Can Guinea Pigs Eat French Fries?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat French Fries?

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French Fries

French fries or chips, or ordinary fries are known to be pieces of potatoes that were cut in a lengthwise strip position and deep fried before it is topped with your choice of condiment. Almost everyone on the planet has had a bite of this food, and it is a comfort food for 90% of these people. The question now is will you be healthy or unhealthy after eating French fries? The answer is neither. The same can be said with any food you choose that includes a full cup of solid animal fat.

A healthy eating lifestyle (not to be confused with a single dish) is the cumulative effect of your food choices and proportions. If your diet consists of a continual overdose of fat, which fried foods provide more than their fair share of, you may be at risk for high blood cholesterol which can increase your risk of heart disease. This can be said for humans, what about guinea pigs, are they at risk of any disease if French fries or any other fried food is given to them? Can guinea pigs even eat this food? Continue reading to get answers to your questions

Can Guinea Pigs Eat French Fries

No, guinea pigs can not eat French fries, or any fries for that matter. Guinea pigs could only digest hay, vegetable, fruits, or other plant-based food however, they can not digest any food that has been cooked or previously deep-fried like fries. Serving this food to them may result in your pets developing various digestive problems. Also, french fries are very unhealthy because they are high in glycemic index carbs and this majorly occurs in bad oil that has been degraded by multiple cooking. The oil used for frying fries is inflammatory and made toxic by multiple cooking. The fries are a sponge that will suit this bad oil. So it is very high in calories, due to the high temperature, all vitamins and photo nutrients present in potatoes have been destroyed. Therefore, it offers casualty rather than benefiting your pets

Guinea Pigs

Nutritional fact about French fries

French fries are just not called one of the best comfort food on the planet because of their deliciousness, it was called that because they also possess some nutritional nutrients. However, studies have made it known to us that guinea pigs are natural grazers that is they depend on plant and plant-based substances as food especially if they are raw and fresh, but this doesn't mean they do not have some of the nutrients essential for guinea pigs. Some of the nutrients found in them are listed below. 

Vitamin C (9.7mg), Vitamin B-6 (0.625), Vitamin E (1.56mg), protein (1.93g),  sugar (1.25g ), carbs (18.5 g), total lipids or fats (13.1g ), Calcium (9m g), dietary fiber (1.6g), iron (0.64mg), magnesium (23mg), phosphorus (52g), potassium (401mg), sodium (141mg), etc and many more.

French Fries

Possible health risks of serving French fries to guinea pigs 

Guinea pigs are herbivores and this indicated that they can not feed on manufactured or processed food even if it is from a plant-based source because their digestive system is only structured for veggies, hays, herbs, fruits, etc. However, situations may arise that you will find your cavies immersed in eating French fries, what damage or health risk can occur to your guinea pigs, Some of the possible health risks are listed below

Sudden weight gain or obesity

The high proportion of nutrients that you will find in French fries will be fats. Almost all foods have a little number of fats, and cavies do not develop any issues after they eat them. However, in French fries, there is too much fat, and regular eating of this food can result in excessive weight gain which can then lead to obesity if not properly cautioned at the right moment. The result of this issue can lead to a lot of things, and among it is mental stress and nervous breakdown

Faulty immune system 

French fries do not have enough vitamins, to begin with, however, the amount of vitamin C found in this food is not enough to satisfy the daily cravings of your pets. Pet owners should be aware that guinea pigs need vitamin C to survive because their body system does not formulate vitamin C, and this makes it an essential nutrient for your cavies. Lack of vitamin C will lead to a poor immune system, no scurvy prevention, and poor health of their skin, hair, and other organs.

Digestion problems

Guinea pigs have one of the most sensitive digestive systems you can ever find and this lead to them not being able to digest certain substance like sugar, salt, oil, seasonings, etc. Because their stomach can not digest all this toxin-lookalike substance, they will be a casualty of stomach upset, vomiting, and diarrhea. Also, there is a high amount of dietary fiber in this food, and feeding it to your guinea pigs may lead to indigestion or sometimes hard digestion processes

Heart issues

High cholesterol is not recommended for your guinea pigs because it causes health risks such as heart problems. This is because too much cholesterol will build up in the blood vessels to cause heart problems which can eventually lead to death if not properly monitored. Other possible health risks that may arise from too much cholesterol are obesity, diabetes, and cancer

Kidney or bladder stone

There is a taste of calcium present in this food and this can be advantageous if French fries are given to your pets in moderation. As a result, they will have strong teeth and healthy bones. However, excessive calcium as a result of overfeeding will lead to urinary problems like kidney or bladder stones. If the pet is not properly cared for, this may lead to kidney or renal failure. 


Guinea pigs can not eat French fries because they are processed and manufactured food. Also, guinea pigs' digestive system is sensitive, and only some particular type of food can be digested unfortunately, french fries are not one of them. In case, your guinea pigs eat a little out of your French fries, do not panic because a short visit to a veterinarian doctor can help you save their life. All other things you need to know have been discussed in this article.

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