Can Hamsters Eat These Foods?

Can Hamsters Eat These Foods?

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Hamsters make for such beautiful small pets. They are good companions and easy to maintain. Lots of people are proud hamster pet owners, which they shower with a great magnitude of affection. As a hamster owner, there are some food items you may be unsure about giving your hamster. This article takes a deep dive into the various food items for hamsters.



Can Hamsters Eat Acai

Yes, hamsters can eat acai berries, however they should be given in moderation. Acai berries contain minerals and vitamins which are beneficial to the growth of a hamster. They also have a high sugar content and hence hamsters should consume them moderately. This is to prevent obesity related health problems.


Can hamsters eat acorns

Yes, but it is highly preferred that they don't eat them. Acorns are very large and have sharp parts that may damage your companion's intestines and stomach. It also isn't a hard loss for your pet because they lack much nutritional value. In some cases they may carry harmful organisms like bacteria and parasites too. 

Can hamsters eat acorn squash

Yes, hamsters can eat acorn squash. They are low in calories but quite rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals necessary for your pet's immune and digestive systems. However, it is best to give them this fruit in moderation. Feeding them too much could cause diarrhea or some other intestinal issue.

Can hamsters eat acorn squash seeds

Yes, hamsters can eat acorn squash seeds. They contain moderate amounts of fats as well as carbs and proteins. Also, since these seeds are calorie dense, they should only be given as treats or snacks on an occasional basis. If not, they could lead to obesity in your pet hamster.

Can hamsters eat activia yogurt

Yes, hamsters can eat Activia yogurt but only in small amounts. It is better to go for Activia Natural plain yogurt and avoid the flavored,colored ones. The flavored and possibly colored ones have sugar and other ingredients added which may lead to some health issues like obesity and diabetes.

Can hamsters eat adzuki beans

Yes, hamsters can eat adzuki beans sparingly only if they are cooked or sprouted. Adzuki beans possess a lot of beneficial nutrients but also contain a protein called Lectin. This protein could be toxic to your pet if consumed in high amounts. They could prevent nutrient absorption, and cause nausea, diarrhea etc. 

Can hamsters eat alfalfa

Yes, you can safely feed your hamster Alfalfa two to three times a week. It is a good source of fiber and calcium which promotes digestive health and healthier bone development respectively. You should take care while feeding them Alfalfa because they have pointy parts and could be a choking hazard for your pet. 

Can hamsters eat alfalfa hay

Yes, hamsters can safely eat alfalfa hay. The best part is that they are preferred by most hamsters because of their taste. It contains sufficient amounts of calcium necessary for healthy, strong bones and teeth. It is best to feed them small amounts of hay to keep them from certain discomforts like itching and sneezing.

Can hamsters eat alfalfa sprouts

Yes, hamsters can safely eat alfalfa sprouts. The sprouts do not only taste amazing to hamsters but provide essential nutrients like fiber, proteins and vitamins to them. They are highly nutritious and help to boost their immunity. However, they should be fed in moderation to prevent dehydration and some digestive issues.

Can hamsters eat almonds

Yes, hamsters can consume moderate amounts of sweet almonds, preferably twice a week. They are treats that can help lower your pet's cholesterol levels. They also promote digestion and prevent constipation. Unfortunately, it isn't a staple diet and is high in fat which can lead to weight gain if they are fed in high amounts.

Can hamsters eat almond butter

No, it isn't safe for hamsters to eat almond butter. While it is safe for them to eat sweet almonds, bitter almonds contain a lethal cyanide compound. If there's a trace of bitter almonds in your almond butter, it could almost instantaneously kill your pet. Opt for other safe and healthy foods instead.

Can hamsters eat almond flour

Yes, hamsters can eat almond flour so far it is made from sweet almonds (Although, it's unlikely they would be made from bitter almonds). It could be mixed with other grounded nuts that are hamster friendly. It should be prepared without salt and given in moderation. This is because they may have trouble digesting it.

Can hamsters eat all purpose flour

Yes, hamsters can eat all purpose flour. It is not harmful to their health and can be used to make certain hamster treats. These treats should be given to them in small quantities and unsalted. You could also choose to go for whole wheat flour since they are healthier and possess more nutrients. 

Can hamsters eat all nuts

No, hamsters cannot eat all nuts. Some nuts are safe for their strong teeth to chew on while some, like bitter almonds, are poisonous and should be avoided. You can give your hamster safe and nutritious nuts like pecans, peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts. They should be served unsalted or unsweetened.

Can hamsters eat amaranth

Yes, hamsters can eat amaranth in moderate amounts. They can eat amaranth leaves, seeds and even its oil. A study showed that amaranth oil can decrease total and LDL cholesterol levels in hamsters. It also showed that the grain could reduce their LDL cholesterol level as well while increasing the HDL cholesterol too.

Can hamsters eat american cheese

Yes, American cheese can make a tasty snack for hamsters. It contains nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals that are vital for a hamster's general health. However, it is important to feed them cheese sparingly on an occasional basis. This is because they contain high amounts of calories, fat and in some cases salt. 

Can hamsters eat anchovies

The answer isn't exactly clear. It is advised that seafood should be excluded from a hamster's diet, especially raw ones or ones prepared with salt. But anchovies have been seen not to cause any health issues in a hamster. Instead, it provides calcium which is an important nutrient for a hamster's bone health.

Can hamsters eat animal crackers

Yes, they can eat small amounts of animal crackers. They can be broken into small pieces that your hamster can comfortably hold and nibble on. They are easily digestible and contain fiber. They also contain sugar and salt so it is very important that they are only given occasionally.

Can hamsters eat ants

Yes, hamsters can definitely eat ants. In fact, ants are not harmful to their health but can provide essential nutrients like fat and protein. They are also a rich source of calcium and iron. Still, you shouldn't feed them ants from larger species since they have a more formidable defense mechanism.

Can hamsters eat anything

No, they can't. Hamsters can eat a number of things in small amounts but that doesn't mean they can eat anything you place in front of them. They can eat certain foods like fruits and vegetables but they can't eat chocolate and bitter almonds. They also can't eat salted, sweetened, or pickled foods.

Can hamsters eat apples

Yes, hamsters can safely eat apples. They are very nutritious and can be served as small, dice-sized pieces that a hamster can comfortably hold. It is important to give them this fruit in moderation to prevent diarrhea. You should also ensure that they are peeled first to eliminate any risk like poisoning from toxins. 

Can hamsters eat applesauce

No, they cannot. Applesauce contains a lot of sugar that can cause diabetes in hamsters. They don't contain much nutrients and your pet requires more solid foods than liquids. Finally, they are sticky and might end up getting stuck in a hamster's cheek pouch causing infection if they are left for too long to rot. 

Can hamsters eat apple cores

Yes, but only small amounts of it and only if the seeds are removed. Apple cores contain little water and take longer to digest. They possess less nutrients than the apple itself and taking high amounts of it can cause complications like intestinal obstruction. In worst cases, they may be too toxic and cause death. 

Can hamsters eat apple leaves

Yes, they are totally safe for a Hamster to consume. They should be served in small amounts to see if they like it. If you notice any discomfort then stop feeding them apple leaves. This discomfort may arise if the leaves have been treated with pesticides so make sure to wash them thoroughly.

Can hamsters eat apple sticks

Yes, hamsters can eat apple sticks. It is safe for them to chew on as long as it wasn't treated with pesticides. It helps to improve their oral health and reduce teeth damage. If your hamster has no desire to chew on an apple stick, you can consider buying them a tasteless solid dog biscuit.

Can hamsters eat apple seeds

No, hamsters cannot eat apples seeds. The seeds when swallowed can lead to intestinal obstruction or choking. They also contain a toxic chemical called amygdalin that releases cyanide which can cause death in hamsters. So make sure to avoid feeding your hamster the seed but have them removed completely and tossed out.


Can hamsters eat apple slices

Yes, you can give them fresh apple slices. A slice of apple a day is okay and won't cause any digestive issues. It is very nutritious and helps to promote gut health. It is actually the best way to feed hamsters apples because it limits their contact with apple seeds.

Can hamsters eat apples skin

Yes, hamsters can eat apple skin without much concern. It is edible and best given as small pieces because large pieces may be difficult for them to cut through with their teeth. The skin should be washed properly to remove germs and pesticides. This is to reduce exposure to toxins and illness.

Can hamsters eat apricots

Yes, most hamsters can eat apricots moderately but the dwarf breeds cannot. This is because apricots contain a high amount of sugar and dwarf hamsters are more susceptible to diseases like diabetes and obesity. Apricots should be properly washed and served plain and unsweetened. The seed should also be removed.

Can hamsters eat apricot seeds

No, hamsters most definitely cannot eat apricot seeds. You should make sure to avoid feeding them apricots with the seeds because they are very tough for a hamster's teeth to crack. If swallowed, they can cause choking or intestinal obstruction. If they accidentally swallow apricot seeds, quickly take them to the vet for proper treatment.

Can hamsters eat arrowroot

Yes, you can safely feed an arrowroot to a hamster. It is very nutritional and can be used in the treatment of certain digestive issues in hamsters like diarrhea. It is low in calories and rich in niacin, thiamine and iron. You can feed hamsters arrowroot baked into biscuits or crackers but sparingly.

Can hamsters eat artichoke

The answer is not exactly straightforward. It is termed a safe food for hamsters to eat but at the same time regarded as unsafe. Artichokes contain high amounts of salt and acidic content that are harmful to hamsters if they are exposed to it. If you must feed them artichokes, then do so moderately.

Can hamsters eat arugula leaves

Yes, hamsters can eat moderate amounts of arugula leaves. These leaves are very rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium They also contain vitamins A, C, and K that are essential in promoting a hamster's health and growth. Try not to give them too much of it to prevent dehydration.

Can hamsters eat asian pears

Yes, hamsters can eat these crisp, delicious pears. They can safely have one or two slices a week. Asian pears contain small amounts of minerals like calcium and phosphorus but have a high sugar content. If your hamster is prone to diabetes, then you should consider finding another food source that will provide their dietary needs.

Can hamsters eat asparagus 

Yes, hamsters can eat asparagus, preferably raw and fresh. They are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. They should be given as treats probably once or twice a day. You should also keep frozen and canned asparagus away from them since they are high in sodium and other preservatives.

Can hamsters eat asparagus tips

Yes, they can have asparagus tips as well. They are safe for them to consume and are very beneficial to a hamster's health. They should be properly washed and served moderately. Try not to overfeed them and watch them closely to make sure they are not storing the tips in their cheek pouches. 

Can hamsters eat asparagus stalks

Yes, they can eat asparagus stalks without much concern. These crunchy and delicious stalks are very beneficial since they can help to maintain a hamster's oral health. They may be fed these stalks as little bite-sized pieces and in small amounts. Too much asparagus stalks may cause some health issues.

Can hamsters eat aubergine

Yes, hamsters can eat aubergine, also known as eggplant. They are richly packed with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients vital for a hamster's healthy development. Syrian and roborovski hamsters can have 1-2 slices of aubergine occasionally without any concern. However, dwarf and baby hamsters are the only exceptions since it is dangerous to them.

Can hamsters eat avocado

Yes, hamsters can have avocados sparingly but it is not really recommended. They are very nutritious and high in 'good' monounsaturated fat. Avocados are high in calories, fat and are a little acidic which make them less than ideal to feed to a hamster. Even small amounts of it may cause severe digestive issues.

Can hamsters eat avocado pits

No, you should never feed the pits to hamsters. They are large and very tough for their teeth to tear through. They are also choking hazards and may cause gastrointestinal obstruction if swallowed. Finally, they contain a harmful substance, persin, which is toxic to hamsters so make sure to remove the avocado pits before serving.

Can hamsters eat avocado seeds

No, hamsters can't eat the seeds either. Avocado is not necessarily toxic but the seeds will do more harm than good. They are a potential choking hazard and could cause digestive issues. They too like the pits contain the harmful substance, persin. So be sure to have them removed before feeding avocado to your hamster.


Can hamsters eat avocado skins

No, avocado skins should not be included in their diet. They don't offer any vital nutrients but contain amounts of persin capable of causing harm to hamsters. It is known to cause a list of digestive and respiratory issues. Avocado skins are also tough and if splintered could cause a hamster to choke while swallowing. 


Can hamsters eat baby carrots

Yes, hamsters can eat baby carrots and it is good for them too. Carrots are rich in

vitamins with the most notable being vitamin C. This vitamin helps to maintain your hamster's oral health, boost their immunity, strengthen teeth and bones. However, baby carrots should be given in moderation to prevent digestive issues.

Can hamsters eat baby corn

Yes hamsters, excluding the dwarf breeds, can eat baby corn. Corn, in general, contains sugar which makes it very unsafe for them. You could choose to feed them raw or steamed corn 2-3 times a week. But do not feed hamsters pickled corns or ones preserved in cans because they have a high sodium content.

Can hamsters eat baby food

Yes, hamsters can eat baby food so far it is given in small quantities. They can eat those with fruits and vegetables but baby foods that come with meat should be excluded. Baby food composed of wheat or oat is also preferred. Also ensure that the food isn't too sweetened before serving.

Can hamsters eat baby spinach

Yes, hamsters can be given baby spinach in moderation. They contain a lot of nutrients including vitamin A which helps to improve a hamster's eyesight. The spinach should be served unsalted and unsweetened. It is also better to serve them cooked instead of raw because it is more easily digestible than the latter.

Can hamsters eat bacon

The short answer is No. Bacon is a meat that contains too much salt since it is heavily salted. This will not only raise a hamster's cholesterol level but will dehydrate them as well. Hamsters could also suffer from obesity, diabetes and some heart diseases if they are fed this cured meat. 

Can hamsters eat baked beans

Yes, hamsters can eat small amounts of baked beans. It is safer for them than giving them raw beans which may choke them. Beans contain beneficial nutrients like carbs, protein and fat which serve to provide energy and improve health . They also contain fiber necessary for preventing constipation and improving bowel movement.

Can hamsters eat banana

Yes, bananas are a treat hamsters can enjoy. They are not toxic and can offer a variety of nutrients like vitamins and carbs. Feeding them too much on a regular basis can cause a lot of health issues. They can be fed small slices of banana once or twice weekly depending on the breed

Can hamsters eat banana chips

The answer is yes! It is considered a generous treat because it contains some nutrients beneficial to hamsters. They can be given limited small portions of unsweetened banana chips occasionally. Ones that are sweetened or prepared with preservatives should be avoided because they can cause diabetes and some heart diseases in hamsters. 

Can hamsters eat banana skin

Yes, it is recommended that hamsters eat  moderate amounts of banana skin. The skin is rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. It improves digestion and reduces risks of heart diseases. It is very important to have the skin washed thoroughly before feeding it to a hamster to prevent poisoning from pesticides.

Can hamsters eat barbecue chips

Unfortunately, barbecue chips are not safe for hamsters to consume. They are very salty and may contain flavourings that are harmful to health. Another thing that makes them unhealthy for hamsters is that it contains saturated fats. They also don't have much nutrients so it won't be a hard loss if your hamster skips them. 

Can hamsters eat barley

Yes, hamsters can safely eat small amounts of barley. Barley is rich with essential nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients improve a hamster's general digestive health and help them fight against diseases. However, if you overfeed your hamster, it may be exposed to diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Can hamsters eat bark

Yes, hamsters can eat the bark of certain trees like cedarwood . They don't necessarily eat the bark but chew or gnaw on it. This keeps their teeth strong, sharp and healthy. The bark should be washed first before giving it to your hamster to remove dangerous pesticides that may be on them. 

Can hamsters eat beans

It depends on the type of beans. Cooked green and black beans can be given to hamsters but pinto and kidney beans, whether cooked or not, are unsafe. Black beans are very beneficial as they contain dietary fibers and vitamins. Hamsters can have moderate amounts of these beans, say, two pieces three times a week.

Can hamsters eat beans sprout

Yes, hamsters can eat these popular bean sprouts. They are safe and offer a lot of health benefits but should be given in small quantities. Bean sprouts are best served cold, unsalted and unsweetened. They should also be devoid of germs and pesticides by thoroughly washing them under running water.

Can hamsters eat beef

Yes, hamsters can eat beef that has been cooked. Beef is an excellent source of protein which contributes to a hamster's muscle development. However, it is not easily digestible and does not cover the essentials of a hamster's dietary needs. It should hence be given sparingly and on an occasional basis.

Can hamsters eat beef jerky

The answer is not exactly clear. Yes, they can eat beef jerky but it is not recommended to give them any. It does not offer much nutrition and it is quite salty. If you still choose to feed them beef jerky then it is simply better to give them small amounts they can nibble on.

Can hamsters eat beetles

Yes, hamsters can eat various species of beetles but not all. Those bred in captivity are safe for them to eat but the wild ones should be avoided since they may carry parasites. Mealworm beetles are one of the safest options to feed hamsters. They offer a lot of health benefits if given in moderation.

Can hamsters eat beetroot

Yes, beetroot will make a wonderful addition to a hamster's diet. Beetroots are rich in vitamins like vitamin A, C and K and other very essential nutrients. However, it contains calcium and sugar that can cause illness in hamsters if fed in excess. You can give them a small amount of beetroot once a week.

Can hamsters eat beetroot leaves

Yes, Hamsters can be given small quantities of beetroot leaves. These leaves may offer some nutritional benefits but they also contain small amounts of oxalate that is toxic to Hamsters. They also contain a lot of potassium capable of causing digestive problems. Thus, they are best served with beetroot leaves once or twice a month. 


Can hamsters eat bell pepper

In moderation, hamsters can safely eat bell peppers. They come in shades of red, yellow, green and orange and make a wonderful, healthy treat for your hamster. You should avoid giving them bell peppers that are spicy or pickled. Also, have them washed and chopped into small pieces that they can comfortably eat without choking. 

Can hamsters eat bell pepper seeds

Yes, hamsters can be given bell pepper seeds but only sparingly. Although they are not toxic, they do not offer much nutrition. Too much of bell pepper seeds in your hamster's diet can lead to diarrhea or even indigestion. It might get lodged in their throat and cause choking too.

Can hamsters eat biltong

Yes, hamsters can eat biltong but it is not safe either. Biltong is a cured meat that is much leaner and healthier than beef jerky. However, it should be given to them as treats to nibble on because biltong can contain high amounts of sodium. Excessive intake can lead to heart failure and even stroke.

Can hamsters eat biscuits

Yes, hamsters can eat biscuits. It is best to give them plain, unflavored ones since they are safer for hamsters to eat. Biscuits that contain colors, preservatives and flavors are usually high in fat, salt and sugar which can cause heart and kidney damage. Let them have plain crackers and they'll love you for it!

Can hamsters eat bird feed

Yes, hamsters can eat small portions of bird feed. They are mostly mixtures of seeds fortified with nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Bird feeds with pumpkin seeds are a favorite since they contain protein and calcium. Be sure not to give them too much because some of the seeds may have a high fat content.

Can hamsters eat bird food

Yes, hamsters can eat bird food occasionally. It's not a staple diet since it doesn't contain the necessary ingredients hamsters require. Bird food is usually high in fat and if commercially produced, may contain preservatives harmful to your pet's health. Some bird foods containing avocado, apple seeds, and grapes are toxic and should be avoided.

Can hamsters eat bitter gourd

Yes, bitter gourds like bitter melon can be eaten by hamsters. It is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It is also rich in flavonoids and antioxidants capable of reducing health issues like cardiovascular diseases in hamsters. It should be given moderately because too much could cause diarrhea and some intestinal issues.

Can hamsters eat bird seeds

Yes, bird seeds can be given to hamsters on occasion to nibble on. Most seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals which are  necessary for a hamster's well-being. However, hamsters require a protein-rich diet and bird seeds are lacking there. Instead, they are high in fat which can be very harmful to the diabetes-prone hamsters.

Can hamsters eat bird seed mix

Yes, hamsters can but the seeds should be carefully picked. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are a great source of vitamins, fibers and minerals. But since they contain high amounts of fat they shouldn't be given on a regular basis because it could cause excessive weight gain. Seeds like raisins and cherry pits should be avoided.

Can hamsters eat birch leaves

Yes, hamsters can have a small handful of birch leaves. Their pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties make them a delightful addition to your pet's diet.These leaves are often used to treat urinary tract infections and are loaded with vitamin C. It is also used to increase water output through urine.

birch leaves

Can hamsters eat biscoff spread

It is not recommended that they do. While it is not necessarily toxic to hamsters it contains certain ingredients that could cause harm if taken excessively. It contains high amounts of fat and sugar which can make your pet sick with an upset stomach. Let them have the fruits and the veggies instead.

Can hamsters eat blackberries

Yes, these healthy blackberries are very safe for your hamster to eat. Though they are high in sugar, they are also rich in vitamins, calcium and fiber. They are known to promote bone and gut health. They should be given in small quantities to prevent health problems like obesity and diabetes.

Can hamsters eat black beans

Yes, hamsters can eat cooked black beans as an occasional treat. They are beneficial to health and are an excellent source of protein and fiber. Because of its high fiber content, it is important to feed your pet moderate amounts of it. Too much can cause side effects like vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive issues.

Can hamsters eat black eyed peas

Yes, hamsters can eat black eyed peas. They are a good source of protein and fiber which promotes weight loss and digestive health. They are also known to improve heart health by lowering total and LDL cholesterol levels. Black eyed peas should not be excessively fed to your hamster to prevent stomach pain and bloating.

Can hamsters eat black grapes

Yes, but only in moderation. They are high in fiber, vitamins such as K and C, minerals and antioxidants. Vitamins K and C are responsible for blood clotting and immunity enhancement in hamsters respectively. However, they are also high in sugar which could subject your pet to health issues like diabetes should they over eat.

Can hamsters eat black olives

Unfortunately, no they can't have black olives. These olives are not suitable for hamsters because they are packed with salt and fat which can cause long term side effects. They also contain sugar and a fair amount of acidic content. The excess water present in black olives can cause dehydration due to diarrhoea.

Can hamsters eat black raspberries

Well yes, they can. This low-calorie fruit is perfectly safe for hamsters so far it is given moderately. They contain lots of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber which makes them an enriching addition to your pet's diet. Wash them thoroughly to get rid of germs and pesticides that may be on them before serving.

Can hamsters eat blackcurrant

Yes, hamsters can eat blackcurrants but only as treats and on occasion. This is because it contains a fair amount of acid and sugar which may cause obesity and digestive impairments. It also contains minerals like calcium, sodium and phosphorus. Blackcurrants are beneficial to hamsters since they help enhance their immune system to fight diseases.

Can hamsters eat bloodworms

The answer isn't exactly straight forward. They can eat bloodworms because they're very tasty and proteinous which makes them ideal for hamsters. The downside, however, is that they may carry parasites that are harmful to your pet. To be safe, you could opt for other healthier foods that are high in protein and other nutrients

Can hamsters eat blueberries

Yes, blueberries are a healthy delight for your hamster. They are richly packed with antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C. They are low in calories and good for keeping your pet hydrated and lowering their blood pressure. Finally, only give them small pieces of blueberries occasionally to reduce the risk of diarrhea or stomach upset.

Can hamsters eat blueberry muffins

Yes, when given moderately, hamsters can eat blueberry muffins without any issues. They can safely have small crumbs of muffins once in a while. It becomes unsafe for hamsters consumed excessively because muffins contain certain ingredients that may harm your pet. These ingredients commonly found in baked goods can quickly cause obesity in hamsters.


Can hamsters eat boiled broccoli

Yes, hamsters can indeed eat boiled broccoli twice weekly. It is actually preferable to feed broccoli to hamsters boiled than raw. This is because boiling removes harmful bacteria and pesticides that may be on/in them more efficiently. While boiling, do not add salt or anything to sweeten the broccoli and just cook them plain.

Can hamsters eat boiled carrots

Yes, hamsters can eat boiled carrots but in moderation. They contain certain nutrients that are very beneficial to hamsters health wise. However, unlike broccoli, carrots are best served raw because they contain more of these essential nutrients than when boiled. Also, its hard texture is necessary for enhancing your pet's dental health.

Can hamsters eat boiled chicken

Yes, hamsters can eat boiled chicken occasionally. It is safe, rich in protein and very healthy for your pet to consume without concern. One thing to note is that it should not be seasoned or marinated. Instead, let your hamster have chicken plain boiled and they will enjoy its many benefits.

Can hamsters eat boiled corn

Yes, unseasoned boiled corn is a safe treat for your hamster to eat. It contains high amounts of vitamin C and magnesium which offers your pet protection from diseases and strengthens their bones and muscles. However, it should be given in moderation. Eating too much corn can cause them to gain weight. 

Can hamsters eat boiled eggs

Yes, hamsters can have soft or hard-boiled eggs. They are very rich in protein, vitamins and minerals like iron. It should be given in moderate amounts to reduce the risk of your hamster gaining weight. This is because they contain a lot of calories and are better off served as treats.

Can hamsters eat boiled egg yolk

Yes, hamsters can safely eat boiled egg yolk. It is in fact the best way to give them egg yolk. If served uncooked, your hamster could have trouble eating it because of its watery or runny consistency. Aside from that, egg yolk is harmless and holds more of the protein value than the egg white.

Can hamsters eat boiled peanuts

Yes, boiled peanuts are safe and healthy for your hamster to munch on. They are chock full of vitamins and are best served as occasional snacks. They should be served plain boiled and not salted or sweetened. If they are salted, they are most likely to leave your pet dehydrated. 

Can hamsters eat boiled peas

Yes, boiled peas are wonderful for your hamster and can be safely incorporated into their diet. They're packed with fiber, carbohydrates and vitamin C which aids digestion and boosts immunity. However, boiled peas should be served to them moderately, say, twice weekly. Excessive consumption of peas could cause diabetes because of its high sugar content.

Can hamsters eat boiled potatoes

Yes, hamsters can have small mashed portions of boiled potatoes. Salt or any other form of seasoning should be excluded while cooking. Because of its starchy content, it is very important that they do not over eat potatoes. This factor alone can cause obesity, diabetes and other digestive problems to hamsters.


Can hamsters eat boiled rice

Yes, hamsters can eat plain boiled rice. They can have small amounts of whole grain, white or brown rice. Uncooked rice is much preferred because there's no risk of it getting stuck and rotting, if it's left for long in your hamster's cheek pouches. So try not to get it too moist or overcook it.

Can hamsters eat bok choy

Yes, bok choy is fine  for your hamster to eat. It is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which helps to enhance your hamster's immunity. This vegetable should be washed and chopped properly into small pieces that your pet can hold. Be careful not to overfeed them because too much can cause some health impairments.

Can hamsters eat bologna

No, they cannot eat bologna. This meat not only has a high fat content but contains nitrates which are very harmful to hamsters. Bologna offers little to no nutrition and is highly processed through curing. So it is best to provide them with a better and healthier food option like fruits and vegetables.

Can hamsters eat bones

No, it isn't the best food to give to hamsters. They may chew on them but bones don't offer much nutritional value. Yes, gnawing on them can help to control their tooth growth, but animal bones in general are not good for them. Instead, you can choose to give them dog biscuits which is safer.

Can hamsters eat bottle gourd

Yes, hamsters can eat bottle gourd if it is harvested young. They contain a lot of beneficial nutrients needed to promote your pet's general health like treating illnesses such as diarrhea. However, this vegetable could be toxic if extremely bitter or taken in high amounts. It could cause stomach pain, shock, vomiting and even death.

Can hamsters eat bran flakes

Yes, hamsters can have bran flakes, preferably plain, with no milk or flavorings added. This is because sugar, milk  and other additives can cause long term health problems in hamsters. Bran flakes are packed with B vitamins, iron and zinc. It also contains dietary fiber, which is an important nutrient for promoting gut health. 

Can hamsters eat brazil nuts

Yes, hamsters can definitely eat and enjoy Brazil nuts. They contain a lot of beneficial nutrients which makes them a great treat for your pet. However, it should be served to hamsters sparingly and unsalted. Salted ones are harder to digest and can cause dehydration in hamsters among other health issues.

Can hamsters eat broccoli

Yes, hamsters can be served small portions of chopped broccoli. They're very beneficial in fighting cancer in hamsters. The leaves and stem can be served cooked or uncooked occasionally. It is very essential not to overfeed your pet because they may suffer from a disease condition known as wet tail due to large water intake.

Can hamsters eat broccoli raw

The straight answer is yes, they can. This vitamin-rich vegetable provides a lot of health benefits to hamsters like promoting their eyesight. Unfortunately, they may carry bacteria or chemicals like pesticides which can harm your pet. This makes it very important that you have them washed thoroughly before feeding it to your hamster friend.


  • Can hamsters eat Brussel sprout
  • Fortunately yes, hamsters can eat brussel sprouts. It is a healthy snack packed with antioxidants, dietary fiber and vitamins. These sprouts are very nutritious but if your hamster is given too many at once, it can lead to a lot of health issues. Furthermore, it should be carefully prepared and served moderately. 

  • Can hamsters eat broccoli stem
  • Yes, they can. It is a nutritious treat for hamsters to munch on. They should be washed properly to remove dirt and can be served raw or cooked without adding salt or any other additives. This is because your hamster cannot digest sodium properly and some additives are known to be harmful to them.

  • Can hamsters eat Brazil nut 
  • Yes, hamsters can eat unsalted Brazil nuts but only as occasional snacks. They contain lots of beneficial nutrients. The Syrian hamster can have a nut weekly but it is not recommended that the dwarf breeds have any. This is because the sugar content of Brazil nuts is high and is considered harmful to your pet. 

  • Can hamsters eat bread
  • Yes, hamsters can eat whole wheat bread in small amounts. It is not really recommended because it is not a suitable or staple food for your pet. They don't possess any valuable nutrients and may contain harmful additives. Do not excessively feed them bread so that they don't get obese or diabetic.

  • Can hamsters eat bread crust
  • Bread crusts are quite fine for your hamster. Their teeth  are ever growing and need to be weaned down every now and then. This makes crusts beneficial because they help to improve your pet's oral health and lowers their risk of choking on bread. Remember to give them little so that they don't get obese.

  • Can hamsters eat brown rice
  • Yes, they can. Brown rice that still has its husk intact contains important nutrients like fiber and B vitamins. It can be served to hamsters raw or cooked but the former is preferred. This is because overcooked or moist rice could stick to your hamster's cheek pouch and rot if it's not removed in time.

  • Can hamsters eat breadsticks
  • Yes, but it isn't recommended. Your hamster can nibble on them every once in a while but know that it won't offer any nutrition. Also, they lack important nutrients like protein and calcium, responsible for tissue repair and bone maintenance in hamsters. Breadsticks can easily make them overweight, so it's best to avoid them.

  • Can hamsters eat brownies
  • No, they cannot. Brownies contain a lot of harmful ingredients such as sugar, milk, butter and cocoa powder. They also contain a large amount of caffeine which can negatively affect your pet's nervous system. Keep them far away from your furry friend's reach to prevent any distress to their health.

  • Can hamsters eat brown sugar 
  • No, you should never feed your pet brown sugar. Not only is it hard for your hamster to digest but it can also cause illnesses like diabetes. This unrefined sugar is very unhealthy and offers no nutrition to them. If you want your hamster to stay healthy then you should seek fruits and vegetables instead.

  • Can hamsters eat broccoli rabe
  • Yes, hamsters can eat small portions of broccoli rabe. It should be washed and cut into small pieces your pet can easily hold. 

    Broccoli rabe is very nutritious but should be given in moderation because of its high vitamin A content. Its high calcium content can also cause bladder stones in hamsters.

  • Can hamsters eat Brussel sprout leaves  
  • Yes, hamsters can have a few brussel sprout leaves occasionally. They are very delicious and are an excellent source of vitamin K. This vitamin helps in preventing excess bleeding from their gum, thus, improving your pet's oral health. Wash the leaves thoroughly before serving to remove dirt, germs or pesticides that may be on them.

  • Can hamsters eat brioche bread
  • No, you should never give your hamster brioche bread. They contain a lot of sugar which is very difficult for your pet to digest. They may also contain butter or oil which are also not healthy for hamsters to consume. They can burden your furry friend with health issues like obesity and diabetes.

  • Can hamsters eat bugs
  • Yes, they can. Hamsters are omnivorous mammals which means they can have certain plants and insects. They require foods packed with protein and some bugs like mealworms and crickets are a rich source of this nutrient. Sometimes it's best to feed them freshly killed bugs because some may sting your hamster if left alive.

  • Can hamsters eat butter
  • No, hamsters can't eat butter. It is dangerous for them to have this product because it contains high amounts of oil and saturated fats. It doesn't offer your pet any nutrients but affects their health negatively. Letting them consume butter can result in them gaining excess weight and making them vulnerable to various heart diseases.

  • Can hamsters eat buckwheat 
  • Yes, they can. Buckwheat is well packed with dietary fiber, B vitamins and minerals. They can reduce inflammation in hamsters and also offer them phytochemicals with antioxidant effects needed to neutralize free radicals. Although buckwheat is linked to a lot of health benefits, it is still necessary not to overfeed your hamster with this cereal.

  • Can hamsters eat bunny food
  • It is better that they don't. Hamsters require protein rich food while rabbits require more fiber rich foods. So it's best that you keep your pet on a proper hamster diet. However, letting your hamster eat small amounts of bunny food like grass hay may not harm them but too much can be detrimental.

  • Can hamsters eat butternut squash 
  • Yes, but it's not recommended. Though it is rich in vitamin C it is still not a suitable food for hamsters. This is because its high acidic content is linked to health issues like bladder stones. If you must give your hamster butternut squash then let it be given sparingly and with your vet's permission.

  • Can hamsters eat butterflies
  • The answer is not quite simple because there isn't much information here. Yes hamsters are omnivores and can eat both plants and insects but only a few are safe for them to consume. Some could be toxic to them. Those like purple emperor and monarch butterflies have questionable diets that can harm your pet.

  • Can hamsters eat butter beans 
  • No, it isn't safe for them to consume butter beans. They are considered poisonous to hamsters because they contain a large amount of phytic acid. This acid is capable of interfering with nutrient absorption leaving your pet malnourished. Instead offer them other healthier foods like green beans and they will appreciate it.

  • Can hamsters eat buttercups
  • Absolutely not! Hamsters should not be fed buttercups even in the smallest amounts. Buttercups are known to cause a string of several health issues and are deemed extremely toxic for your pet to consume. Do not let your hamster near it but if they mistakenly eat some, you should call your vet immediately. 

  • Can hamsters eat butter lettuce 
  • No, they can't be fed butter lettuce. This is mostly because of its high water composition. This vegetable can make your hamster more susceptible to urinary infections, bloating, diarrhea and bladder stones. It also lacks nutrients so your pet will not be missing out on anything if they skip this food.

  • Can hamsters eat Burgers
  • Yes, but not all are safe for them to consume. They can have small quantities of ground beef in hamburgers because they are lean and contain low fat. Veggie burgers, without the addition of onions, are safe for your hamster too. However, cheese burgers are not recommended because of their high fat and sodium content.

  • Can hamsters eat burdock food 
  • Yes, they are safe and healthy for hamsters to eat. Burdock contains a lot of natural antioxidants and also acts as a diuretic for hamsters. It helps in reducing inflammation, blood purification and also works to improve your pet's overall health. However, it should be given sparingly  because it can cause bleeding disorders in hamsters. 

  • Can hamsters eat burger meat
  • Yes, hamsters can eat burger meat but only moderately. Ground beef is a lean meat with only a small percentage of fat but rich in protein. It is important that it is prepared unseasoned and unflavored. This is because foods high in sodium or artificial additives can put your hamster at  risk of certain diseases.

    FOOD - C

  • Can hamsters eat carrots
  • Yes but not so much because they are very high in sugar. They contain beneficial nutrients like vitamins A and C which improves visual and oral health respectively. They can be fed with half a teaspoon portion weekly. The carrots should be prepared with care and chopped into small pieces your hamster can hold comfortably.

  • Can hamsters eat cabbage
  • Yes, they can. It is a well recommended diet because they are very good sources of vitamins like C and K, minerals and dietary fiber.  Although it is not toxic to hamsters it can still come with side effects should they eat too much. Such side effects are mostly linked to gastrointestinal issues.

  • Can hamsters eat cauliflowers
  • Simply put, yes, hamsters can definitely eat cauliflower. They possess an abundance of nutrients that your hamster can benefit from. However, it is best to serve your pet cauliflower in moderation to avoid any digestive problem. They can have the carefully washed florets raw or slightly cooked twice a week.

  • Can hamsters eat cantaloupe
  • Yes and yes, they can safely eat cantaloupe. This fruit is loaded with a lot of important nutrients that your hamster can benefit from. Nevertheless, it should still be given in small quantities and only on occasion. This is because their sugar content is high enough to pose a health risk if consumed excessively.

  • Can hamsters eat cashew
  • Yes, but only moderately. This fruit is high in dietary fiber, protein and minerals such as copper and magnesium. They promote a hamster's immunity and prevent constipation, thereby maintaining their gut health. Still, too much cashew can make your hamster gain weight because of its high calorific profile so be careful not to overfeed them. 

  • Can hamsters eat cake
  • No, it isn't recommended that they eat cake. They may eat very small portions without showing signs of distress but not from those made with chocolates and cheese. Cakes are not hamster friendly because they contain too much sugar and butter. It would be hard for them to digest and would probably make them sick. 

  • Can hamsters eat cashew nuts
  • Hamsters can eat cashew nuts in moderation. They contain vitamins B and E which are both helpful in brain development. They also contain minerals like iron and magnesium which are needed to help circulate oxygen around the body. However, they are high in fat and can be harmful to a hamster's health if taken excessively.

  • Can hamsters eat cardboard
  • Yes, hamsters can chew on cardboard. Chewing on cardboard can help to file down their teeth and keep them at the appropriate length. While it helps to keep your pet occupied and active, you should make sure that they are only given plain cardboard. This includes ones without plastic packaging,chemicals and are bug free. 

  • Can hamsters eat candle wax
  • Yes, they can but it depends on the type of wax used. Soy and palm wax don't pose much threat to hamsters so are fine for them to eat. Paraffin oil or gel on the other hand emits toxic fumes. It should be avoided because it can make your hamster sick.

  • Can hamsters eat cassava
  • No, absolutely not. Cassava has a toxic compound called cyanide that is harmful to both humans and small animals like hamsters. It is not recommended to include cassava in their diet so it's best to avoid them. There are other healthier foods your hamster can eat that will provide them with the nutrients they need. 

  • Can hamsters eat caramel popcorn 
  • While hamsters can have popcorn, it is not a good idea to add caramel to it. Caramel is sugary and increases weight gain in hamsters. It can also cause other health issues like diabetes and tooth aches. Let them have it fully popped and without additives so that they can enjoy this low calorie food. 

  • Can hamsters eat carrot cake
  • Yes, hamsters can eat carrot cake. However, it is not really recommended and should be given only moderately if you wish to let them have a little. They are known to cause diabetes among other health issues. This is because cake contains sugar and possibly artificial flavorings and additives capable of causing your hamster harm. 

  • Can hamsters eat cauliflower raw
  • Yes, hamsters can definitely eat cauliflower raw. They prefer this unadulterated version and can enjoy its nutrients to the fullest. It is necessary to properly wash them first  to remove germs and have the rotten parts, if any, chopped off. Raw cauliflower should be given sparingly because too much can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.

  • Can hamsters eat cauliflower stalks
  • Yes, they can. They can have small chopped pieces of cauliflower stalks every once in a while. Be sure to stick to the appropriate amount because feeding your hamster too much can cause a number of stomach problems. Wash them thoroughly and chop them into tiny pieces that your hamster can munch on without choking.

  • Can hamsters eat caffeine
  • No, they can't. Under no condition should you give your hamster food or products high in caffeine or even traces of it. It is very toxic to hamsters and would only affect their health negatively. Caffeine can impair your hamster's health  by making them anxious and even elevating their blood pressure.  

  • Can hamsters eat celery 
  • Small portions of celery are safe for hamsters to eat. This vegetable is low in carbs and proteins but possesses an adequate amount of fiber. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals like potassium. Still, your hamster should have them moderately to reduce the risk of them getting sick with diarrhea.

  • Can hamsters eat cereal
  • Yes, hamsters can eat a variety of cereals. However, the best kinds are those prepared plain. This includes those without sugar or artificial additives that can place your pet at risk of diabetes and obesity. Chocolate cereal is harmful to hamsters because it contains two toxic ingredients, theobromine and caffeine and so must be excluded.

  • Can hamsters eat celery leaves
  • Yes, but the question lies with whether your hamster would want to. The leaves are edible but have a strong, bitter taste your pet might not appreciate because they prefer something sweeter. Start by feeding them small portions to see if they like it. Their response will let you know whether to stop or continue. 

  • Can hamsters eat centipedes
  • Yes, hamsters can eat centipedes but it's not really safe. Centipedes are known to carry parasites that can be harmful to your pet once consumed. Also, although their venom is not toxic, the bite of this insect can be very painful. It might be safer to feed your pet centipedes that are bred in captivity.

  • Can hamsters eat cilantro  
  • Yes, your hamster can have small portions of cilantro occasionally. They can obtain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals when they consume cilantro. It is very important you keep the amount you feed your pet to a minimum and never overdo it. Too much could give them an upset stomach or diarrhea. 

  • Can hamsters eat cinnamon 
  • No, they cannot. It is infact one of the many foods hamsters should avoid. This is because cinnamon falls under the category of spicy foods and also contains a harmful compound called coumarin. These two properties could negatively affect your hamster's overall health if they have some, so go for other healthier foods instead.

  • Can hamsters eat citrus
  • No, hamsters can't eat citrus. Fruits like orange, grapefruit, lime and lemon are citrus and are not safe for your pet to consume. This is mostly because they are highly acidic and can deeply upset their stomach. Keep your hamster safe from harm and offer them plain cereals and vegetables like broccoli instead.

  • Can hamsters eat cicadas
  • Yes, but in moderation. Cicadas can be a safe treat for your pet because they are not toxic and do not carry parasites either. They are in fact a very rich protein source. However, the main issue is that your hamster could choke or their hard body could be difficult for your pet to digest.

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