What It Means When A Girl Sits Next To You?

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If a girl has sat next to you before especially after you had sat, you may be wondering why. Why would a girl sit next to you when there are so many empty seats on the bus, in the cafeteria, in the cinema, in the classroom, etc.? At times, it is for no special purpose, and at other times, it is for a special purpose. There are a number of likely and unlikely reasons a girl may sit next to you. Read on and you will find out these reasons.

  • She wants to start a conversation with you

If you see a girl sitting next to you, it may be that she wants to talk to you. Whether it’s a girl you know or you don’t know, she may sit beside you to start a conversation with you.

  • She likes you 

A girl may sit next to you if she likes you and wants to let you know that she does. She finds you attractive and wants to become intimate with you. So, the first step she takes is sitting by your side to let you know of her existence. At times, such girl will not say anything because she is shy, but she will sit herself next to you at any opportunity she gets.

  • She may find that the seat next to you is vacant

If the seat next to you is vacant, a girl may use such seat. She is sitting next to you because it’s the only vacant seat she can find. If it is not the only vacant seat, it may also be that it is the only seat that will favour her. For example, taking the seat next to you may be the only way she could get a better view of what is going on in the front. 

  • She feels uncomfortable sitting elsewhere. 

She probably feels uncomfortable where she was previously seated. It may be too cold or too hot near the other seats. Better still, that particular seat is her usual/favorite spot, and she will sit there regardless of any person sitting next to her.

  • She has been standing for long 

If a girl has been standing or waiting for long, she may decide to sit to relieve herself of the stress of standing. At this point where she will like to sit, it may be that she only wants to sit on any available or nearest seat which may fall next to you.

  • She wants to set a trap for you 

A girl may sit beside you if she wants to make a trap for you. She probably wants to seduce you or wants some boys or her boyfriend to beat you up by making it seem as if you are harassing her. It is possible you have wronged such girl, and that is her way of getting back at you. Besides, she possibly just wants to mess with your head because she’s a big-time troll. So, you need to beware! 

  • She may sense that you need company 

If you appear to be lonely and sad to a girl, she may sit beside you to keep you company. This is because she is worried that you are sad. She may ask you what the problem is and also comfort you to make you happy. 

  • She wants to compliment you 

If a girl thinks you are handsome, she may want to compliment you and tell you how good you look by sitting beside you. She may also like your outfit, your haircut, and other things about you.

  • She thinks you like her 

A girl may think you want to talk to her especially if she believes you have been looking at her in an enticing way. So, she just helps you out by moving close to you because she thinks you are shy of talking to her first. 

  • She wants to bring something to your attention 

If a girl notices something unusual about your appearance, she may want to call your attention to it, most especially if she thinks you are not aware of it. For instance, something may be wrong with your dress, such as having a stain on it or wearing it the wrong way. 

  • She wants to be your friend 

People have met their friends through many ways. If a girl thinks you will make a good friend, she may sit beside you and extend a hand of friendship. 

  • She needs your help 

A girl will sit next to you to ask for your help. She may not want to stand, so she can whisper what she needs to your ears. She may also want to sit before talking to prevent others around you from listening in on your conversation.

  • A Situation or person forced her to sit next to you

She has told someone a lie that you are her boyfriend. In order to back up her lie, she will sit next to you to make you look like her boyfriend to that someone she has lied to. Aside that, it may be that the person is harassing her, or she is afraid of the person. It may also be that the person is someone she does not want to talk to. Thus, the person will believe her and leave her alone. She may also be in danger and wants to be with you for safety. She feels if she sits next to you, she will escape the danger, at least. At that moment, you are her bodyguard! 

  • She mistakes you for an acquaintance 

The girl thinks you are someone she knows and sits beside you for that reason. Once she realizes you are not an acquaintance, she may stand and leave or maintain her position so as not to offend you by leaving.


Aside all the reasons above, a girl may just sit beside you for no reason. She isn’t paying attention, or she is daydreaming, and mindlessly takes her seat beside you. Thus, there is no need to be having wild imaginations or fantasizing different things with her. However, you may take advantage of the situation if the girl interests you.

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