Can Hamsters eat Broccoli?

Can Hamsters eat Broccoli?

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Can Hamsters eat Broccoli?

If you want to get creative with your pet hamster’s diet and maximize their health, you might want to include the veggies. These omnivorous pets do not only enjoy their typical hamster food but can take pleasure in vegetables too.

Broccoli is a cruciferous light green vegetable and is considered a ‘superfood’. Its water content is said to amount to 90% of its entire constituent. It also comes with surplus nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can provide a lot of health benefits to human beings. 

It is a very popular vegetable that almost every household in America enjoys. But is it possible that your pet can enjoy this too? Let’s find out then

Can your pet hamster eat broccoli?

Yes, hamsters can eat broccoli and they seem to enjoy it too. This nutrient powerhouse, broccoli, can be safely consumed by Syrian, Roborovski and Dwarf Hamsters, and should be fed to them in moderation. 
They can snack on it as raw or cooked treats. Though it is best served raw since they could lose some of their nutrients when cooked. Serving it cooked still has its benefits because certain enzymes like indole are released. 
These enzymes can provide your furry pet with energy, better eyesight, and healthier cells. It is also safe to feed them the stem, leaves or any part of the vegetable.


How much Broccoli can your pet hamster eat?

It is highly advised that they be served broccoli in moderation. This is because it contains excess water which can introduce some health issues to your little pet. So it is important that they are fed the right amount that is considered safe for them. 

Looking at their size, the bigger the hamster the stronger their digestive system. This is an advantage that the Syrian hamsters have over the other breed. They can be served more amounts of broccoli due to this characteristic. 

So then, how much Broccoli can Syrian Hamsters eat?. They can be safely given about a teaspoon of broccoli thrice a week without falling sick.

The Roborovski Hamsters cannot eat as much and should be only fed about a teaspoon of broccoli twice a week. This amount is considered safe for them.

The Dwarf Hamsters have weaker and more delicate systems. They includes the Winter White, Chinese and Campbell Dwarf’s hamsters. They can only enjoy a small amount of this green veggie which could be served to them as half teaspoon of broccoli a week. 

Sweet Health Benefits Linked to Broccoli

Broccoli is loaded with a vast array of nutrients. 

You can find that 91 grams of raw broccoli contains:

  • Carbohydrates at 6g
  • Proteins at 2.6g
  • Fiber at 2.4g
  • Vitamin C makes up 135% of the RDI
  • Vitamin A makes up 11% of the RDI
  • Vitamin K makes up 116% of the RDI

Other components like

  • Potassium, phosphorus and selenium make up 8%, 6% and 3% of the RDI respectively.

So as you can see this nutrient rich vegetable not only contains high amounts of water but also of macromolecules, vitamins, minerals, fibers and they improve your pet hamster's health and function by

  • Supplying antioxidants that functions to protect their body against the effects of free radicals like ageing and cancer.
  • Providing calcium which helps to protect their bones and teeth.
  • Supplying their body with vitamin C which plays a vital role in promoting their immune system.
  • helping to improve bowel movement and ensuring a healthier digestive system. This can be linked to the dietary fiber contained in broccoli.
  • Improving your cute hamster’s metabolism.  

How can you prepare and serve your hamster Broccoli?

Preparation of this vegetable is very important and should be done properly. You should ensure that:

  • They are washed properly and kept clean before serving
  • They remain unsalted since salt can be harmful to your pet
  • They are also prepared unsweetened too

This veggie can be served in various ways. It can be served raw, dehydrated, steamed, or roasted

  • This is the easiest way of serving broccoli to your pet. The vegetable is consumed as wholesome if served raw and fresh. It contains all of its nutrients, and hence is more nutritious than the rest. 
  • One of the Advantages of serving them steamed broccoli is that it is made softer and easier for them to chew on and swallow. 
  • Broccoli can be served to them dehydrated. This could be said to be the best way of serving them the vegetable since it involves extracting almost all of the water that may be present in the vegetable. Hamsters also love it when it is served this way
  • Finally, this veggie could be served as roasted without adding any seasonings to improve taste. The crispy texture of roasted broccoli is also highly favored by hamsters.

What health issues can overfeeding your hamster bring?

Overfeeding or not serving them broccoli properly can invite a lot of health issues to your hamster. Such health issues include diarrhoea, obesity, choking, dehydration, and bloating. 

Apart from the Stem and Leaves, what other parts of Broccoli can be eaten?

  • Stalks
  • Florets

Broccoli stalks: You do not need to worry when you see your hamster chomping on the stalks of Broccoli. They are regarded as safe as long they are fed in the right amount. It's also good for filing down their teeth.

Broccoli Florets: Another part of the broccoli that is safe for your pet to eat is the broccoli florets. It is very beneficial to your hamster as it carries with it a high amount of  nutrients like potassium,vitamin C and antioxidants.


Broccoli can be an incredible source of nutrients that may prove beneficial to the health of your Hamster or it can simply generate a lot of health issues. It all depends on the amount ingested. 

Your pet could safely consume two to three small pieces of the vegetable weekly. If prepared properly and served in moderation,they can optimize their health with the nutrients this green veggie can provide but if given excessively, can result in diarrhoea, dehydration and even choking.

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