Can Rabbits Eat Asparagus?

Can Rabbits Eat Asparagus?

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Rabbits are naturally herbivores, they have two ears in different lengths unique to their species, they hop from place to place on their two hind limbs and can hop s fast and grab some hay to munch with their two front teeth. Rabbits’ were earlier consider as rodents are different from rodents because of their long incisors which never stops growing and require filling to avoid infections or their teeth growing to their jaws and face.

As humans, you are what you eat, this also applies to rabbits. Your rabbits’ health mirrors it's nutrition and total breeding. Breeding a rabbit cost knowledge and ignorance is too expensive as it comes with a high price to pay. Rabbits’ owners have to ensure that they are properly fed the right healthy food, their surrounding is clean a free from harmful parasites, water is very essential as it helps in improving the health of your rabbits. All species of rabbits require some substantial amount of fruits and veggies in their diets, although their major diet is hay.


  Asparagus has varieties of colour such as in green, purple, and white. Garden Asparagus a common kind of  green Asparagus. It is a veggie your rabbit can conveniently munch.  It is a green vegetable with spear-like ends. Other kinds of Asparagus are also edible, tasty and healthy for your rabbits when it is in the right proportion. Generally, excess Asparagus is not recommendable for your Rabbit.

 This article and explains the benefits of Asparagus to your rabbit, how much is too much, the side effects of  feeding your Rabbits too much Asparagus, other food Rabbits can eat , how to feed your Rabbits Asparagus, and   when is it suitable to feed your rabbits asparagus?


MediRabbit, a nonprofit education initiative for rabbit nutrition and medicine, considers Asparagus  as one of their “vegetables to try” for rabbits. It contains low fat and calories, it is rich in essential Vitamins like B-complex vitamins , Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A,  it is healthy and regulates the level of blood sugar, it to s very rich in Carbohydrates and it contains proteins other nutrients such as:  Potassium, Iron, Copper, Magnese, Chromium, Dietary fibres, folic acid, Calcium, Magnese and Amino acid.

Protein is essential for your rabbits’ all round body development.

Vitamin C: Asparagus is very rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin C is very important to your rabbits’ diet as it prevents Scurvy

Vitamin A is essential for healthy vision.

Antioxidants (flavonoids and polyphenols)  and anti-inflammatory compounds (quercetin and kaempferol) that prevents degenerative diseases, blood pressure and cancer.

Chromium helps regulate Insulin in the body and regulates the flow of glucose into the cells  from the bloodstream.

Vitamin K promotes healthy bones and it helps in proper blood clotting.


Spoil, smelling, mouldy, picked Asparagus should be avoided totally in your rabbits’ diet as this can be very harmful to their health. It can cause stooling.


It is most suitable to feed your rabbit uncooked, fresh Asparagus in its raw state. Always consider the age and size of your rabbit this determines the amount of Asparagus given to your rabbits. Asparagus have high water content so ensure you avoid too because it can stress their kidney. Asparagus should not be their major diet but a diet recommendable to give your rabbit a balanced diet that contains essential nutrients rich in vitamins and minerals. It is not advisable to feed new born Rabbits Asparagus because at this stage, they have sensitive gastrointestinal system, their digestive system is quite too tender. It is most appropriate to offer Asparagus when they are m are than three months. Pregnant rabbits can take a little Asparagus, rabbits differ and what might be a great diet for one might cause reactions for another so you have to be very mindful when introducing Asparagus to your rabbits as a new meal. You will need to start with a little amount of Asparagus and observe for any signs of discomfort or health imbalance, call your Veterinary Doctor as soon as possible if you notice any abnormalities in the behavior and health of your rabbits.


 Rabbits are naturally herbivores, vegetables, fruits and hay are a delightful meal they wouldn't turn their backs on


It is most suitable to feed your Rabbits fresh raw Asparagus, a little proportions is recommendable. Asparagus can be chopped in tiny pieces so your rabbits’can easily chew them, this will aid proper digestion of the Asparagus. Other fruits and raw vegetables that your rabbits like can also be mixed together. This will ensure your rabbits have a balanced and very nutritious meal.


You can guarantee a healthy rabbit with the right vitamins and minerals, proper hygiene and necessary medication by a certified Vet. When your Bunny’s is healthy and fine, they are immune to infections and disease causing illnesses.

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