Can Hamsters Eat Almonds?

Can Hamsters Eat Almonds?

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Hamsters are great small pets to keep around. They are good for all ages as pets. You may find your self snacking on a bowl of almonds and wonder if you share it with your little friend. This article is here to answer just that.

Can Hamsters Eat Almonds?

Hamsters can eat almonds. They tend to be hungry a lot and almonds are nuts in which they like both the taste as well as it's texture.  Sweet almonds make for delicious treats for your hamster when given in moderate quantities. Bitter almonds should be avoided as they contain cyanide and are toxic for your hamster.

Almonds and Hamsters

  • Almonds come in two varieties; sweet and bitter almonds. Bitter almonds contain a cyanide compound that can be poisonous to your hamster. Sweet almonds are what you should give your hamster. They are the way to go because they are packed full of nutrients and vitamins.

  • Almonds are rich in vitamins and nutrients such as Manganese and Vitamin E. Manganese is great for bone health. It ensures the proper formation and functioning of your hamsters bones. Vitamin E ensures that the eye sight of your hamster are good as well as works to ensure the skin and fur are in great shape. It prevents heart diseases and ensure the overall immune system of your hamster is strong enough to resist infections. Manganese on the other hand

  • Almonds are also rich in antioxidants that combat free radicals that cause illnesses. These antioxidants also help to prevent premature aging and other diseases caused by free radicals.

 Note of Caution

Almonds are rich and packed full of nutrients for your hamster, but they are not without warning. Below are danger zones for you to consider.

  • They have high-fat content hence they should not be given frequently to your hamster to prevent obesity and obesity-related illnesses.

  • Bitter almonds should be avoided at all cost as it is toxic to your hamster due to the cyanide compound it contains.

  • The skin/shell of almonds should also note be given to your hamster as it is not safe for them to consume.

Feeding Your Hamster Almonds 

Hamsters should be feed one almond at most two times weekly. When feeding your hamster almonds ensure that the outer shell of the almonds has been completely removed. Then soften the almond by soaking it for about 20 mins in water. After this peel the skin off the almond. 

Final Words

In Conclusion, can hamsters eat almonds, the answer is yes. However has a fat-rich nut, you should give your hamster no more than one almond twice a week. Hamsters enjoy the taste and the texture of almonds, so they will be happy with this treat. 

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