How To Draw Kakashi

How To Draw Kakashi

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How To Draw Kakashi


Kakashi Hatake, one of the most iconic characters from the Naruto series, has captivated the hearts of fans around the world. His enigmatic personality, remarkable skills, and distinct appearance make him a popular choice for artists looking to try their hand at drawing anime and manga characters. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the process of drawing Kakashi, breaking it down step by step. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and techniques necessary to create your very own stunning Kakashi artwork.

Before you begin your artistic journey, it's essential to gather your materials. You'll need the following:



H, HB, 2B, and 4B for sketching, shading, and detailing.


A kneaded eraser and a white vinyl eraser for clean corrections.

High-quality drawing paper or a sketchbook.

Blending tools

Tortillons or blending stumps for smooth shading.

Reference image

A high-resolution image of Kakashi for accuracy.

Create the Basic Framework

To create an accurate drawing of Kakashi, we must begin with the basic framework. This framework will serve as the foundation upon which you'll build the details of his face and headband.

  • Start by drawing a rough circle in the center of your paper. This will be Kakashi's face.
  • Draw a vertical line down the center of the circle. This line will help you place the facial features symmetrically.
  • Add horizontal guidelines to define the position of the eyes and other facial features.
  • Draw a curved line below the horizontal guideline for the chin.
  • Sketch the outline of Kakashi's headband, which sits across his forehead. It should be slightly curved to follow the shape of his face.

Define the Facial Features

Now that you have the basic framework in place, it's time to define Kakashi's facial features.

  • Start by sketching his eyes. Kakashi's eyes are usually covered by his headband, so draw two horizontal slits for his eyes.
  • Add a short vertical line for the bridge of his nose, just above the eye slits.
  • Draw a small, closed mouth beneath the nose.
  • Create his headband by refining the lines you sketched earlier. It should have the iconic symbol of the Hidden Leaf Village in the center.
  • Sketch his hair, which is unruly and covers most of his forehead. Pay attention to the spikes and strands that frame his face.

Add Detail to the Eyes

Kakashi's eyes are one of the most defining features of his character. Let's focus on detailing his eyes:

  • Add a few curved lines below the eye slits to represent the eyelids.
  • Kakashi's Sharingan is a significant part of his character. To draw it, create a circular shape within the eye slit. Add a curved pattern with three tomoes (comma-shaped marks) inside the Sharingan.
  • Shade the area around the eye slits, leaving the Sharingan and tomoes unshaded.
  • Draw his eyebrows above the eyes, making them look sharp and thin.

Refine the Facial Features

Now, let's refine Kakashi's facial features, making them more detailed and expressive:

  • Give depth to his eyes by adding shading around the eyes, emphasizing the contours.
  • Define his nose and lips by adding small shadows and highlights.
  • Detail his headband by adding the Leaf Village symbol, paying attention to its intricate design.
  • Further refine his hair, adding more spikes and strands. Remember that Kakashi's hair is wild and has a windswept appearance.

Sketch the Collar and Body

Kakashi is often seen wearing a high-collared vest and other clothing. Let's start sketching his attire:

  • Extend the sides of Kakashi's headband to create the collar of his vest.
  • Add a curved line below the collar to represent the top part of his vest.
  • Sketch the upper portion of his body, giving it a slightly muscular appearance.
  • Outline his shoulders and arms, indicating the sleeves of his vest.
  • Remember to add folds and creases in the fabric for a more realistic look.

Finalize the Drawing

Now that we've completed the main features of Kakashi's face and upper body, it's time to finalize the drawing and add finishing touches:

  • Erase any unnecessary guidelines and smudges.
  • Add additional shading to define the facial features, such as the contours of his face and jawline.
  • Work on the detailing of his vest, paying attention to the design and folds.
  • Use a blending tool to smooth out shading and make transitions between light and dark areas more gradual.
  • Add any other specific details, such as wrinkles or patterns on his clothing.
  • Consider adding a background to make the drawing more interesting and dynamic. It could be a simple landscape or a representation of a scene from the series.

Coloring (Optional)

While the primary focus of this guide is on drawing, if you wish to take your Kakashi artwork to the next level, you can explore coloring techniques. You can use colored pencils, markers, or digital coloring software to bring your drawing to life with vibrant colors. Be sure to refer to a reference image for accurate colors.


Drawing Kakashi Hatake, the enigmatic and beloved character from the Naruto series, is a rewarding experience for any anime and manga enthusiast. By following the step-by-step guide outlined here, you can create your own striking Kakashi artwork, capturing the essence of his character with accuracy and attention to detail. Remember that practice is key, so keep honing your skills, and you'll continue to improve your artistry. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, drawing Kakashi can be a challenging and enjoyable creative endeavor. So, pick up your pencils and embark on your artistic journey to master the art of drawing Kakashi!

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