Why Do Dogs Follow You?

Why Do Dogs Follow You?

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Dog Following YouDogs are pack animals and hence are naturally drawn to the pack leaders who are humans. We as humans have domesticated dogs for eons and they have gotten used to following us around. Dogs follow their owners because they have a natural instinct to be loyal. They also follow the person because they want to be with them. But why do dogs follow people?

Why Do Dogs Follow You?

Dogs follow people for a lot of reasons. However the most common is that they are seeking for your attention. Dogs know that they can get attention from a human by following them around. Dogs are social animals and like to be around humans. They feel more comfortable when they are in the company of humans. It could also be that the dog wants to go in the same direction as the person, or it could just be because they want to play with them.

Dog Following Owner

Personal Experience

  • Smokey

Smokey enjoys human contact a lot and is always eager to follow you around all day. From a causal stroll, to hanging of laundry, taking the trash out. Whatever the activity might be Smokey will always be right by your side. It became like a true companion that even when am a going about to do some house activities in the garden, I just call it come along. The good thing about Smokey is that it is so well trained that when I tell it to stop following but stay and guard a gate or a particular place, it instantly stays, does it's job and wait for me to be back. He is happy if he receives a treat, if no treats comes his way, he does not complain or whine like Skido.

  • Skido

Skido also likes to follow you about, but more for treats. You will occasionally hear it give out a whine saying give me something to eat. Infact what you Skido following you it is either to get some treats in return or it wants to explore the place you are going to. One thing is about Skido is once you forbid it to go to any restricted place. It listens to you and would not venture there even if someone else is calling it to go there. It respects the park leader's authority in the family and that overrides any other instructions given by others.

Dog getting a treat

Why Do Dogs Follow Us?

Dogs are the most loyal animals, they follow you everywhere and they always stick by you. They don't care if you're a good or bad person, or if you're a guy or a girl. They just want to be with their owner and love them unconditionally. So why do dogs follow humans?  The answer is not quite simple and there have been theories proposed about this.


The theory is that dog follow us, because we have domesticated them from wolves and they are now dependent on humans for food and protection. This means that dogs may have evolved to associate human presence with safety and comfort which leads them to following their owners everywhere they go. Dogs are highly social animals, so they follow humans to interact with them. Dogs are also known to be very intelligent and loyal animals, which is why they follow their owners without fail.

There are many reasons why dogs might follow someone. It is not always because they want to play or be petted. Dogs usually follow people who seem like they are going to places of interest to them especially if they know they will get a treat out of it. Dogs have a natural longing to be around humans. Their sharp sense of smell, helps them in tracing and following their owners.

Dog following you

Dogs also might follow someone because they want to protect them. This is called “guarding” and it can work both ways: the person might be protecting the dog from danger, or the dog might be protecting the person from danger. Dogs follow their owners because they have a natural tendency to be pack animals. They also want to know where their owner is and what they are doing.

Dogs enjoy to be around humans because the are very social animals. They also have a natural instinct to follow the pack, so when you walk in front of them, they will likely follow you. There is also some evidence that dogs may follow humans because they believe that we are alpha leaders in their pack. 

Dogs can also follow other dogs that they know by their scent. Dogs are attracted to the smell of other dogs and will often follow them, unless they are on a leash or have some other barrier in place. A dog's nose is so sensitive that they can even pick up the scent of another animal from miles away.


    Dogs may also be following you because it is a habit from when they were puppies and followed their mom around. Dogs can smell their owners from quite a distance because they have a strong smell. This gives them a calming effect knowing their owners are close by.

    Some dogs are more likely to follow you than others. For example, some breeds like Labradors and German shepherds were bred to work with humans and therefore tend to be more attentive than other breeds like terriers or pugs, who were never bred for that purpose.

    Dog following owners

      Final Words

      Dogs are great loyal and obedient companions. They follow you around the house, they greet you at the door when you come home, and they are always right there when you need a good cuddle. The real reason behind this behavior could be that they want to be close to their owner, or it could be that they want to feel safe and protected by the owner. Dogs are our best friends. They are loyal and always there for us. They lick our faces, jump on us and are always happy to be around us.

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