Can Pigs Eat Dates?

Can Pigs Eat Dates?

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Pigs are omnivores. Meaning they can eat food from both plants and animal origin. 

It is one thing to feed your pets, it is another thing to feed them with the right source Of nutrients. 

We all know that pigs can eat anything, they would most likely munch on anything they find. It is thus left to you as these pig owners to care for them and feed them what is truly right for them. 

Now, Can Pigs Eat Dates?

Yes, pigs can safely eat fruits like dates. They are a good source of food for them. Not all pigs might like them, but most will. 

All in all, the date should be kept to a decent portion.

Before moving on to some of the key benefits your pigs would most likely gain from eating dates, let us quickly work over some of the types of dates. 


Types of Dates

To your surprise, dates are of various sizes and types, a bit more than you can imagine. Some of them include: 

Medjool Dates

   They are usually large with fibrous and reddish-brown flesh. Mostly found and produced in morocco and Palestine

Omani Dates

From the name, they are produced in Oman. They are juicy and sweet. They also have a dark brown colour. 

Barhi dates

Small-sized date, with an oval shape. They are one the sweetest types of dates. They come in yellowish with a creamy texture. Their flavours are usually characterised to be butterscotch, caramel, and syrup. They are produced in Iran


Piarom Dates

Oval, thin and long type of date. They are dark brown in colour with a unique hint of caramel taste. Produced in the gulf region and the middle east. 

There are many more types, but 

Key Benefits of Dates

Dates are mainly known for their sugar and fibre content among all other nutrients. But, there are more to dates than you think.

Lowers Cholesterol Level

Dates are known for their low-calorie content. Making It easy to help maintain cholesterol levels as well as manage weight. As we all know, pigs are prone to obesity, and foods high in cholesterol can be unhealthy for them.

Strengthen bones

The second benefit of dates is the fact that they are rich in minerals like selenium, copper, and magnesium.  Which are very essential nutrients because they have a way of keeping the bone healthy. Dates are also rich in vitamin K which is known to help metabolise the bone. In other words, dates are more advisable for young pigs. 


The date contains some kind of antioxidants. Antioxidants basically hell with the treatment of disease. Antioxidants protect the cells from free radicals that may cause damage or harmful disease. 

Some antioxidants present in dates include.

Carotenoids are known for their benefit of reducing the risk of eye-related problems.

There are also pretty powerful Flavonoids. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that it has the power to help reduce the risk of cancerous diseases.

Lastly, we have Phenolic acid,  also an inflammatory characterised antioxidant. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease and cancers.


One of the many benefits of dates is that it helps improve the health of the liver. By improving the liver's health, date allows the liver to carry out its main function, which includes detoxification. Consumption of date has also shown to help reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis ( basically, a disease of the liver)

Promotes Brain Health

Dates contain choline and vitamin B. Thus, regular consumption of data has helped lower the risk of inflammation in the brain. Animals also need their brain as much as we do. 

Improves the digestive system

Since dates are high in natural dietary fibre, with about 8 grams of fibre per 100 grams of dates. The fibre content thus helps with the regularisation of the bowel. It also improves the overall digestive system. The digestive has a cascading effect on all other effects. Therefore, it has to be at its best. In addition, the consumption of dates also helps prevent and ease constipation. 

Improves Skin

As a result of the excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin D date is. It thus helps make the skin more elastic and smooth. This effect might not be so noticeable in pigs as a result of their hair. 

Weight Loss

Fibre in dates helps keep your pigs full for a longer period. Therefore, reducing their food consumption. Therefore, maintaining their weight. Dates can also serve as a good source of snacks or treats for your pigs in between meals to help control their feeding intervals. 

Improves the reproductive system

Dates are known to enrich sexual and reproductive health. 

Promote Natural Labour

This is for female pigs. Studies have shown that eating dates in the later stage of pregnancy makes labour easier. It enhances dialtoon. Thus, if you have a pregnant pig, this might be the right time to start feeding them some dates. 


Can pigs eat date seeds

Inside the fleshy part of dates, there is this hard stony mass. They are usually consumable. So can pigs consume them too?

Yes, pigs can eat them as well. You are probably confused about the possibility of them being able to consume the seeds. This is why you should grind the seeds into a fine powdery form before serving them to your pet. People also advise mixing the date seed powder into one of their foods. Grinding the date seeds also ensures better digestion, since the animals cannot digest the whole seed as it would only pass out through their stool. 

Date seeds might be too hard to blend alone. This is why you should preferably blend or grind them together with other grains or food you would like to grind. 

For those wondering if the stress of grinding date seeds is actually worth it. YES,  it does. Date seeds are not like other seeds with no beneficial value.  Research has shown that they have quite a several benefits.  Some of which include:

  • Controls blood sugar level
  • Aids weight loss
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Prevent kidney stones and diarrhea
  • It can also be used to heal wounds. All you need to do is to apply the date seed powder to the wound. 
  • Boost immunity and so on.

Summarily, at this point, if you have not added dates to your pig’s diet, now would be the right time to do so. Also, if you have been disposing off those date seeds, I hope this article has been able to convince you otherwise. 

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