Can Ferrets Eat Bananas?

Can Ferrets Eat Bananas?

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Ferrets are very social, active, fun and exciting domestic animals. They are characteristically curious creatures, they are one of the most fragile creatures in the world because of their fragile bodies. Ferrets have a lifespan of five to seven years. A baby Ferret - Kit  becomes sexually mature about four months of age for females ( ‘Jills ’ ) and between six and eight months for males ( ‘ hobs ‘ ). This time coincides with spring. 

Ferrets are fun, sociable pets to keep and climbing on anything they can is natural for Ferrets. As wonderful as it is to have Ferrets at pets, they are very demanding and require quite a lot of responsibility. Ferret owners cannot afford to be ignorant about their feeding (nutrition), health, medication, feeding, etc.

Thus, this article explains the types, nature of ferrets and importance of ferret feeding that aids their proper consumption and growth. In line, explains the nutritional value of bananas wherein the fruits nutrients observably are not recommendable for the animal. Moreover, recommendations as to the proportion of bananas required if necessary are identified, and proper recommended diet for the Ferrets herein assuage their growth and prevent worse cases of illness and diseases are mentioned.


Ferrets can eat bananas. However it is not advisable to give your ferrets bananas and it can lead to obesity and other health problems for your pet. Banana is a tropical fruit, healthy and rich in vitamins. They contain nutrients that have a protective impact on health. Although the health impact falls within the scope of the specific consumer. Ferrets demand special feeding in which not all fruits available are compatible to their growth.


Food is as important as living to every creature. This is the same with Ferrets. Ferrets are Carnivores. In other words, they eat meat, the digestive tracts of a Ferret are naturally efficient for digesting meats. Their digestive tracts cannot digest complex Carbohydrates and food that contains fibers. Ferrets have a very short digestive tract. 


Bananas are great, healthy and delicious fruits rich in Vitamins and lots of nutrients which are good for humans. A lot of Ferret owners argue with that Ferrets can eat Bananas because of the nutritional values such as vitamin B6, magnese, vitamin C, fiber and potassium.

 Vitamin B6 helps in the production of red blood cells, healthy bones, brain and nerves. 

Vitamin C helps protect the body cells and tissue and absorb iron.

Magnese helps in the production of collagen that protects the skin and bones.

On the flip side, Bananas are not recommendable for your Ferrets because they do not have Cecum. Cecum is found in herbivores and omnivores. Herbivore are animals that eat grass such as Goats, cows, etc.  Omnivores are animals that feed and survive on plants and animals. Omnivores and herbivores have Cecum in a part of their intestines. It produces bacteria that breakdown and helps to digest Carbohydrates.


An accidental bite of your Banana is not really something to panic about. Ferrets react differently therefore advisable to observe for side effects and treat any discovered immediately. If you keep feeding your Ferret Bananas, it will lead to health problems. You have to be really mindful. If at all Ferret owners insist, the recommendation is, a small portion once in a blue moon or a rare treat.


The consumption of Bananas can cause Diarrhea, general intestinal discomfort, constipation, lethargy, vomiting, Feline diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, loss of appetite, constant urination, inability to perform locomotive activities like running, jumping, ... etc. In worse cases, it can causes pancreatic cancer.

Researchers discovered that Ferrets that eat high sugar and high Carbohydrates foods are at risk of Insulinoma. This is a medical condition in their middle or old aged years. This is can cause damage to the brain and progressively become life-threatening. Ferrets custodians convincingly will not want that for the domestic animals. Insulinoma is characterized by tumors in the pancreas. 


It is advisable to visit your vet from time to time to prevent worse cases of illness and prevention of diseases. Veterinary Doctors advice that Ferrets older than three years should have their glucose levels checked about twice in a year, preferably once in every six months.

 Sugary foods has its side effects like tooth decay in humans. This relatively affect Ferrets and the digestive system like their tooth which is not made to eat carbohydrates and sugar. There are a host of other food recommendable for feeding the Ferrets which helps to avoid life-threatening diseases.


American Ferret Association advice ferrets custodian to avoid Bananas - ripped or over-ripped, raw meats, that is, raw insects, raw animal organs; preys such as rabbits and fowls; grains like cereals and grapes. Grapes are very strong for the animals and advised to abate it because it contains high fibers. Onions causes Hemolytic anemia. Garlic causes kidney failure. Dairy products include Ice-cream, Yoghurt, Milk, Cheese, pet milk, and production. Ferrets oftentimes have diarrhea which causes dehydration and in worse cases, death.

Reports by the American Ferret Association shows that dairy products and other food items can cause health challenges. In addition, unhealthy diets overwork pets’ intestines.


Extra protein diets such as liver, chicken and food that contains at least a mild proportion of fat. Healthy meals prevent Toxemia, a critical emergency situation that can cause the need of Cesarean section to be performed by the veteran.   


 Bananas having known as healthy nutrient produced for human and animal consumption, not all domestic animals survive and maintain their nutrients while consuming the fruits.

The domestic animal custodians are liable out rightly to the risks, and often need proper knowledge as to the perfect nature of keeping the animals.

As recommended, the veterans are to be visited from time to time to prevent diseases that may illness to the pets. 

In all sense, ferrets cannot eat bananas not because of the nutrients incompatibility but the body cells (cecum), which are found in other animals while the pet is deficient of the system that helps digestion and breakdown bacteria.

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