Can Hedgehogs Eat Crickets?

Can Hedgehogs Eat Crickets?


As a common item in most pet stores, crickets can be a terrific and well-liked food option for many pets. However, some animals avoid them and can experience indigestion or tummy aches just from eating one, so they are more of a favorite dish of insectivores and animals that base their diet on eating insects rather than meat. They can provide a wealth of nutrients and benefits to keep a pet healthy and fed. This also applies to hedgehogs, which enjoy nibbling on insects and other small creatures. However, in the wild and without a guardian to look over them, many hedgehogs might suffer negative effects from the natural parasites and toxins insects like crickets are frequently carrying.


Yes, hedgehogs can eat crickets. For hedgehogs, a few crickets are a nice option. A hedgehog should be able to eat these insects as long as you buy them for animal consumption. Avoid catching crickets in your yard since they may contain pesticides and other dangerous substances. They must be purchased from your neighborhood pet store or you must acquire live ones online.



Protein source

Eating crickets gives them access to a variety of vital nutrients that are beneficial to their health. For instance, hedgehogs can get plenty of protein from crickets, which is an essential requirement for their diet.

It makes them happy

Your hedgehog will be amused by crickets, which is one of the key advantages. After a while, eating typical hedgehog food can become monotonous. It is therefore best to occasionally entertain them with live insects.

Excellent supply of additional nutrients

  • Iron is essential for producing healthy red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout the body. 
  • Vitamin B12 is required for the function of the immune system, the digestive system, and the brain.
  • Calcium protects them against renal failure and is helpful for bone health 
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory acids that are also beneficial.

It improves their agility and keeps them active

Crickets are particularly beneficial for hedgehogs since they are a little harder to hunt than other insects, which increases their agility and keeps them occupied. Crickets can hide because they are small, quick, and nimble. Hedgehogs are compelled to practice their own hunting techniques as a result, which enhances their agility, cognition, and attention.

Promotes weight loss

Many people point out that for hedgehogs, crickets are primarily just empty calories, so they are not suitable for feeding in huge quantities. However, hedgehogs will certainly use more energy pursuing these crickets than they would by eating them.



Most of the time, it won't harm hedgehogs if they occasionally consume one or two bugs. There is a good chance that hedgehogs will continue to be as healthy and fresh as they were before ingesting the bugs. Nevertheless, the pesticides and pathogens that may be present in crickets can result in several health problems, most notably vomiting, upset stomach, mouth irritation, appetite loss, mild illnesses, diarrhea, and impaired digestion.


Yes, hedgehogs can eat live crickets. Given that they are excellent providers of protein, calcium, fiber, and thiamin, live crickets are a much safer and healthier alternative for hedgehogs to eat. One cricket to a hedgehog is roughly equivalent to a small dinner for people. One of the simplest methods to arouse the body and mind of hedgehogs is to provide them with live prey. Thus, feeding them live cricket is entertaining to watch and fairly secure. It is important to make sure that the cricket cannot escape its surroundings. The cricket shouldn't be larger than a quarter; it should be little. However, it shouldn't be too little either, as those that are too small just sit there and don't bring any fun for a hedgehog.


Yes, hedgehogs can eat freeze-dried crickets. From a nutritional perspective, feeding your hedgehog freeze-dried crickets is not in any way harmful. These have roughly the same nutritional content as live crickets. However, because they are already dead, freeze-dried crickets are much less enjoyable to catch than live ones. This is why we typically advise supplying live crickets. The purpose of feeding the crickets is to provide your hedgehog with the correct cerebral stimulation, which is one-half of the benefit. It is advised that you consider crickets to be more than just a healthy snack. Although freeze-dried crickets may be a healthy food choice, they are not fun to consume.



It won't be a problem to buy live crickets from your neighborhood pet store and feed them to a hedgehog; but, because crickets may jump pretty far, it can be challenging to figure out how to feed crickets to hedgehogs. It's worth thinking about how to make the snack more appealing to a hedgehog by making it a chase.

To help your hedgehog catch the cricket and feel even more successful, try placing the hedgehog and cricket in a tiny cage or container that is roughly the size of a bathtub or medium-sized bin. Given that it will take most hedgehogs some time to catch the cricket, you should treat this more as a game. It may be worthwhile to freeze the crickets for at least 5 minutes if your hedgehog is having trouble catching it.


Crickets typically feel very at home in the plastic package, which frequently includes dotted ventilation holes all over. However, if you intend to buy them in large quantities, it would be worthwhile to consider a small glass aquarium, which can serve as a suitable home for them and simply requires routine vinegar cleaning. Just remember to give the crickets little amounts of peaches, apples, or even a dish of oatmeal, and always take out any dead insects or feces from the cage as soon as you see them.


Hedgehogs can always be fed nutritious and worthwhile options like crickets to keep them strong and healthy. The hedgehog should not, however, be overfed or forced to eat when they may not want to, as this could result in weight gain or even a complete loss of interest in the flavor. It is a good idea to try out other similar bug meals that veterinarians advise using.


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