Why Does My Girlfriend Eat My Food?

Why Does My Girlfriend Eat My Food?


If you're reading this, then you're probably in a relationship with a woman who eats your food. You might be wondering why she does it, or how to make her stop. 

Well, the first thing to understand is that it's not really about you at all. She's not trying to hurt your feelings; she just doesn't want to go out and buy herself some more food because she thinks that's silly when there are perfectly good things already in the fridge. 

She Eats What's In The House.

If your girlfriend is eating food from your house, chances are she's hungry and/or bored. If you have a partner who eats everything in sight, then it's probably because she has a sweet tooth and is hungry.

She wants to be a part of your life, and eating your food is a way for her to do so. She may also be trying to make herself feel better about the fact that you're not with her all the time, so she eats your food as a reminder of what it was like when you were together.

Have a Conversation About It.

It's easy to assume that your girlfriend's eating your food is simply a result of her being too lazy to get up and make her own, but there are other reasons why she might do this. Is she trying to tell you something?

 Ask her if there are any underlying issues that may be making her want to eat what they know is yours. This will give you an opportunity to talk things out and see if you can find common ground on the issue.


Ask Her To Go To The Store.

Ask her to go to the store. If your girlfriend is eating your food, it could be because she has nothing of her own. Offer to go with her and buy some groceries so she can fill up her own pantry and fridge with things that aren’t yours!

Try going out together for dinner or lunch. If you two want to get a bite, ask her if she wants to join you on whatever outing it is that you have planned, so she doesn’t feel like she has to eat alone at home all day long while waiting for you to come back from work or whatever else keeps you busy during the day (probably just sitting around watching TV).

Have A Budget.

Have a budget and ask her to help. Establishing a budget will ensure that everyone gets what they need without going too far overboard on either end of the spectrum—and without having to make any difficult decisions regarding who gets what when they're both extremely hungry and there's only one bagel left in the house!

It's normal for your girlfriend to eat what's in the house, but it can be annoying.

I've already talked about how to deal with this problem and some other reasons she might be eating your food (or not), so check out that section if you want more information. Remember that she still loves you even if she eats everything!

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