Can Hedgehogs Eat Dog Food?

Can Hedgehogs Eat Dog Food?

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Throughout the world, hedgehogs are a common pet. Hedgehogs are unique pets with very specific dietary needs. Feeding domestic hedgehogs can be challenging because, in the wild, they feed opportunistically, ingesting a variety of insects that come their way. The challenging nature of feeding domestic hedgehogs is what prompts hedgehog owners to enquire about the possibility of feeding hedgehogs with various meals. However, this article focuses on the possibility of feeding dog food to hedgehogs.


Yes, hedgehogs can eat dog food because they are nutritious. Although dog food can provide nutrients for hedgehogs, it is usually best provided as a small portion of a much more diversified diet. The majority of popular dog food brands are high in protein, along with a variety of vitamins and minerals. These brands also offer a respectable source of good-quality, meat-derived lipids. The fact that dog food is somewhat adaptable, stores well, and is affordable makes it advantageous.

It is important to ensure that the dog food is both easy for your hedgehog to swallow and fresh. Despite this, it should not be used in place of a hedgehog’s regular food. Additionally, you should think about giving your hedgehog healthier treats rather than pet food made for other animals. The optimum diet consists of soft fruit in tiny amounts, vegetables, various protein sources, and live insects.

Wet Food


Yes, hedgehogs can eat wet dog food. Wet dog food is a favorite snack of hedgehogs. Once every day, you can give your hedgehog wet dog food. For them, 1-2 tablespoons are ideal. The fat and calorie contents in wet dog foods are high. As a result, you must be very careful about how much food you provide your hedgehogs. Additionally, wet food is preferable for your hedgehog if they experience tooth pain or mouth soreness.

Before giving a hedgehog wet dog food, you must carefully examine the nutritional information. Not all wet dog food brands are acceptable for hedgehogs to eat. Additionally, once your hedgehog has finished eating, you need to remove all of the leftover food from the cage because wet dog food quickly turns rancid.


  • Balanced diet: Wet dog food is protein-rich and provides a complete and nutritionally balanced diet for hedgehogs. For hedgehogs, wet dog food is a wonderful source of protein because it typically contains bits of chicken and beef.
  • Offers defense against the effects of heat stress: Wet dog food provides defense against the consequences of heat stress. This is a result of the high moisture content. Giving a hedgehog wet dog food will therefore boost the diet's overall water content and aid in keeping it hydrated when temperatures are at their highest.
  • Provides variation: Eating the same thing every single day can get incredibly monotonous, and hedgehogs are known to enjoy diversity! Wet food has a wide range of flavors, presentation styles, and textures. For a hedgehog, it is a terrific way to change things up, especially if you see that it is turning down foods that it used to enjoy.
  • Weight management: Wet food has fewer carbohydrates and more protein as its main ingredients, which helps with weight management. Wet food naturally has a reduced calorie density due to its high water content, which also aids in promoting fullness. So, using wet dog food as a weight loss or general weight management strategy is a terrific idea.
  • Easy to chew: Because the meat chunks in wet dog food are so soft, hedgehogs can easily chew and swallow them. For hedgehogs with dental disorders, gum problems, or impaired senses, wet food is the best option.
Dog Food


Yes, hedgehogs can eat dry dog food. Dry dog food is a balanced blend of grains, veggies, meat, and/or eggs. You could benefit from remembering that dry food comes in sizable pieces. As a result, you must crush them to make sure your hedgehog can consume them without any issues. 

It is advisable to never serve the entire chunk to a hedgehog. These fragments pose a serious choking risk to them. Another problem with dry dog food is that it may include a lot of preservatives and may not have as much nutritional value as the dog food maker promises. As a result, you must be extremely careful about what you feed your hedgehog.


It improves their dental health

Dry food stimulates hedgehogs to chew their food, which has several positive effects on dental health. It helps to avoid tartar accumulation and secondary periodontal disease.

It gives room for convenience

Dry diets are considerably easier to portion out in advance than wet dog food, and they won't spoil if left out all day. This makes it more advantageous when compared to wet dog food.

It is less expensive

Dry dog food may be more cost-effective to buy and keep long-term, depending on the type of food.

Food enrichment

 Kibble is simpler to incorporate into slow feeders and food puzzles, which may enhance a hedgehog's quality of life by stimulating the brain.

Dog Food


Two times per day, hedgehogs can be fed 1-2 tablespoons of wet dog food or be given a modest quantity of dry, crushed kibble to eat throughout the day. Hedgehogs thrive on a free-feeding schedule, and dry food is perfect for this type of feeding. Because it spoils quickly, wet dog food presents a few more difficulties. Feeding wet dog food to a hedgehog requires lots of attention, especially in extremely hot or even extremely cold conditions.

One thing to keep in mind is that the advice to only use 1-2 tablespoons of dog food is only a suggestion. The precise amount of food a hedgehog needs to consume will vary depending on the food's brand, the animal's age, activity level, and health. Therefore, compared to an older, less active hedgehog, for example, little, growing hedgehogs will have a bigger appetite and need more food. As a result, feeding will alter over time.


Always bear in mind that dog food should only be given out as treats. Avoid buying cheap, subpar dog food as well as food with a lot of chemicals, preservatives, and other shady components. Kibble should be the mainstay of your hedgehog's diet, then come insects and/or worms. It is to feed various kinds of food to hedgehogs. Even though hedgehogs will consume anything within reach, we must be cautious about what we feed them.

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