Which Software Is Best For Video Compression

Which Software Is Best For Video Compression

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Adobe Premiere Pro

It’s quite expedient to be able to compress your videos after shorting and taking them through some necessary editing. Why’s this so important? Several platforms, websites, or social media pages requests specific requirements before you can upload your video, like the video size, quality, and some have a maximum video length you can submit or upload on their pages. Hence, the need to compress your videos. 

In light of this, several people are in constant search for the best video compressor software, Apps, websites, that’ll do the best job and still preserve the quality of the video. So, if this is also your area of search, we present you with some of the best video compressor Software in 2023. Now, let’s take the walk together.

Top 10 Software for Video Compression 

Processing large files require a lot of mobile data and can also be time consuming. Therefore, it’s wisdom to find a way to minimize the size of the file. At least, if not for anything, to make the file easily accessible for others (your audience, customers, or prospects). The question now is,, what are these interesting tools that does this magic? 

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Without exaggerations, virtually everyone would agree that Adobe is top-notch on every of their packages. From designs, photo editing, video editing, audio editing, etcetera. 

Now, Adobe premiere pro is mainly for videos and every other manipulations you want to make around your videos. Surely you’d understand why it's considered by many as the best video editing software. It has amazing features like video compression that helps you crop down the size of the video.

Some Outstanding Features

  • Professional tools.

  • Easy-to-learn with friendly user interface.

  • Enough help videos online.

  • Very reliable.

  • Files can be shared easily.

  • Can process files into different formats.

  • File quality is maintained and can be adjusted to user’s preference. 



If you’re looking for a simple software with easy click-to-do function, then you can feel at home with MP4Compress. It is considered as the most automated video compressor software. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert to use the software, as it has an sufficient easy-guide features. 

What’s more, you don’t even need much energy input; plus, it is free to use and doesn’t require any pay offs before or after use.

Some Outstanding Features

  • Simple and user friendly interface.

  • Free installation.

  • Video compression process is atomized (broken down into simple processes).

  • Impressive conversion speed.

  • However, it allows a limited supported formats. 

Note: this software allows compression of files of maximum 500MB, and it’s only compatible with MP4 files.



VideoProc is an amazing compression software for videos. It’s one which all YouTubers must try out. It has high speed video processing with easy-to-use features and a simple interface. 

This software is available and accessible for both Mac and Windows operating system. It has the ability to process and compress your video into up to 90% of its original size without losing your video quality. 

VideoProc is highly efficient and compatible with most social media platforms; especially, Tiktok, Intagram, and YouTube. This is a good news for YouTubers and video content creators, because you can easily process and edit your video files into the required size and quality.

It best processes 4k videos, large/high-quality and complex motion clips with only a few clicks. 

Some Outstanding Features

  • Simple and easy-to-use features.

  • Top-level video processing and compression speed.

  • Supported files are 4k videos (420+ formats, including HEVC/H.265 Codec).

  • Supports all video quality formats and large videos from any device.

  • Has several editing options.

  • It does not work on LINUX.

  • Processes can be laggy sometimes, especially for high-quality files.



Want super speed compression process for your video? MOVAVI is one of your best bets. This video compression software is very user friendly with excellent processing options, and can compress your videos very fast with the fewest clicks.

It has a spectacular audio extraction feature and quality GIF animation editing. It is one of the software that s compatible with almost any file quality and format, such as MP3, PM4, FLV, AVI, MOV, VOB, MKV, MPG, WMV, 3GP (3gpp, .3gp), .ifo, .vob, etc.

MOVAVI video converter is quite poplular among its other video editors and is very compatible with several phone models, like iPhone, iPad, Androids, Samsung, etc.

Some Outstanding Features

  • Simple editing features.
  • High speed video processing.
  • No special editing features.
  • Supports multiple file formats.




This software was designed with impressive professional tools to edit your videos as you want. It is well recommended for editing HD videos. Even though it’s absolutely free (for Windows users), the quality of your compressed video remains intact.

The software provides you with option to compare the ‘before and after’ versions of the edited video. It has a commendable ‘easy-to-use’ and friendly user interface; new-bee editors have nothing to worry about.

Some Outstanding Features

  • Easy to use software.
  • Great HD video compressor.
  • Professional editing tools.
  • No support for HTML5.



This is a software with arguably the most impressive and intuitive designs. Although has limited file compatibility (in the trial version), it has a stunning speed in the compression process. 

In addition, thanks to the 256-bit SSL encryption, one other awesome feature with this software is that your file is completely safe and protected. What’s more, with CloudPresso, you can process up to 10 videos concurrently without any depletion in the speed of the process.

Some Outstanding Features

  • Best for MP4 file compression.
  • Supports batch processes.
  • Highly secured software
  • Creative user interface.
  • You can easily import your video files from your Google Drive, Dropbox, or PC.
  • Free version allows you to download up to file size of 100MB.



YouCompress allows you to process different video file formats. Interestingly, you don’t even need to install the software before using it. It supports many video formats like MP4, MP3, PNG, GIF, MOV, etc. 

You can choose to start another video compression process even while one is still on. It provides you with details and status of the process as it goes on.

Some Outstanding Features

  • Very easy user interface.
  • Supports several video formats.
  • Allows quick sharing, file import, and auto processing.
  • Supports simultaneous video compressions.




heAny Video Converter is one of the best video editing software. It allows you to extract audios from videos, and has an impressive file compression speed. 

It has some amazing special effects that you can utilize. It supports many file formats such as 3GP, OGG, WMV, MPEG, AVI, MOV, WEBM, GIF, etc. In addition, you it processes your files in processes.

Any Video Compress is very useful for YouTubers, with great special effects to apply to your videos.

Some Outstanding Features

  • Simple user interface.
  • Supports many file formats.
  • High compression speed.
  • It supports audio extraction.



In a bid to make things easier and simpler, many software has been created for several functions, especially for PCs and even mobile phones. 

In fact, more Apps and Softwares with outstanding features are being developed yearly to simplify our computer application program and activities. One of such areas of improved software Application is the file compressor; and, more impressively, the video compressor software. 

If you’re on the look for the best software to compress your videos, surely you’ll found your answers within these pages. 

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