Can Hedgehogs Eat Carrots?

Can Hedgehogs Eat Carrots?

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Carrots contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are beneficial. Antioxidants are nutrients that plants possess, which help the body release molecules that threaten body cells. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that carrots contain help to support the immune system, strengthen the digestive system, reduce the risk of cancers, and aid wound healing. This article discusses the possibility of feeding carrots to hedgehogs and its benefits and risks.


Yes, hedgehogs can eat carrots as treats. Carrots contain a rich amount of vitamins like vitamin A, which helps to boost a hedgehog’s immune system. They also contain minerals and antioxidants that keep hedgehogs happy and healthy. Although they are safe for consumption, hedgehogs should not eat carrots too often because consuming too much vitamin A puts them in harm’s way. It is advisable to cook the carrots and dice them into tiny pieces before offering them to hedgehogs so they might find them easy to chew and digest. 


Carrots contain rich amounts of vitamins beneficial to hedgehogs and help them to remain healthy and active. Below is a table showing the vitamins 100 grams of carrots possess, according to the USDA nutrient database.





88.3 g


41 kcal


0.93 g


0.24 g


9.58 g


2.8 g


4.74 g


1.43 g


33 mg


0.3 mg


12 mg


35 mg


320 mg


69 mg


0.24 mg


0.045 mg


0.143 mg

Vitamin A

835 µg

Vitamin B6

0.138 mg

Vitamin C

5.9 mg

Vitamin E

0.66 mg

Vitamin K

13.2 µg


0.066 mg


0.058 mg


0.983 mg


The following benefits are from the table above:

  1. It contains vitamin A:Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which helps the immune system execute its function if consumed moderately and adequately.

  1. Reasonable amounts of calcium:The calcium in carrots help hedgehogs to develop and maintain strong teeth. Calcium also aids hedgehogs in building strong and healthy bones.

  1. Carrots possess necessary amounts of water:Carrots contain a lot of water beneficial for hedgehogs. The water in carrots helps to keep hedgehogs hydrated. It also helps to prevent constipation in hedgehogs. 

  1. It helps to lower blood cholesterol:A hedgehog with high blood cholesterol could suffer heart disease. Feeding carrots to hedgehogs will help reduce their blood cholesterol, thereby preventing them from heart disease. 

  1. It aids weight loss:Carrots contain a low number of calories, so eating them helps to prevent weight gain. For overweight hedgehogs, consuming carrots can assist in their weight loss because of their low number of calories.

  1. Improved eye health:Hedgehogs low on vitamin A could experience night blindness, which is dangerous because they are nocturnal animals. Feeding hedgehog foods rich in vitamin A like carrots, will not only correct this deficiency, but also help them to have better eyesight.

  1. It contains essential vitamins and minerals:As seen in the table above, carrots contain numerous vitamins and minerals essential for a hedgehog’s diet; they help hedgehogs to stay active, healthy, and happy by carrying out different body functions. Some of these include: 

Vitamin A: Helps the immune system function

Vitamin B6: Helps to convert food into energy.

Vitamin K: This is necessary for blood clotting and aids bone health 

Potassium: An essential mineral that helps with the control of blood pressure.


Although hedgehogs can eat carrots because of what they stand to benefit, feeding them carrots inappropriately might lead to certain risks. Firstly, because of their sizes, it is not advisable for hedgehogs to consume too large amounts of sugar. Carrots contain lots of sugar, so feeding them frequently to hedgehogs might result in weight gain and dental problems. Consuming too much sugar might also lead hedgehogs to suffer from diarrhea, obesity, and diabetes.

Although lack of vitamin A can lead to vitamin A deficiency, too much vitamin A in a hedgehog can also lead to vitamin A toxicity. This means that hedgehogs should not consume too much vitamin A because it could pose a risk. Carrots contain a large amount of vitamin A, so it is advisable to be careful and appropriate when feeding them to hedgehogs. Carrots should only be offered to them in small portions to prevent them from suffering from illnesses attached to the presence of excess vitamin A.


The number of times a hedgehog can eat carrots depends on the following:

  • What other food does the hedgehog’s diet contain?
  • What are the nutrients contained in these foods?
  • What nutrients does the hedgehog gain from consuming these other foods?
  • What nutrients does the hedgehog lack from consuming these other foods?

If the hedgehog has a diet rich in vitamin A there is no need to overwhelm it with carrots, so once or twice a week will be all right for it. If the diet lacks the necessary amounts of vitamin A, three to four times per week will help to balance its diet. By this, it will be easy to track a hedgehog’s intake of different meals to prevent overwhelming or underwhelming them with vitamins and minerals. Monitoring a hedgehog’s diet also helps you to feed it the proper meal at the appropriate time.


Carrots contain lots of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, and K, that are beneficial to both humans and hedgehogs. These vitamins are essential for a balanced diet. They perform different functions in the body such as aiding the digestive processes, helping the immune system to function, and supporting cardiovascular health.

However, it is advisable to only feed carrots to hedgehogs in small quantities to prevent them from consuming excess vitamin A. Carrots also have a high sugar content, which is harmful to hedgehogs if they consume them too often. Feeding hedgehogs the right portion of carrots helps them to get all the nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy.

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