Can Hamsters Eat Avocado?

Can Hamsters Eat Avocado?

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You have your cute hamster pet and sometimes we enjoy giving them little pieces of our food, such as avocado. However we worry, am i doing the right thing? Can hamsters eat avocado? Am i harming my pet in anyway. Well you are in luck as this article will cover whether or not hamsters can eat avocados.

Can Hamsters Eat Avocado?

Hamsters can safely eat avocado is little amounts. However avocados are not healthy for hamsters because their digestive system is quite delicate. Avocados are also reach in calories and have high fat content. Hamsters can easily develop obesity and diabetes hence you should avoid giving them avocados and go for more healthy options.

Avocados and Hamsters

  • Avocados are fatty, creamy, fleshy fruits which contain healthy fatty acids. The are enjoyed by humans as a good source for healthy fats. When it comes to the hamsters diet the fat content of avocados is too high for them and hence should be avoided.

  • However when asked the question can you feed your hamsters avocado. The answer is technically yes, because it does not contain any toxic substance. It however should be avoided because of the high fat content and if given at all, it should be given rarely.

  • Avocados are also acidic which may upset your hamsters digestive system. If you decide to give your hamster some little pieces of avocado, you should ensure you want how their digestive system reacts to it. Also note if the hamster actually likes the avocado in the first instance.

  • If you notice your hamster has rejected the avocado, ensure you remove it and clean out it's cage to prevent it eating stale rotten food later on and getting food poisoning.

  • Generally speaking, if you have already given your hamster some avocado, there is no need to panic. This is because avocados are not poisonous/toxic. Just ensure your are feeding your hamster with other healthy options to meet its nutritional needs.

Final Words

Can hamsters eat avocado, the answer is technically yes. To go a step further, you should ask; should hamsters be given avocado and then you get the real answer you are looking for. Hamsters should not be given avocados because it has a high fat content which can cause obesity and open the door to other non-communicable diseases in your little hamster friend.

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