Can Guinea Pigs Eat Hay?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Hay?

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While some animals derive some nutrition from straw, other livestock gets nearly nothing from it at all. This is because of the complexity of their stomach. Thereby, they benefit from nutrients from Hay. It is grass, legumes, or other herbaceous plants that have been cut, dried, and stored for use as animal fodder, particularly for grazing animals such as guinea pigs, cattle, horses, goats, and sheep. The nutritional value of hay is much better and higher, and it can conveniently feed almost any livestock. 

However, it varies quite a lot due to various factors, which mostly depend on the forage it was made from with alfalfa, and a mixture of alfalfa is one of the best hays commonly used. Can guinea pigs also eat hay? Does Hay have beneficial nutrients for your guinea pigs? The answer to this and all other things essential questions will be answered in this article

Can Guinea Pigs eat Hay?

Yes, Guinea pigs can not only eat hay but it should be considered one of the important food they should eat. Infact, it is recommended that Hay should be placed in their cage at all times, to keep their digestive systems moving, which will, in other words, help to keep them healthy.  Also, guinea pigs love playing or sleeping in hay hence, it is good for them. Apart from Jay keeping the digestive system of guinea pigs healthy, it also prevents their teeth from becoming too big to the extent of it causing discomfort for your little cavies. However, not all Hay should be given to your pets occasionally because they contain some nutrients that should not be in high proportion in their body system. Continue reading this article to understand which type of hay and the benefit they offer to your guinea pigs.

Guinea Pigs

Can Guinea pigs eat Timothy Hay?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat timothy hay, and it is known to be the healthiest and most nutritious hay you can provide for your guinea pigs. Timothy hay is grass hay that has an adequate protein level, and it is also of low calories per pound compared to alfalfa hay. This type of hay is high in fiber, and it is also known to have a better calcium-to-phosphorus ratio compared to alfalfa. Thereby, making it an excellent choice of meal for your little cavies. Guinea pigs are one of those pets that do not utilize much calcium to keep them healthy therefore the calcium that should be sound in their digestive system should be moderate. Failure to heed instructions may result in kidney or bladder stones

Can Guinea pigs eat Alfalfa Hay?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat alfalfa hay but only in moderation. Alfalfa hay is not good for lazy animals or pets, this is because they may not be able to correctly utilize the nutrient present in them. Therefore, it should be fed in moderation when given to your guinea pigs. Alfalfa hay is legume hay, and they contain a high proportion of calcium to phosphorus ratio with a moderate calorie level per pound. To enjoy the benefit of this hay, your little cavies should be monitored to avoid overseeing

Can Guinea pigs eat Bermudagrass?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat Bermuda grass but only in moderation. This is because Bermudagrass Contains a high proportion of sugar level, and it is also considered one of the cheapest hay you can serve to your little cavies. However, they also provide nutritional benefits for your little cavies because of the nutrient present in them. You should be aware of the type of Bermudagrass you bought for your guinea pigs because the lower quality of this grass may result in gastrointestinal tract problems, impaction, and other various types of digestive and stomach diseases.

What are the beneficial nutrients of feeding Hay To guinea pigs

It has been established above that hay contains various nutrients which are packed together and can be beneficial for your guinea pigs. Hay such as alfalfa and timothy hay when fed to your guinea pigs in the appropriate proportion can produce more health benefits than health risks for your pets, and some of the benefits are listed below

Maintain weight gain

Hay is known to have a low-calorie content which is essential for the reduction in weight gain. Guinea pigs suffering from obesity or diabetes should endeavor to feed on these grasses and legumes because of their low calorie and sugar content. 

Improve the Activity of your guinea pigs

Hay contains a decent amount of calcium which is useful, especially in pregnant or nursing guinea pigs to help them increase their activity performance. Little or baby guinea pigs can also feed on hay in other for their bone to be strengthened

Toxin protection

Antioxidants are nutrients known for protecting both plants and animals from harmful or toxic diseases which can lead to Inflammation, or early aging Antioxidant is an essential nutrient found in hay, and when fed to your guinea pigs in moderation will help them fights against diseases.

Regulate digestive system

Fiber is an essential nutrient that is responsible for regulating the intestinal and digestive tract of guinea pigs. It just so happens that hay also contains a decent amount of these nutrients. It will help them regulate the digestive system of their body, and also prevent stomach aches or any other stomach issues.

Scurvy repellant

Hay contains a decent amount of vitamin C per pound, and this vitamin C is essential in keeping your guinea pig scurvy free among all other diseases. They are also useful in providing good eyesight and improving the appetite of your pets when given to them.


What Are The Health Risk Of Feeding Alfalfa To Your Guinea Pigs

Hay does not only have a health or nutritional effect on your guinea pigs, but they are also capable of causing a serious health risk for your pets when given to them in the wrong proportion. Some of the health risks have been listed below.

Gasses or bloatedness

This can arise as a result of overfeeding or too much intake of alfalfa hay by your guinea pigs. Their digestive system is sensitive thereby, all their food should be measured and given to them in the right proportion.


This is one of the common health problems that result from giving your guinea pig the wrong proportion or the wrong hay. This is because it contains a decent amount of water and nutrient which can cause diarrhea in high proportions.


Yes, guinea pigs can eat Hay. Hay is one of the important types of food that hour guinea pigs enjoy and also causes minimal to fewer health risks when the correct one is given. They also offer many beneficial nutrients to your guinea pigs. Go through the article above to find out the important information regarding guinea pigs eating hay.

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