How To Draw Rick & Morty

How To Draw Rick & Morty

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How To Draw Rick & Morty

"Rick and Morty," the animated television series created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, has become a pop culture phenomenon known for its irreverent humor, clever writing, and unique characters. Fans of the show often find themselves inspired to create their own art, and what better way to express your love for the show than by learning how to draw its iconic characters?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through the steps to draw Rick and Morty, the titular characters of the show. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your artistic journey or an experienced artist seeking to add these beloved characters to your repertoire, this guide will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to master the art of drawing Rick and Morty.

Before we start, make sure you have the necessary materials: paper, pencils, erasers, and a good reference image of the characters. It's also a good idea to have a clear workspace where you can concentrate and experiment with your drawings.

Drawing Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez, the eccentric and often inebriated scientist, is a complex character to draw. His distinct features include wild hair, a lab coat, and a somewhat haggard appearance. Let's break down the steps to draw him:

Basic Guidelines

Begin by sketching a rough oval shape for Rick's head. This will serve as the foundation for his facial features. Next, add a horizontal line across the middle of the oval to help position his eyes.

Eyes and Eyebrows

Rick's eyes are small and circular. Position them along the horizontal line, leaving some space in between. Add his trademark unibrow just above the eyes. It should be thick and continuous, extending above the eyes and down the bridge of his nose.

Nose and Mouth

Rick's nose is simple and triangular. Draw it below the eyes and extend it to connect with his drooping mustache. For the mouth, sketch a slight frown that gives him his characteristic disheveled appearance.


Rick's hair is perhaps his most distinctive feature. It's a messy shock of wavy lines that extend outwards from his head. Take your time with this part, as it can be a bit challenging. Don't forget to include his bald spot at the top.

Lab Coat

Rick wears a white lab coat. Draw the collar of the coat around his neck, and let it drape down, covering his shoulders and part of his chest. Add some wrinkles and folds to make it look more realistic.

Finishing Touches

Erase any unnecessary guidelines and refine the details. Add wrinkles to his face to give him a more aged appearance. You can also add shading and texture to his lab coat to make it stand out. Lastly, don't forget his squiggly, irregular pupils.

Drawing Morty Smith

Morty Smith, the anxious and often reluctant companion to Rick, is a character with more straightforward features. Here's how to draw Morty:

Basic Guidelines

Start by sketching a basic oval shape for Morty's head. Add a vertical line down the center to help position his facial features.

Eyes and Eyebrows

Morty's eyes are large and round. Position them along the horizontal line in the upper part of the oval. Draw his eyebrows as simple curves above each eye.

Nose and Mouth

Morty's nose is a small, rounded triangle. Place it below the eyes, but slightly lower than Rick's nose. Draw a simple curve for his mouth, conveying his nervous expression.


Morty has short, messy hair. Draw some jagged lines extending from his head, and add a few strands falling forward.


Morty typically wears a yellow shirt and blue pants. Sketch his shirt's collar and add wrinkles to make it appear more natural. Draw his pants below the oval for his head, extending down to his feet.

Finishing Touches

Erase any unnecessary guidelines, refine the details, and add his pupils, which are also small circles. Morty's appearance is more straightforward than Rick's, so focus on capturing his anxious expression and posture.

Coloring Your Drawings

While the initial drawings are in pencil, you can enhance your artwork by adding color. Rick and Morty's color schemes are relatively simple:


  • Hair: Light blue
  • Lab Coat: White
  • Shirt: Blue
  • Pants: Brown
  • Shoes: Black
  • Eyes: Light blue (with dark blue pupils)


  • Hair: Brown

  • Shirt: Yellow

  • Pants: Blue

  • Shoes: Black

  • Eyes: Black

Take your time with coloring and shading, and be sure to stay true to the character's color schemes.

Advanced Tips

To take your Rick and Morty drawings to the next level, consider these advanced tips:

Dynamic Poses

Experiment with dynamic poses and action scenes to capture the essence of the show. Rick and Morty are often in crazy situations, so don't be afraid to get creative with their postures.


Incorporate backgrounds that reflect the show's interdimensional adventures. Sci-fi-inspired backdrops can add depth and context to your artwork.

Facial Expressions

Practice drawing different expressions to showcase the emotional range of the characters. This will allow you to create more diverse and engaging artwork.

Digital Art

Try digital art software for more precise and professional-looking results. It provides tools for better color manipulation, shading, and fine details.


Drawing Rick and Morty is an enjoyable and creative way to pay homage to this beloved animated series. With practice and dedication, you can master the art of drawing these iconic characters. Remember that art is a journey, and the more you draw, the better you'll become. So, grab your pencils, dive into the multiverse, and start sketching your favorite interdimensional duo!

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