Can Hamsters eat Blackberries?

Can Hamsters eat Blackberries?

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Blackberries are tasty, edible fruits that come from brambles. This juicy fruit is not only delicious but highly nutritious too. They contain various nutrients like antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals that are associated with many health benefits. If you are wondering whether your pet would enjoy these benefits if they are fed blackberries, then you should keep reading.

Table of Contents

  • Can your pet hamster have some tasty blackberries?
  • How much Blackberries can hamsters eat?
  • Is it safe to feed dried blackberries to your hamster?
  • Is it safe to feed blackberry leaves to your hamster?
  • The Nutritional components of Blackberries
  • Various Health Benefits Your Hamster can get from eating Blackberries
  • Is there any side effect to feeding them blackberries?
  • How to feed and serve Blackberries to your pet hamster
  • Can Hamsters eat Arugula Seeds and Stems?
  • How to prepare and feed arugula to your pet Hamster?
  • conclusion

Can your pet hamster have some tasty blackberries?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for them to eat blackberries but only in moderation.  Hamsters are one of the cutest pets to keep. They are small, furry and easy to take care of. When considering their nutrition, blackberries are one of the fruits that can potentially improve their health. So it is beneficial to incorporate this fruit into their diet as treats if you wish.

How much Blackberries can hamsters eat?

The Syrian hamsters are the most robust and largest breed of hamsters. Roborovski hamsters are the second largest and have almost similar qualities with the Syrians. Though they possess these properties and have strong digestive system, they should still be fed in moderation.

 This is because hamsters are very susceptible to develop illnesses linked to foods rich in sugar. They could end up developing diabetes or obesity if they are overfed. So how much blackberries can they eat? They should be carefully fed a teaspoon portion of blackberries once or twice a week.  

Another breed known as the dwarf hamsters which includes the winter white’s, campbell’s and Chinese dwarf hamsters are small and also very prone to developing diabetes and obesity. Unlike their larger hamster cousins, they can only be served a quarter teaspoon portion of blackberry once a week.

Is it safe to feed dried blackberries to your hamster?

Yes, it is safe for them to eat dried blackberries but not more than a paw sized piece once a week. It may seem very little but it is actually the perfect amount to serve your pet hamster. Any amount more than that may cause illnesses due to its sugar content. 

Is is safe to feed blackberry leaves to your hamster?

Unfortunately, they cannot eat them. It is best to keep the leaves out of your hamster’s diet because they usually grow with thorns on the underside of the sheet they can be harmful to them. 

The Nutritional components of Blackberries

  • Vitamin C, E, K and B
  • Dietary fibre
  • Calcium 
  • Iron 
  • Potassium
  • Anthocyanins
  • Sodium  
  • Sugars

Various Health Benefits Your Hamster can get from eating Blackberries

Blackberries are very juicy and provide nourishment to your furry pet. These black fruits are low in calories but contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers in abundance. These nutrients are very important in promoting brain, bone, gut and immune health.


 Antioxidants can come in the form of vitamins and they help to fight against free radicals that may be present in their body. This gives a generous boost to their immune system and helps to fight against ageing and diseases. Apart from improving your hamster’s overall immunity, they also support their brain health. 

Dietary fibers

Blackberries contain fibers which act as roughages. Roughages perform the following functions

  • Aids digestion
  • Prevents constipation
  • Adds bulk to diet
  • Regulates and eases bowel movement


These vitamins not only act as antioxidants but can help in promoting better vision and healthier fur in hamsters. They also improve blood circulation and help to lower bad LDL cholesterol. This is very essential to control their risk of being exposed to diseases like diabetes.


Blackberries contain minerals like potassium and calcium. Calcium is very much needed in their body to ensure blood clotting and maintaining muscle, bone and nerve function. Potassium on the other hand can help reduce blood pressure in hamsters and improve proper heart function. It can also help to reduce blood pressure in hamsters.

Is there any side effect to feeding them blackberries?

Yes there are a few side effects but only if they are overfed or giving parts of blackberries they shouldn’t eat like the leaves. Yes blackberries make tasty and nutritious treats for your hamster, and sometimes we might get carried away when we see them cutely munching on them but we must first consider their safety before anything else.  

 Blackberries are very sweet because they contain sugar. If this fruit is fed to them in large amounts, it can cause them to develop short term illnesses like diarrhea, or long term ones like diabetes, obesity and infection. So it is important to properly regulate the amount they consume and when they could consume it.

How to feed and serve Blackberries to your pet hamster

  • Properly wash the blueberries to remove any sprayed pesticide, germs or dirt they might have on them before giving it to your hamster to snack on.
  • You should also consider chopping them into smaller pieces, preferably paw sized before feeding your hamster these tasty blackberries.
  • Also try not to leave untouched blackberries in their cage for more than 24 hours. They could rot or get messy in the cage. 
  • While giving them this fruit, watch them closely and see if they are actually eating the blackberries or just saving them in their cheek pouches for later. If you notice the latter then quickly stop feeding them.
  • Another point to note is to avoid treating your pet to other varieties of different fruits the same day you plan on feeding them those blackberries.


Health is wealth and this applies to your pet hamster also. It is very tempting to include your hamster in the delicious fruitiness of this black fruit. It is safe to do so but you should ensure that it is fed to them in moderation. If you mistakenly fed them too much or find them helping themselves to another serving and they develop an illness, please do take them to the vet as soon as possible.

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