Which Is The Best Software For Affiliate Marketing?

Which Is The Best Software For Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate Marketing

With the invention of social media comes the facilitation of geographical and cultural interaction among people from far and wide. This interaction makes not only communication and connection with different people possible but also enables digitalization and foreign trade. 

Since digital trading, also known as digital marketing, is possible, affiliation to a particular firm, seller or organization is also made possible. Affiliate marketing is a growing industry in today’s world. It is a means through which people earn commission by referring others to a product.

As an agency or individual who is into affiliate marketing, knowing the best software for carrying out your operation is very important. Among other reasons, it helps you achieve more with less and have all important marketing features in one place. 

In this article, we would be talking about the top 5 best software for affiliate marketing.         

Which is the best software for Affiliate Marketing?

Refersion, Post Affilaite Pro, Tapfiliate, LeadDyno, and EverFlow are the top 5 software platform for Affiliate marketing. With a user-friendly and simple design, each of these software aids your affiliate marketing with its in-built features. Being a lucrative was of making passive income; affiliate marketing requires effective time management skill and strategies. These and several others are offered by the software selected in this category. With them, you can jumpstart, manage, and broaden your affiliate marketing resourcefulness.        

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing


Best Overall Affiliate Tracking Software

With features like branded affiliate portal, digital sales tracking, real-time clicks, conversions monitoring, and automatic commission payments, Refersion stand out as the overall best affiliate marketing software. It is easy to use and offers customer support in case a user is facing difficulties. 

With its fully integrated features, Refersion enhances how affiliate marketers and agencies work hand-in-hand to promote digital marketing campaigns. Refersion is designed to facilitate this kind of collaboration.  

Refersion can also be integrated on other platforms like PayPal, Shopify, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Magento, Charge Bee, ReCharge, etc. The pricing plan include the limited free trial, $19/month starter plan, $89/month professional plan, and enterprise (contact vendor for pricing).   


  • Easy-to-use and beginner-friendly
  • Straightforward and amazing design interface
  • Customer support is available
  • Integration with other platform
  • Request little stress to integrate and setup with other platform like Shopify  


  • Doesn’t allow cross-device tracking
  • Might require an expert for setup of help with backend code
  • Not available on Android, iOS, or Desktop – it is web-based. 

    Post Affiliate Pro 

    Best in Affiliate Ad Serving and Retargeting

    Post Affiliate Pro has been in use in over 100 countries due to its wide range of affiliates and paid commissions program. With 24/7/365 customer support service, customizable interface, free full set-up, and real-time data reporting, the platform has won several award in affiliate management software, customer satisfaction, and referral software.

    The software offers a 14-day free trial after which you get charged $97 for the pro version and $249 for the ultimate version. The key features of the software include Fraud detection, marketing asset management, multilevel management, performance bonuses, advanced analytics, and advanced link tracking.

    Post Affiliate Pro can be integrated on other platforms like WordPress, Marketpress, LifterLMS, Memberpress, WP Easycart, WPPayForms, WP Simple Pay Pro, Wishlist Memer, WooCommerce, etc. It is a widely used software with amazing features and customer support.   


    • Super-responsive team in term of support service 
    • Outstanding customer service support for I.T. and installation 
    • Integration with other platform
    • Affiliates management made easy
    • Amazing features to carry out numerous marketing functions


    • No payment automation feature
    • Complex on-screen instruction and user interface
    • Complicated set-up processes
    Affiliate Marketing


    Best Customizable Affiliate Software for Businesses

    Tapfiliate is one of the best software for affiliate marketing available on the web. It provides some outstanding features which help businesses, agencies, or affiliate marketers to create and track their affiliate program. 

    Some special features of Tapfiliate include customizing and creating your affiliate program, ease of registration for new affiliates, task automation, bonus commission structures and incentives creation, easy affiliate management, and integration option on other platform. 

    At the end of the 14-day free trial, you can either choose to proceed with the essential plan at $89/month, the pro plan at $149/month and the enterprise plan at the vendor’s price (contact them for enquire). It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t enjoy what you purchase within that time.     


    • Easy to use software with great customer service
    • Accurate affiliate marketing features and tools
    • Excellent value and distinguished features
    • Multiple setup guides for businesses and affiliates
    • Automation options to handle congested work
    • Customizable features and powerful sales tracking tool


    • Credit card requirement to access available features
    • Price might discourage first-timers and smaller businesses
    • Complex learning curve as a beginner  



    Best Lead-Source Affiliate Tracking Software 

    Since affiliate marketing entails inviting potential agencies, bloggers or vloggers to help you promote your product or service and earn commission on every referral, LeadDyno promises to offer all of these in just one software. 

    The features in the software include, but not limited to, integrations on other platform, easy marketing, Google Adwords conversion tracking, easy affiliate signup, online marketing tracking, single-click social sharing, and optimization for mobile. 

    The pricing of the software is $49/month for starter plan, $129/month for plus plan, $349/month for pro plan, and $749/month for premium plan; all with free trial. It offers automated welcome email, affiliate page, and comprehensive all-in-one dashboard.  


    • Responsive and helpful customer service support
    • Lots of functionality at lower price
    • Accurate and easy-to-follow documentation and articles  
    • Integration with other software and web platform


    • Complex issue with script on WordPress integration
    • No tracking with LeadPages and Infusionsoft combined



    Best Affiliate Marketing Software for Effective Flow

    EverFlow is an affiliate marketing software which aids easy flow of marketing campaign and operations. Its key features include incentives and coupon code reward, performance and impression tracking and analytics, direct linking, instant cart setup, variance report, and 24/7 customer support, among others.

    The starting price of the software is $750/month and this might be a huge setback for startup businesses. It also support integration on other software, bulk messaging, fraud detection, social sharing, and integrated payments.     


    • Amazing dashboard showing performance matrix at glance
    • Great interface and user experience 
    • Insightful and responsive support team
    • Integration and constant improvement with new features   


    • No auto-optimization
    • Navigation difficulty for beginners

    Final Thoughts

    Referring a product or service for sale through websites, social media handles, blog, or podcast is all there is about affiliate marketing. But then, it doesn’t come that easy when you don’t have a specific software with which you carry out you operation.

    When selecting a software for affiliate marketing, it is important you consider some factors. Some of these factors include  SaaS integration, User-friendly interface, Reports and Tracking, Pricing, and Customer Support and Documentation.   

    Of all the available affiliate marketing software, Refersion, Post Affilaite Pro, Tapfiliate, LeadDyno, and EverFlow are the top 5 recommended for effective marketing. They all have the required features and in-built tools that aids the various options accompanying affiliate marketing   

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