Concerns

        While many dogs increased appetite can also be a sign of several health issues. Some of the health issues that may lead to insatiable appetite, or polyphagia, include: Diabetes, Nutritional deficiency, Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s Disease), Hyperthyroidism, Intestinal Malabsorption, Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, Intestinal cancer, Bacterial overgrowth, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Its best to consult your vet doctor if you dog shows noticeable changes in appetite.



        Just because your dog will eat everything, he/she sees, doesn’t mean he/she should. Talk to your vet about your dog’s needs and review the nutritional information on your dog food to determine the right amount of food for your dog’s size and age, likewise meeting the daily nutrient requirements.


        If your dog is getting regular, well-portioned meals of high-quality dog food, and they still act like they are starving, the factors could be an underlying disease, force of appetite, mentality and so on, or if your dog is one that will happily gobble up anything you offer them and still want more, how to take care of it involves cutting their treats.

        Dr Marvelous Ibiniyi, DVM

        A pet enthusiast and young veterinarian in the making, who loves writing and giving educative information about pets especially dogs and cats. Dr Marvelous has a German Shepherd dog named Smart and likewise a Persian cat named Rolex.

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