Can Pigs Eat Arugula?

Can Pigs Eat Arugula?

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What are pigs?

Pigs are mammals. They are described as having stout bodies and short legs. They also have thick skin which is coated with bristle hair.   Pigs are also characterized by their hooves. They have cloves and hooves which means their hooves are divided into two. Cloven hooves are found in other animals like goats, sheep, and deer.

Pigs in their nature are omnivorous.  Giving them the ability to feed on a wide variety of food from plants and animal origin.

What is Arugula?

Arugula is an edible vegetable, just like cabbage and broccoli. Arugula leaves are said to have a spicy and peppery flavor. Arugula can be used or eaten alone and it can also be used in making other meals. 

Can pigs eat arugula?

  When pig owners consider vegetables for their pigs they often do not consider arugula. 

For one reason or the other, they find arugula to be threatening to their pigs. Probably because of the spicy flavor. 

But, in the real sense arugula is indeed safe for your pigs as long as it is offered to them in moderation. Like many other vegetables, they are a ton of nutrients arugula have to offer your pigs. It is packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals e.t.c.

Nutritional benefits of arugula to your pigs

 Arugula is one of the healthiest veggie options for your pig. 

I can go on for days just  talking about the health benefits of arugula, but here are some of the beneficial nutrients in arugula : 


When we all hear vegetables, we think of fiber right. Fibers are thought of as stomach fillers because of their ability to keep Pigs full for a long period.  Not only for pigs, but for humans too. Though fibers are not considered nutrients by some people, because they can not be digested or absorbed by the body, they are still one of the other benefits your pig gets from arugula.

Vitamin A

  Vitamin A is a vision vitamin. It helps promote healthy vision in your pig. Aside from healthy vision, it also helps pigs with their immune and reproductive system. Arugula provides a good amount of vitamin "A" which is an essential nutrient to them. Though Arugula only contains a low concentration of vitamin A compared to other vegetables, it is still a very good source. 

Over-feeding your pigs with too much vitamin A might lead to the presence of too much fat in your pig's body. This is because excess Vitamin A nutrients in the body are stored as fat. Thus, too much vitamin A can have counter effects on your pig as it can lead to vision, bone, and brain malfunction among other issues.

Vitamin C

Pigs cannot synthesize vitamin C naturally, they only get it from their diet. Compared to vitamin A, arugula contains a higher concentration of vitamin C. Pigs need vitamin C for healthy living. The deficiency of vitamin C might lead to scurvy in your pig.


   In addition to vitamins, arugula contains essential minerals like calcium. They are essential in the sense that, they are necessary for the growth of your pigs. 

Calcium deficiency can cause major health issues concerning the teeth and bones. As consumption of anything is bad, so is the overconsumption of calcium bad for your pig. Research has shown that too much of it can lead to stones in the urinary tract, this is one other reason why arugula should be served in moderation. 


  Arugula is one of the good suppliers of iron minerals. Iron is an essential nutrient for your pigs. Iron helps in the synthesis of a protein called hemoglobin. The hemoglobin then helps with the transportation of oxygen within the blood and to another part of the body. Lack of iron can lead to detrimental health issues in your pig. 


Most importantly, arugula contains a high content of water. There is no list of arugula's benefits without the mention of its water content. It is no secret that water is a big deal for both humans and animals. Water is the most critical nutrient for life. 91.7g or arugula is made of water. Among many benefits of water, it is known for its ability to aid digestion. Water helps flush the digestive system. It prevents problems like constipation for your pigs. Aside from water flushing content in the digestive system. It also helps flush out toxins in the body. 

Arugula variety 

To avoid overserving your pigs with arugula, it would only be advisable to serve them with other meals or as treats. Arugula can be included in salads. Adding about 2 to 3 leaves to the salad is very okay as they would still get all the benefits arugula has to offer them. 

Raw versus cooked Arugula

 So you decided to add arugula to your pig's menu and your next question is whether to serve it to them raw or in a cooked form. Both forms are okay for your pigs. You might make the decision based on whatever is comfortable for you at the moment. However, It is only more ideal to serve your pigs with raw arugula. Unlike cooked arugula, raw arugula contains complete nutrients. Cooked arugula would have been deprived of some of these nutrients. The nutritional benefits are most abundant when arugula is eaten raw by your pigs. Research has also shown that pigs often show some side effects like diarrhea when they consume cooked arugula. In the end, it is 99.9.% better to feed your pigs with raw arugula instead of cooked one. 

To sum it up

 Pigs eat almost all the time, they also eat almost everything their owners provide them with. However, they also have preferences. Introducing arugula to your pig's diet might require some studying. Because they like and eat anything doesn't mean your pig would like arugula, it all depends on their preference and their taste bud. Keep an eye on them when you serve them something new. Check for physical and psychological reactions after they have consumed the meal. All these are just to avoid any side effects whatsoever. If they do actually like arugula as many of them do, remember to only feed arugula to them in moderation.

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