What It Means When A Girl Air Kisses You?

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Had a girl blown you a kiss in time past, and you wondered why she did it? Are you trying to figure out her intentions for the blown kiss? This post will explain what it means when a girl blows you a kiss in case the same girl or another girl air kisses you in the nearest future. 

Air kiss, blown kiss, or thrown kiss is when someone make a kissing shape or sound with their mouth towards you without actually touching you. It may be done close to you or from afar. In fact, it may be done while you or the girl is on transit which means you have little time to figure out why she has blown you a kiss. A girl may blow you a kiss for different reasons and intentions. Therefore, you need to study other body languages that she displays while she air kisses you because these body languages will help the air kiss to make the intended meaning to you. Below are the reasons a girl will blow, throw, or air you a kiss.

  • She likes you
  • If a girl air kisses you, it may be that she likes you and is attracted to you, especially if she feels you belong in the same age brackets. She wants both of you to become intimate with each other and is trying to let you know how she feels about you. This girl will not only blow you a kiss but also accompany the air kiss with some positive body languages which include

    • Exchanging a long eye connection with you as if she has nothing else to fix her gaze on
    • Touching you at every opportunity she gets
    • Sweeping her hair sideways anytime she sees you 
    • Looking at you with dilated pupils
    • Fondling her hair while in a conversation with you
    • Fine-tuning her appearance whenever she sights you
    • Standing very close to you anytime she is talking to you, which she hardly does with other persons
    • Making her feet touch your feet
    • Adjusting her sitting position anytime she sees you
    • Giggling a lot at the funny and unfunny things you say
    • Asking about you from your friends 
    • Throwing glances at you a lot and smiling or quickly looking away if you discover
    • Laughing and checking whether you are also laughing

  • She is just being friendly
  • Another reason a girl will blow you a kiss is if she considers you as someone who could become her friend. If her aim is to be friendly, she may not do anything special. She would likely do things that any other person will do to have your attention and ask for your friendship. In fact, she will not display any special body languages like the ones a girl who like you will display. It is also less likely that she would display signs of attraction when she is around you. In this case, you should not expect any special treatment because she is not into you but just wants to be friendly. However, she may become attracted to you later but not at the first instance. There are girls who want to know you as just a friend before they become intimate with you.

  • She is trying to comfort, console, or reassure you
  • If a girl notices that you are sad, she may blow you a kiss as a way of comforting you and letting you know she is there for you. A girl may also air kiss you to reassure you that everything will be fine especially when you are in a difficult and unfriendly situation. Such a girl wants to encourage you and make you feel better. A girl can decipher that you are sad if you talk with a flat speech tone, talk less than usual, slouch your shoulders, or have watery eyes. Apart from blowing you a kiss to reassure or comfort you, such girl might rub your back or use comforting words to support the air kiss.

  • She is showing that she cares
  • A girl may blow you a kiss just to show you that she cares about you, especially if she is an acquaintance, a family member or a long-time friend. She means to remind you that you are not alone and that she is there in case you need help. It is a show of love to you because you matter to her.

  • She is appreciating you
  • There are instances a girl will blow you a kiss because you have done something that pleases her. In this case, the air kiss is meant to appreciate whatever it is you have done for her. It doesn’t matter if it is a girl you just know or the one you have known for long. You only need to check if you have extended a kind gesture towards the person. For instance, you might have helped a girl pick up something of hers that has fallen, open the door especially if the girl is unable to, or do the girl some kind of favour. Such girl may want to show you gratitude by blowing you a kiss. 


    You cannot solely determine the reason a girl blows you a kiss without considering the context, the accompanying body languages, and your relationship with the girl. If you are an acquaintance of the girl, it may be that she wants you to know that she cares about you or that she is reassuring or comforting you. If you are seeing the girl for the first time or you haven’t known her for long, she may blow you a kiss to let you know that she is attracted to you. However, you have to study her other body languages as has been listed above before you make a conclusion.

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