Can Hedgehogs Eat Bacon?

Can Hedgehogs Eat Bacon?

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Bacon is a type of processed meat that is a product of pork. Bacon exists in many kinds because numerous producers exist; they make use of different recipes and varied amounts of ingredients. Manufacturing bacon often involves a lot of stages. First, pork is marinated in sugar, nitrates, and salt, after which it is smoked. This process reserves the meat and helps it to remain tasty. The salt serves as an ingredient for preserving the bacon from bacteria growth which is why bacon lasts longer than pork.


No, hedgehogs cannot eat bacon. It is easy to argue that hedgehogs require a lot of protein and bacon contains a high amount of protein, so it should be healthy for hedgehogs. However, hedgehogs cannot eat bacon because it is processed meat. Generally, processed meats are unhealthy for hedgehogs to consume because of the extra ingredients used when manufacturing them. These ingredients and preservatives make it risky to feed bacon to hedgehogs because they could fall ill.



Bacon contains a lot of nutrients that might arguably be beneficial for hedgehogs however, it is the quantity of these nutrients that makes it a threat to their health. The table below contains the nutrients 100 grams of bacon contains and their quantities.




500 kcal


37.5 g


37.5 g


0 g


0 g


0 g


0 mg


1.25 mg


500 mg


1000 mg

Vitamin D

0 IU

Fatty acids

12.5 g


The following risks associated with feeding bacon to hedgehogs have been drawn from the table above.

  • It contains lots of fat: Bacon contains high amounts of saturated fat that can cause obesity in hedgehogs. Saturated fat could lead hedgehogs to suffer from illnesses such as heart disease. 
  • Low amounts of needed nutrients: asides from protein, hedgehogs require numerous nutrients like fiber and calcium to remain healthy. Bacon contains 0 grams of these nutrients, making it unhealthy for hedgehogs to consume.
  • High amounts of Salt: Salt is used in manufacturing bacon hence, it contains very high amounts of salt. Feeding hedgehogs with salty food can cause them to suffer illnesses such as stomach cancer, increased blood pressure, and heart disease. Thus, it is not advisable to include bacon in a hedgehog’s diet.
  • It contains additives: Bacon contains additives like nitrates and nitrites. Cooking this additive makes them produce nitrosamines, which are known carcinogens. These nitrosamines are a known cause of cancer; thus, feeding bacon to hedgehogs puts them in harm’s way.



No, hedgehogs cannot consume bacon fat. Bacon is very high in fat; giving foods with high amounts of fat to hedgehogs can cause health problems. They might also suffer from illnesses such as liver or kidney diseases if they consume bacon fat. Hedgehogs are generally prone to obesity, and feeding them foods with high fat and sugar can lead them to become obese. 

Obesity in hedgehogs can be very dangerous. It might lead them to suffer from diseases like diabetes or heart disease; thus, it is not advisable to feed hedgehogs foods that contain high amounts of fats or sugar. Since bacon fats possess high amounts of saturated fat, it is not advisable to give it to hedgehogs.


Yes, hedgehogs can eat other types of meat with low-fat amounts. A hedgehog’s diet requires high amounts of protein. Meat contains high amounts of protein; thus, hedgehogs can eat meat. It also possesses other nutrients beneficial to hedgehogs like calcium which aids their development of strong and healthy bones, vitamin C helps to keep their digestive system in good condition and vitamin A equips them with healthy and improved vision. 

Hedgehogs can eat meat in different ways. These include: 

  • Feeding them meat-based food: Hedgehogs can consume hedgehog food and some cat or dog foods that contain chunks of beef. These types of food help them to enjoy and benefit from the numerous nutrients that beef contains.
  • Feeding them meat directly: Hedgehogs can eat different types of meat such as chicken and beef. These meats contain nutrients such as protein and calcium that are valuable to hedgehogs; however, they can only eat cooked meat. Hedgehogs should not eat raw meat, as they contain harmful bacteria. The bacteria in raw meat can lead hedgehogs to suffer from food poisoning that results in diarrhea and vomiting.


Although hedgehogs can consume meat, it is not advisable to overwhelm them with it. It is normal to want to feed hedgehogs meat often because they require a diet high in protein; however, giving them every day can be harmful to them. Meats contain saturated fat that is toxic to hedgehogs if they consume it too often.

Regular consumption of saturated fat can cause hedgehogs to become sick with heart or kidney diseases. Feeding hedgehogs with beef might also cause them to become obese, which is a diabetes path. After considering all these, it is only advisable that hedgehogs should only eat meat in little amounts, not more than twice a week. 


Bacon is processed meat, and processed meat might result in cancer and heart disease because of the extra additives and preservatives. The process of manufacturing processed meat also raises concerns. Also, the fat that bacon contains makes it unhealthy for humans and hedgehogs. Although hedgehogs might not refuse bacon, it is harmful to hedgehogs to consume it, so they shouldn’t eat it at all. 

The fats in bacon pose a high risk for them and could put their health at risk. However, they can eat other types of meat like beef and chicken, which can be valuable to them in many ways. These meats should be cooked and served in small portions, not more than twice a week, to prevent hedgehogs from encountering the risks that come with eating meat too often.

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