Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dragon Fruits?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dragon Fruits?

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Dragon Fruits

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dragon Fruits

Dragon fruit also known as pitaya or pitahaya is the fruit of several different cactus species indigenous to the Americas. These fruits have various tropical growing environs (like South East Asia, Central, and South America, and even Israel) and varieties (pink or yellow-skinned with white or less commonly red flesh) which are bound to taste different according to the freshness and location. That said, this wonderfully exotic-looking cactus fruit pitaya looks a lot more interesting than it tastes. I would not call it bland per se, but compared to mangosteen, rambutan, lychee, and custard apples, it is more flair than flavor.

Dragon fruit is enriched with a lot of nutritional benefits used for diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. Dragon fruit can be eaten raw or made into wine, juice, spreads, or desserts by humans. The question now is can guinea pigs eat dragon fruits? Does it offer your pets nutritional benefits? Continue reading this article to find out.

Guinea Pigs

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dragon Fruits

Yes, guinea pigs can eat dragon fruits but only in moderation. Dragon fruits is one of the fruits known to be high in various beneficial nutrient for your pets, and these nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidant, calcium, fiber, etc are essential in keeping the diet of your guinea pigs healthy. However, because of the presence of the recent amount of water, sugar, and calcium present in them, they can cause serious health risks if fed in high amounts. This is why as a pet owner, you need to follow the right proportion at which you can feed your guinea pigs. Continue reading to find out how to feed it to them.

What is the Serving Size of Feeding Dragon Fruits To Guinea Pigs

Due to the sensitivity of the digestive system of your Guinea pigs, it is essential to know the correct proportion of dragon fruits that should be served to them to avoid health risks. Dragon fruit is known for the high amount of water and sugar it possesses, which is why it should be given to your pets once or twice a week, it should also be spaced out while feeding it to them to avoid overfeeding.

The correct serving size should be a small slice of dragon fruit. You can also choose to feed them something lower than that to be in the safer size. If you are newly introducing dragon fruits to your guinea pigs, it is essential to feed them in smaller portions gradually and make sure you are attentive to their allergy reactions.

What Are The Various Parts Of Dragon Fruits That Can Be Eaten By Guinea pigs?

The juicy part of the fruits alone can not satisfy the nutrient of your pets which is why you should look for alternative food to compliment the fruits given to them. But before you do that, let us also take a look at every other part of dragon fruits enriched with a decent amount of beneficial nutrients for your pets.

Dragon fruit leaves

 No, guinea pigs can not eat dragon leaves because of the tough exterior it is made of. You can also see spikes on them hence, do not feed it to them

Dragon fruit skin

 Yes, guinea pigs can eat dragon fruit skin but only in moderation. Just like the leaves, the skin also has a tough exterior part however, when it is chopped and diced into pieces, your guinea pigs will be able to digest them properly

Dragon seed

 Yes, guinea pigs can eat dragon seed but only in moderation. It contains various amounts of enriched nutrients like vitamins and protein. They are also soft and tiny hence, they can not cause choking hazard risk your pets when it is digested.

What Are The Beneficial Nutrient Of Serving Dragon Fruits To Guinea Pigs

Dragon fruits are enriched with numerous beneficial nutrients which is essential in keeping your pets healthy. This is why you should be aware of the function of those beneficial nutrients for your guinea pig's sake. Some of those nutrients benefit are listed below

High in Vitamin 

Dragon fruits are high in different amounts of beneficial nutrients like vitamins A and C. Guinea pigs can not produce vitamin C which makes them prone to a deficiency called scurvy. Feeding them a small slice of dragon fruits is enough to cover the amount of vitamin C they needed for that day. They also contain a high amount of vitamin A which is good for keeping your pets from poor eyesight

Rich in antioxidants

The presence of antioxidants in the nutrient of your guinea pigs' food will help them free radicals in their body. These free radicals are known for causing harm to their body system and making them prone to illness. Since antioxidants are present they will neutralize their power and thereby, keep the pets healthy. They are also used as anti-aging and provide good immune system and eyesight for your pets

Rich in Calcium

Dragon fruits contain a small amount of calcium, and this is the perfect amount of calcium that should be fed to your guinea pigs daily. This calcium will help them strengthen their bones and teeth.

Dragon Fruits

Possible Health Risk Of Serving Dragon Fruits To Guinea Pigs

The following are the effect of not following the correct proportion of feeding dragon fruit to your guinea pigs.

Digestive problem

Guinea pigs are enriched with high amounts of nutrients like water and sugar, and too much feeding of these fruits to your pets may cause digestive problems like diarrhea, diabetes, cramps, bloating, gas, stool, etc

Urinary problem

You will also find a decent amount of calcium in dragon fruits. However, if you overfeed them these fruits, it may cause urinary problems like bladder or kidney stones.


Yes, guinea pigs can eat dragon fruit since they are enriched with a lot of beneficial nutrients which are essential for the daily consumption of your pets. Dragon fruit also has a lot of dangerous sides to them if they are fed in high proportion. Therefore, as a pet owner, you should follow the correct portion of feeding dragon fruits to your pets. To find out the appropriate amount, you should read through the article.

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