Can Guinea Pigs Eat Daisies?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Daisies?

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Guinea Pigs

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Daisies

Daisy is a well-known and very cheerful flower, with its starry halo of pure white petals and a golden heart. Its very name is Winsome, a derivative of the Old English name of the daisy which translates to day’s eye. There are over 12,000 daisy species in existence, each differing in shape and color. This flower most often symbolizes purity and innocence. It also symbolizes beauty, love, fertility, motherhood, childbirth, and new beginnings. 

In addition, the daisy is an edible flower whose flower buds, and young leaves can be added to food in form of salad or sandwiches for human consumption. Too much of this flower in their meals can lead to vomiting or diarrhea. Can also the health risk attached to daisy be affected by guinea pigs? Can guinea pigs even eat daisy? Continue reading this article to find out your answers


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Daisies

No, guinea pigs can not eat daisies at all. Daisies are toxic flowers to your guinea pigs because of the presence of a toxic substance in them. The poisonous substance present in them is called lactones, and ingesting this chemical by guinea pigs makes them prone to allergic reactions and digestive problems. Also, you will find a high amount of calcium in the flower, and too much of this nutrient in the body of your guinea pigs will lead to urinary problems like bladder or kidney stones as you predicted. Therefore, a combination of both substances in your guinea pigs' digestive system will surely lead to their death if pet owners give them the flower to eat.

What Type Of Daisies Flower Should Guinea Pigs Eat?

Generally, it has been stated that guinea pigs can not eat daisies, but with daisies being a composite name for numerous flowers, is there an exception to a certain type of daisy for your guinea pigs? Also, can every other part of the daisy be fed to your guinea pigs without them encountering death? The answers to these questions will be answered below, all you need to do is to continue reading.

Daisy leaves

 No, guinea pigs can not eat daisy leaves. Guinea pigs can be a lover of leaves because of how their digestive system is structured however, they can not feed on every leaves even if they love them. An example is dairy leaves. This is because it contains a high amount of calcium nutrient, and feeding it to your pets in a high amount is looking for a trip to the doctor's office for your pets

Daisy flowers

No, guinea pigs can not eat daisy flowers. Daisy flowers contain a high amount of calcium nutrients and also a toxic substance called Lactones which is essential in causing a serious allergic reaction in guinea pigs. Feeding the flower to them with this clause may lead to your guinea pig's death

Gerber daisies

 No, you can not feed this flower to your pets because of the nutrients present in them which are deadly to your guinea pigs. However, if your guinea pigs nibble on them or just have a bite of this flower, they will not develop health issues

Ox Eye daisies

 No, guinea pigs can not eat ox-eye daisies. This flower has more than one toxic substance in them, and trying to get your guinea pigs to nibble on them can be dangerous. Hence, do not let your guinea pigs move near the flower

Lawn Daisies

No, guinea pigs should not eat lawn daisies. This flower is known to be common and in it are two types of toxic substances called sesquiterpene and lactones. The chemicals are present all over the body of the plants, they should be avoided at all cost

What Are The Health Risk Associated With Feeding Daisies To Guinea Pigs

There are a lot of health risks which is associated with feeding daisies to your pets because of the different toxic substances present in them. You need to read the highlighted point below to find out

Urinary problem

The high amount of calcium present in this flower may lead to adverse health risks. An example of such health risks is bladder and kidney stones.

Digestive problems

Guinea pigs are prone to digestive problems if they feed on daisies in high proportion. However, if they bubble on them or have a small bite, it may not cause any issues. Examples of the digestive problem your pets are prone to are diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, stomach pain, and bleeding within the digestive tracts

Allergic reaction

Due to the various toxic substances in the flower, it should not be surprising to find your guinea pigs having an allergic reaction to them. If you feed daisy that contains a high amount of lactones chemicals, they may encounter reaction like dermatitis and irritation of the throat. If there is a presence of sesquiterpene and lactones in the flower then it may irritate your pet's eye, nose, skin, and some other parts of their bodies


Anorexia is a problem that arises from weight loss. If you feed too much of daisy flowers to your pet, it may lead to a loss of appetite for them, and the process can cause weight loss and anorexia


Other Flower That Shouldn't Be Given To Guinea Pigs

It is not only daisy that is toxic to your guinea pigs, other flowers like sunflower, Mallow, Aster, Daffodil, golden rod, green clover, groundsel, plantain, Nasturtiums, etc should not be given to your guinea pigs because they contain various toxic substances. 


No, guinea pigs can not eat daisy flowers because of the high amount of calcium and other toxic substances In them. There are different types of daisies, and each of them has been highlighted above whether it can be eaten by your pet or not. To find the answers to them you need to read through this article. Other flowers that also cause serious health risks have been listed above. However, if you want an active and healthy guinea pig, you should only feed them vegetables like alfalfa, asparagus, hays, and fruits should also be present in their diet.

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