How To Draw Santa

How To Draw Santa

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How To Draw Santa

Drawing Santa Claus is a delightful and festive activity that allows you to bring the holiday spirit to life on paper. Whether you're an aspiring artist or simply looking for a creative way to celebrate the season, creating a jolly, old St. Nick is a wonderful way to embrace the magic of Christmas. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of drawing Santa Claus, from his iconic red suit to his bushy white beard, so you can create a heartwarming holiday masterpiece.

Materials You'll Need

Before we dive into the steps to draw Santa, let's gather the materials you'll need for this artistic adventure:

  • Drawing paper: Choose a smooth, white sheet of paper suitable for your preferred drawing tools.

  • Pencils: A range of graphite pencils (2H, HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B) for sketching, shading, and adding depth.

  • Erasers: Both a kneaded eraser and a regular eraser for making corrections and highlighting.

  • Sharpener: To keep your pencils in excellent working condition.

  • Fine-tip black pen: This will be used for outlining and refining your drawing.

  • Colored pencils or markers: If you want to add color to your Santa, make sure you have red, white, pink, black, and a variety of other colors for details.

Now that you have your materials ready, let's embark on the journey of drawing Santa Claus!

Santa's Face

We'll start with Santa's face. Begin by sketching a large oval shape for his head, positioning it slightly toward the upper center of your paper. Santa's face should be round and welcoming.

Santa's Hat

Next, add Santa's hat. Extend a curved line from the top of his head, bringing it down to create the fur lining of his hat. Make sure it's a little floppy, as Santa's hat is rarely perfectly straight.

Santa's Hat Pom-Pom

At the end of the hat's tip, add a small circle for the pom-pom. Santa's hat is incomplete without this classic detail.

Santa's Eyes

Now, let's give Santa some eyes. Draw two ovals within the face, slightly tilted inward. These will serve as the eyes. Inside each eye, draw a smaller oval for the pupils and add a couple of small dots to represent the sparkle in Santa's eyes.

Santa's Nose

Beneath the eyes, draw a small, round button-like shape for Santa's nose. It should be rosy and inviting.

Santa's Smile

Santa is known for his warm and friendly smile. To create this, draw a gentle, curved line beneath the nose to represent his mouth. Add a couple of short, upward curves at each end to complete the smile.

Santa's Beard

Santa's iconic, bushy white beard is a defining feature. Use your pencils to create flowing, wavy lines that extend down from the sides of his face, almost touching his collar. Remember to leave a bit of space for his mustache just above the mouth.

Santa's Mustache

Draw a smaller set of wavy lines above the smile to represent Santa's mustache. Ensure that it's well-defined but not too thick.

Santa's Ears

Santa's ears should be partially hidden by his hat. To create them, sketch two curved lines on either side of his head, just below the hat's brim.

Santa's Eyebrows

Add a pair of thin, arched lines above each eye for Santa's eyebrows. They should have a gentle, welcoming curve.

Santa's Face Details

Now, use your eraser to gently remove any unnecessary lines and refine Santa's facial features. You can also darken the eyes, nose, and eyebrows to make them stand out more.

Santa's Suit and Collar

Moving on to Santa's suit, draw a curved line that extends from each side of his face down to his shoulders. Then, create a V-shaped collar by drawing two lines that meet at the center of his chest. Santa's suit should be thick and cozy, so make it slightly rounded.

Santa's Jacket

Extend the lines from the collar down to create the jacket of Santa's suit. Keep the jacket rounded and ensure it covers the lower part of the oval face. Add a horizontal line across his belly for the jacket's fur lining.

Santa's Belt

Santa's belt is an essential part of his ensemble. Draw a thick, horizontal band across the jacket just below the fur lining. Then, add a square buckle in the center.

Santa's Pants

Draw Santa's pants by creating two vertical lines that extend from the bottom of the jacket. Make the pants relatively wide to give them that classic Santa look.

Santa's Gloves

Santa's gloves are typically white. To draw them, add a pair of curved shapes at the end of each arm, just below the jacket's fur lining.

Santa's Boots

Santa's boots should be round and sturdy. Draw them at the bottom of the pants by creating two thick, elongated shapes that extend slightly beyond the edge of your paper.

Santa's Boots Details

Enhance Santa's boots by adding some details. Create a thick, horizontal band near the top of each boot and add a couple of lines to represent the soles.

Santa's Beard and Suit Details

Santa's beard and suit need more definition. Use your pencils to add shading and texture to the fur lining of his jacket, as well as the beard and mustache. Make them look soft and fluffy.

Outlining Santa

To make your Santa drawing stand out, use a fine-tip black pen to outline all the important details, like Santa's facial features, hat, and suit. This will give your drawing a crisp and finished look.

Adding Color

If you want to add some festive color to your Santa Claus, now's the time! Use colored pencils or markers to give life to Santa's red suit, white beard, and any other details you wish to color. Don't forget to add some pink to his rosy cheeks!


Drawing Santa Claus is a wonderful way to express your holiday creativity and bring the magic of Christmas to your artistic endeavors. Whether you're sketching for fun, creating a holiday card, or simply enjoying some festive art, follow these step-by-step instructions to draw Santa Claus, and you'll be on your way to creating a heartwarming and joyful representation of this iconic holiday figure. So, gather your materials, get into the holiday spirit, and let your creativity shine as you bring Santa to life on paper. Merry Christmas and happy drawing!

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