Can Ducks Eat Almonds?

Can Ducks Eat Almonds?

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Almonds are seasonal fruits that we chomp on whenever we have them around. Some prefer their almonds toasted to release those naturals and give it that extra kick, while others would rather take their raw (straight from the source). Talking with some friends? Throw ‘em in your mouth. Going for a picnic? Take some with you. Want to prepare a healthy nutritional salad? throw in perfectly roasted almonds, nothing beats that crunchy toasted sweet flavor. We even make milk from almonds. That’s how much we love them.

Imagine, you are walking along a park and you notice some ducks around (Perhaps you have ducks as pets) and you happen to have a pack of almonds with you. You decide to throw them some, thinking what’s the harm? They are nuts so they should be perfectly healthy for them, right? The question you are asking now is, Can Ducks Eat Almonds?

Can Ducks Eat Almonds?

The answer is yes, they can eat almonds. Almonds are nuts so they are generally considered to be healthy foods. Ducks can eat both raw and roasted almond nuts, they get the nutritional value out of the nuts either ways. But the rule of thumb is, moderation. As with everything both humans and pets consume, it is advisable to feed your ducks almonds in moderate but small portions.

Should I be feeding my duck almonds?

Seeds make up a very large portion of a birds’ meal so almonds as a nut/seed is no exception to this rule. Almonds have many beneficial vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to ducks. The exception is not feed them whole nuts. Instead, try crushing them or breaking them down into small crumbs or pellets. This way it is easier for the bird to consume and allows for no risk of suffocation.

Avoid feeding them the salted and bitter variety of almond nuts because this could cause harm to the ducks’ health

What Are The Health Benefits of Feeding your Duck Almonds?

They are High in Fiber

Fiber is a very important and necessary requirement for all birds including ducks. Fiber helps in easing constipation, especially in ducks where it can be very dangerous. So fiber gotten from almonds can help ease the digestive system and reduce the risk of the duck suffering from a constipated system.

Additionally, almonds help to enhance the digestive tract of the duck. This means that they get more energy from these nuts and use it to process and easily digest their meals.

You get about 3-5 grams of fiber per 20 almonds.

Excellent source of calories

For every food eaten by both humans and pets (ducks), the amount of calories we consume is equal to the amount of energy we get. So feeding your ducks almonds, provide them with a healthy source of calories which makes them more energetic leaving them quacking excitedly and as loud they can.

But be careful not to feed them in excess, as too much calories given to them would leave them over-weight and they may suffer many related complications from not being able to expend as much energy as required.

Instead, to balance things out, try mixing almonds with other seeds/nuts. For example. Sunflower seeds.

Rich in Calcium

Calcium is an important nutrient involved in growing stronger bones and maintenance of the skeleton. This also applies to ducks especially at the reproductive level because a calcium filled diet helps them lay eggs with strong eggshells that will protect the duckling in it.

A good source of Vitamin E

Almonds offer a good source of vitamin E which is not easily found in other food available for ducks. This plays a very important role in the aging process of the duck.

Vitamin E helps in managing and boosting the immune system of the duck, giving them a strong mmune system to fight against infections and diseases.

Note: Do not feed ducklings almonds as they are at a developmental stage and require food rich in protein

How do I correctly feed Ducks Almonds?

Try cutting the nuts into smaller pieces to make it easier for the duck to consume

Do not feed them bitter almonds

Resist the temptation to place them on a diet of almonds. Almonds should be given as treats and administered no more than twice a week. 

Ducks can also be placed a variety of protein-based food like scrambled eggs, crickets, worms, fish, etc. to supplement the nutrients gotten from almonds.

You can also try a nut mix while feeding your ducks;

Peanuts are rich in magnesium, vitamins, phosphorus and potassium which h are all important for the duck.

Pine nuts are also an incredible source of protein and magnesium which is good for energy levels in ducks.

Walnuts provides nutrients like fiber that keeps the ducks’ heart strong and healthy

Remember to feed them in a clean and healthy environment. If they are being fed from feeders, clean the feeders every 2 weeks. This helps prevent the growth and spread of mold which can be extremely dangerous to the health of the ducks

Feed those roasted but unsalted almonds because too much sodium in their diet can lead to kidney problems which can be extremely painful for the ducks.

Final words

Yes, almonds are good to be fed to ducks but it is recommended to be given as treats and not as a diet or meal base. 

Ensure you break up the almonds into smaller pieces to help the duck digest easily and avoid suffocations. Make it a habit to mix the almonds with a variety of other nuts like pine nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts and perhaps pecans.

Also do not forget to feed them water to help them digest the food properly and avoid complications like constipation or a choking hazard.

Moderation is key in everything, so apply that when feeding them. This should keep your ducks feeling happy and leave them quacking excitedly all through the day.

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