My Girlfriend Doesn't Shave Her Armpit?

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My girlfriend has a hairy armpit. I mean, it is not a furry or a bush, but it is still not shaved. I don't know why she doesn't shave it, but I don't really care. It's not that big of a deal to me. We have been together for a while now and I know that if it makes her happy, then it makes me happy. My girlfriend has a lot of different quirks and I love that about her.



I don't know what she was thinking. I mean, it's not like I care. I just find it weird that my girlfriend doesn't shave her armpits. It's like she never wants to take a shower or something. It's the only area of her body that is left unshaven and it's just weird


My girlfriend doesn't shave her armpit and it drives me crazy. I want to make out with her but I can't because the hair is all over my face. It's a little embarrassing but it's something I have to deal with.


A quick introduction on why my girlfriend doesn't shave her armpit.

I think my girlfriend does not shave her armpit because she has a hairy armpit.

My girlfriend is a hairy armpit. My girlfriend doesn't shave her armpit.

I have a girlfriend who doesn't shave her armpit, but I don't have any idea why she doesn’t shave it. I can only assume that this has something to do with her hygiene habits, but I'm not sure if it's because of the smell or the bacteria that are living in there.

People do not like to shave their armpits. It is a personal choice and it has nothing to do with the gender.


My girlfriend doesn't shave her armpit?

This is a very common question to ask every woman. So, we decided to write a piece on why women don't shave their armpits.

My girlfriend doesn’t shave her armpit?

In the future, women will be able to shave their armpits. This will be a huge step forward for men who have been complaining about female facial hair for decades.

A woman’s armpit is a sensitive part of her body, so it is important to keep it clean.

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In the past, we had to ask our friends and family for help when we needed to shave. Now, it's easier than ever to shave our armpit.

The armpit is a sensitive part of the body. It is not something that should be exposed to the sun and other elements. A lot of women choose not to shave their armpits because they are afraid of the hair growth around their armpits.

Some people don't like to shave their armpits and this is one of the reasons why. They don't like the feeling of stubble on their skin and they prefer to keep it as smooth as possible.

I am just not sure if I should shave my armpit.

I have a girlfriend who doesn't shave her armpit. She says that it's because of the way she was raised. Her mother didn't shave her armpit, so that is why she doesn't do it herself. I don't think it's for the same reason and I would be happy to shave my armpit if she does it.

Armpit hair is extremely sensitive and can cause a lot of pain. It is usually a topic that women do not want to talk about.

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My girlfriend doesn't shave her armpit?

This is a very simple and easy to understand introduction. It is about a person who has never shaved her armpit. The problem with writing this introduction is that it needs to be written in a way that makes it seem like the person doesn't have an issue with shaving her armpit.

A woman's armpit is a very sensitive area. It's a place where many secrets are kept. It's also the most vulnerable part of the body.

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A lady has a hairy armpit. It is not because she doesn't want to, but because she cannot shave it.


This article is about a common situation that many of us have seen before. A friend, colleague or family member who doesn't shave the armpit.


My girlfriend doesn't shave her armpit. I don't understand why she doesn't shave it.

My girlfriend does not shave her armpit because she doesn't want to. She thinks that it would be a waste of time and money to shave her armpit. So, she has decided against shaving her armpits.


The armpit is the most intimate part of the body. It's also one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. So why does my girlfriend not shave it?

The need to shave your armpit is not an uncommon problem in society. Many people have a problem with their hair growing out from under their arms, and there are many women who want to shave their armpits for aesthetic reasons. However, shaving your armpits can be quite painful and even dangerous if you don't use proper shaving products or if you do not follow common hygiene practices.

I have a girlfriend and she doesn't shave her armpit.


It is not uncommon to see people who shave their armpits. And it's a personal choice, so why should we force them to do so?

A lot of women do not shave their armpits because they don't like the look of it. It's just a personal choice, and if you don't like it you can choose not to shave your armpit.

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